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Aug 26, 2007
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Let me start by saying that the name of this thread by no means truly represents the system that it belongs to. I myself am a Brawl supporter have have worked very hard in ways to keep the game fresh and alive to fellow gamers. After all if people stop playing the game then no advanced tehniues can be found thus hindering Brawl in a competitive set up which it sadly is in decline. However this has nothing to do with tournaments, competitive play or wifi, just having fun with the game.

My answer is smash quest a system of user made event matches to challenge the players abilities to play the game. starting with the ludicrously easy smash 101 to the much more appropriate stage 6 challenges, smash quest will challenge each player in their play of Brawl multiple mediums. Because I truly want smash quest to be a success, there will be prizes established for completing the main quest (SUQ). The first person to complete it will be awarded 20 dollars worth of virtual console games (of their choice), a virtual trophy and hopefully a real one if I can ship it), and a chance to win 50 bucks. I know thge prizes aren't very high but I'm aslo strapped for cash and well smash quest has a free entry. It only comes to my hope that further involvement in such quests will gather attention and hopefully prizes can get better and more competition can be made.

There's only one problem with the whole set up though. Sadly I can not host such a 'small league' event on smash boards so smash quest will be held on a host site, the shining fist website. Please be aware that I'm not trying to advertise the site but rather the evnt itself as there is no other way to insure more activity. Please check SQ out and feel free to join in on some of the many challneges there are to offer.

The sponsor site for smash quest is below

also let me know if any of the quests are stupid/ easy/hard rules and entry are on the host site as well. Thank you for listening and have fun with Brawl!
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