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Smash Nexus Results - August 22 & 23rd, Ottawa, Ontario.


Smash Champion
Aug 12, 2007
Back in the 613

Here we go! It happened, Smash Nexus 2015 has come and gone. We had amazing players come out and visit us in sleepy little Ottawa, and we had some good times, some hiccups, and some incredible plays.

Major, major shoutouts to Boreal | HolyNightmare for winning, and to his very worthy adversary T.T.D. | Blacktwins for the most incredible loser's bracket run I've ever had the pleasure to witness. What a trooper.

Click here for bracket

1: Boreal | HolyNightmare
2: TTD Blacktwins
3: Poke
4: Yoh
5: DKbill
5: HoH SuperGirlKels
7: M | Guard
7: wTT | Wawasi
9: EGE Chrim Foish
9: Ray Kalm
9: DooM
9: AoD Xyloid
13: Jerm
13: OCC
13: Tao Chan
13: Gains
17: 613 | Divine Haze
17: Killion
17: Clark
17: HoH Dunston
17: HoH PixiE
17: JPeds
17: Artryuu
17: RoC
25: Stunulink
25: LGS Truth
25: Sacked
25: HoH DragonMatt
25: Pappy
25: 613 | Knuckles
25: 613 | Spanky
25: HoH AkaGenesis
33: RockJohnAxe
33: HoH ShinzouMatt
33: Queen An
33: Remi
33: BB | Akumako
33: HoH CrazyLittleJay
33: Assassin
33: Tutan
33: 613 | BreaD
33: BB | Atlas
33: XakYm
33: AlphaRam
33: Th_Prox
33: Fogel
33: TRI
33: Linkshot

Total entrants: 86 Players


I was blown away the coordination of our Nexus Champs T.T.D.|BlackTwins and EGE Chrim Foish, AKA the one and only Swag$. Apt name. I was also super impressed with Holy Pokes, our worthy adversaries. You guys had amazing positioning and awareness, your teamwork was inspiring -- even despite the Montreal / Toronto rivalry.

Click here for bracket

1: Swag$ (Chrim_Foish, Blacktwins)
2: Holy Poke (Boreal Holy, Poke)
3: Yoh/RayKalm (Yoh, RayKalm)
4: JBreads (JPeds, Bread)
5: DKBill/Gains (DKBill Gains)
5: Mavericks (MGuard, Doom)
7: Patch the Gear (Artryuu, TaoChan)
7: HoH DreamTeam (CrazyLittleJay, SuperGirlKels)
9: wTT/AoD (AoD Xyloid, wTT wawasi)
9: MixTape (Dunston, DragonMatt)
9: Team KatyPerry (Haze, Knuckles)
9: Truth/Give (Truth, DavidGive)
13: Fogget About It (Remi, Fogel)
13: SmashMouth (Tutan, Stunulink)
13: Clark/OCC (Clark, OCC)
13: Team Destruction (Pappy, MaritLage227)
17: Random (Th_Prox Xakym)
17: Spanky/Ziek (Spanky, Ziek)
17: EddyJamaicaTeam (HoH ShinzouMatt JudasKnight)
17: Masters of Perfect Incredibility (oREEo/AkaGenesis)
17: Goddess of Explosions (Linkshot, QueenAn)
17: Nuke Pixie (M_Nuke Titan HoH Pixie)
17: SmashBrowns (JBrown, Skrub)
17: BakeryBoyz (Atlas, Akumako)
25: Charity (Mr.Humble, RichardFace)
25: TNT (Dopey Chief)
25: Sm4sh Brothas! (BMillz CHauk)
25: Project Flash (Maz, Ozzy)
25: TRI Club (TRI KingClub)
25: AlphaRam, Sacked (AlphaRam, Sacked)
25: Link to the Past (Lumpia, SmashDivine)
25: Shulcina4Life (Asaaj, Raiko)
33: Maplesmash (TackJJ, TCorp)

Total entrants: 33 teams


Crews was the most hype event of the tournament, in my humble opinion. 613 | BreaD started the hype train with a run of 10 stocks, then crewmate David Give took the last stock with a 9 hammer. 10 stocks. 9 Hammerz.
SuperGirlKels collected all the chaos emeralds and went Super Sonic with her HoH crew, taking an impressive 11 stocks.
And last, but certainly not least, T.T.D.| BlackTwins, AKA the Slayer, took an entire crews' 15 stocks, single-handed, with his Fox. BlackTwins rampage will go down as the most dominant crews performance of Smash Nexus 2015, and personally the greatest crews performance I have ever witnessed.

Click here for bracket

1: Mr. KongKhan (EGE Chrim Foish, Yoh, Ray Kalm, DKbill, TTD BlackTwins)
2: The Ditchers (BRL Holyightmare, Poke, M Guard, TaoChan, Artryuu)
3: MTL | HoH (SuperGirlKels, Dunston, CrazyLittleJay, PixiE, ShinzouMatt)
4: The Betrayed (BreaD, Jerm, Gains, JPeds, David Give)
5: PND (Spanky, Haze, Knuckles, Contra, QueenAn)
5: Cancer (Pappy, Marit, Wawasi, NukeTitan, Doom)
7: CBC (Fogel, Clark, Fog, iStallion, Remi)
7: HoH (AkaGenisis, JustJess, JudasKnight, DragonMatt, Xyloid)
9: Soviet Cats (Mr. Humble, Tutan, Th_Prox, JBrown, Skrub)
9: Knock Your Stocks Off (BMillz, TRI, Ziek, C-Hauk, Killion)
9: Crews Control (AlphaRam, Sacked, Atlas, Akumako, OCC)

Total entrants: 11 Crews, 55 Players


We had a side bracket for players who didn't quite make it out of pools. The side bracket brought together a whole bunch of smashers to duke it out for a rare Lucario amiibo.

Singles Side Bracket AKA "the Salty Bracket"
Click here for bracket

1: David_Give
2: M NukeTitan
3: MoeKz
3: B-Millz
5: JBrown
5: HoH MaritLage227
5: TCorp
5: Harold
9: LadyLuck
9: Flumpty
9: Raiko
9: Jan
9: Splitbread
9: Skrub
9: MAZ
9: Tom
17: DrWilly
17: Ziek
17: JudasKnight
17: Chief
17: Ozzy
17: dopey
17: King Club
17: TackJJ
17: Argon
17: RC
17: Smash Divine
17: oREEo
17: C-Hauk
17: Element User
17: HoH JustJess

Total entrants: 31


Amiibo battles are a staple at our local events in Ottawa, we were thrilled to meet our fellow amiibo trainers and show off our little warriors.

Amiibo Battles:
Click here for bracket

1: Dragonballz (Killion)
2: Lucariibo (MAZ)
3: DannyKong (Danny)
4: CHRAM (Raiko)
5: MasterAura (Ozzy)
5: DotMuncher (Flumpty)
7: The Legend (TRI)
7: NoLove4Me (LadyLuck)
9: PacMan (RC)
9: PeterPunch (Asaaj)
9: Samus Aran (iStallion)
9: Teach (Dannys Danny)
13: RoseQuarts (Mr. Humble)
13: Monroe (LadyD)
13: BabyJ (HoH CrazyLittleJay)
13: Riocarlu (C-Hauk)
17: The DigiGuy (TDG)
17: Mac Attack (PND)
17: BabyK (HoH SuperGirlKels)
17: Fak-Man (Xakym)
17: Luigi (BMillz)
17: Judas Jr (HoH JudasKnight)

Total entrants: 22
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Smash Rookie
Oct 14, 2014
Montreal, QC, Canada
Pretty happy with my performance, especially in Doubles and Crews. Placing 7th and 3rd respectively, and defeating Artryuu and Tao Chan in doubles with my partner SuperGirlKels.


Smash Rookie
Jul 14, 2015
Montreal, CA
Could the images used for the brackets be of a higher resolution? Even when downloading them and trying to zoom in they are blurry.


Smash Champion
Aug 12, 2007
Back in the 613
CrazyLittleJay: Your Roy is super legit. :)
SuperGirlKels: You betcha! Right now I'm en route to our weekly though, so they'll be uploaded either late tonight or tomorrow
Xyloid: I'm going to see if our resident graphic designer can blow up the singles bracket to make it a little easier to read.


Smash Champion
Aug 12, 2007
Back in the 613
Hey guys, results have been submitted but are awaiting moderator approval. Wish I could give you a concrete date and time, but it depends on their workload.


Smash Master
Dec 15, 2013
Hey guys, results have been submitted but are awaiting moderator approval. Wish I could give you a concrete date and time, but it depends on their workload.
You can still put them up for people to claim in the meantime.


Smash Champion
Aug 12, 2007
Back in the 613
First wave of Nexus videos are up on Youtube!

Singles Playlist:
Doubles Playlist:

Crews is coming shortly! We'll have every crew battle properly sorted into its own playlist for easier viewing.

There are some videos (Most notably IMO, Kels vs Yoh) that had a couple hiccups due to the connection at the venue. The good news is that the venue is installing better cabling for us for next time. We apologize, but the stream hiccup vids are taking a bit longer as we're piecing the video together from several different sources.

We should have the remaining videos up by the end of the week, and I know Ziek has been working on a Nexus highlight reel vid compiling all the most hype moments at the tourney. I'll make sure you guys know the moment it goes live :)


Our SB points link is here, still pending:
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