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Media Smash Legends (Smash Run but better)

Smash Legends is something you want?

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Smash Champion
Mar 16, 2021
Smash 3DS is one of my favorite 3ds games and Smash Run is one of those things this that made the game so good

I can acknowledge the flaws such as no customizable time limits and no online play but I didnt care because it was just so charming with the many enemies and large map

It was also super disappointing that their was no Smash Rub in Ultimate, that's not a failing idea just it's just disappointing

But the benefit to this is that I can make my own improved version of Smash Run and I think I made the perfect substitute

Smash Legends is basically the result of if Smash Run crossbred with dungeon crawling and and endless games

Smash Legends focuses on dungeon crawling in a randomly generated map, you can play as any character and use any spirit setup. Once you pick a character that character gets saved into the current adventure and each character has their own randomly generated endless dungeon, so you can experiment with multible combinations

Smash Legends start you out in a small begining chamber called the Training Cave, with this you can experiment witht wh rules of Smash Legends and get used to the nature of the mode

The goal of each run is one of two choices

how long can you go is the biggest challenge of Smash Legends, the game is endless and as a result the main goal is to reach the higest floor number, like most dungeon crawlers there is a sub goal

gems are the currency of Smash Legends to use to buy stuff at the shops in the dungeon and to use at altars, the amount of gems you have at the end will be your final score

You have one stock and if you lose that stock jts game over, their is a rare Totem of Undying item (from minecraft) you can get from a shop but that's the only way to get a new stock


Returning from Smash Run are all the enemeis as well as new ones from multible franchise, the enemies can drop Rainbow Gems which can fill out a final smash counter for you to save and use

Here are some new enemies that you can encounter

Bokoblin (BOTW)
They have the same hp as kritters and usually have basic attacks involving decent swipes and bites but there uniqueness comes when they steal and pick up weapons like in their home game, including the guns and death scyth, they drip these weapons so they have their uses, the deeper the dungeon you go the more likely you face the stronger blue black and silver Bokoblins

Skelobomber and Skelobites (super paper mario)
They are weak but there hard to hit due to being out of reach, they launch their heads and Skelobites who are weak as well but have freezing breath

Octogooma (Galaxy Series)
They can only be hit by smash attacks and they launch cannonballs (based on the 3d world incarnation)

Zinger (DKC)
Spikers make it hard to hit up close, use a projectile, red zingers can only be killed by explosives like in their home games

Tsareena (Pokemon)
A miniboss of sorts, she has good hp and her Trop Kick can bury you

So far so good more updates one this mode later

Dont forget to give your ideas and feelings on the subject
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Smash Champion
Mar 16, 2021
The main gimmick of Smash Legends is that the rooms are randomly generated with their own loot and enemies, they usually have a structure though

Explore the area
Find a Key Coin (can be 1-4)
Find the exit door by following the arrow

But the main feature are their are many books and crannies

Crannies include
Treasure Rooms

Secret Doors to challenges, they are color coded
Red Doors lead to 1 on 1 with a random fighter

Blue Doors are a Break The Targets

Yellow Doors are escape sequences

Purple Doors are damage avoiding challenges

Black Doors are enemy gauntlets

White Doors are race to the finish

Green Doors are Bourd the Platforms

Then their are Sliver and Gold Doors these lead to Shops and Casinos

Shops sell items such as battle items from smashes and passive items like the totems of Undying but their also

Hearts (Kirby Star Allies)
Throw this to an enemy to make them your ally, they act as meat sheilds and extra attack

Thunder Cloud (mario kart)
It runs around you and saps and foes in it's way, it last for a few seconds

Drowsing Rod (Pokemon)
Give any secrets in the floor your on

And their are special Shopkeepers with different wares and other abilities

Wandering Trader (minecraft)
Only one that gives totems of undying

Cranky Kong (DK)
He give tips and tricks on fighters and bosses if you pay extra

Nurse Joy (Pokemon)
She gives healing medicines

Among others

Casinos are special minigames where you can play challenges based on the character running it

Mimi (super paper mario)
The master shapeshift plays a game of spot the difference, she transforms into various characters and you need to find imperfection, dont hit her or else you'll face her wrath

Tingle (Zelda)
Bet half your money for double or nothing

Monita (Nintendo land)
She plays nintedo trivia, you need a good brain for these games

Among others

After every 3 rooms you fight a boss, including to main bosses their are tons of unique bosses unique to this mode

Returning are Rayquasa and Porky from Brawl and the Yellow Devil has been promoted to full on boss


Smash Champion
Mar 16, 2021

Orgins Super Paper Mario


Intro: you head into a deep desert a you begin to sense a great tumbling from your feet, suddenly a giant mechanical dragon comes out, fracktail flies off

Fracktail represent a element not present in most bosses, a focus on platforming, to damage him you need to climb onto his back and attack the attenae weakspot with repeated blows or throwing Frackles

Background dive
Fracktail dwells in the background and dive bombs you with his head

Flyover Bomber
Fracktail flies on the top of the screen dropping green plasma bolts that can paralyze you

Deep Dive
Fracktail dives down from the side of the arena, if you jump onto him you are transported to the skies on Fracktail's back, this is where you can damage him via hitting the antennae

Frackle defense
Frackles appear as enemies on Fracktails back, they can be picked up and tossed into Fracktail's attanae their are two varieties

Frackle Clamps
They are slow due to their large mouth, but when coming near you they clamp in you and but down, revealing powerful jaws

Frackle Shooter
The shoot projectiles that can cause flinching

On higher floors he is replace by his stronger counterpart Wracktale and his Wrackles

Attacks Wracktail has exclusively

Breath Bomber
Wracktail spits bombs in the background, they act the same as Rathalos' fire balls

Wrecker Burrow
Wrecktail digs into the earth and digs out where you stood

Crackle Wrackle
These Wrackles explode on contact when attacked
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