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Smash Legacy

Oracle Link

Smash Champion
Oct 9, 2020
First Post: Roster and Newcomers

So here is my Newest Smash Concept this time im going Radical! Screw „This Franchise only deserves Blabla!“ Every Not Tiny Franchise gets 1 New Character at the Minimum! And The Two giants Kirby and Zelda finally get elevated to the 8 Characters that Mario, Pokemon, Fire Emblem and the Mario Spinoffs get! Execept Xenoblade and Kid Icarus considering that both have 3 Chars for 3/ 4 Games which seems fine! Also to make this Roster not Bloated there is One Crazy thing:
NO Third Partys you might rightly ask whats with Pac Man shall i remind you Bandai Namco Produces Smash? Thats the reason and not that i struggeld to include another 1 non Franchise Char (Whistling) anyways here it is:

Blue: Normal Character Green: Echo Fighter (Who echos the guy above)
Making 28 Characters Total (after all there is a Duo Char)! This Roster is Only slightly bigger than Ultimates BTW!
Similar to my Perfect Smash Concept there is Customization and playable bosses, Enemy and Assist Trophys!
Lastly This Game comes in two Versions + DLC this Version is the base version there is also a Deluxe Version that costs 70 Instead this Version is only 60!

The Default Look that gets the Most recolours is the one seen on the Roster!
Customization in Fat letters are Presets while cursive are small adjustable Parts
If a Character is a Duo or Trio you can play as only one without the Abilty to Switch which gives a Slight Buff Perfect for not only yourself but also to make Dreambattles come true!
And Lastly if youre Unsatisfied with some parts please give suggestions (Especially for franchises i dont know that well!)
An Example Move: F Smash is Captain Toads Pickaxe
B: Spore Counter (works similar to peaches)
Side B: Cat Scratch (Reflects Projectiles)
Down B: Poison Mushroom Throw (Throws A Poison Mushroom Item has a long cooldown)
Up B: Mini Wingo Flight (unnafected by Back Pack)
Final Smash: Mega Mushroom
Alt Costumes: Toadette, Captain Toad, Captain Toadette
Default: 4th Shroom is Very quick but has somewhat small Jumps
Backpack reduces Jump Height and Speed a Ton while Increasing Weight by a Ton aswell!

Dixie Kong
B: Tiny Kongs Crossbow
Side B: Squawks Nut shot
Down B: Cranky Pogo
Up B: Propellor Twirl
Final Smash: Donkey Konga Rockout

B: Square, Circle, Triangle Projectile
Side B: Toadie Grab
Down B: Enemy Summon (Summons a Mario Enemy that has a Ai of 1 and another one can be summoned sometime after the last one died)
Up B: Broom Flight
Final Smash:Giant Baby Bowser Fire Balls

Captain Syrup
B: Rocket
Side B: Sword boomerang toss
Down B: Go my Minion (She Summons one of her three main Pirate gooms that waddle until hes Of screen or until a bit of time passed the third one trips Imeadiatly)
Up B: The one boss Bird gives her a Lift
Final Smash: Giant Genie Attack
Alt Costumes: Wario land 1 and 2 Apearnce with Tan and without
Skull Kid:
B: Laser Beam
Side B: Cossak Dash
Down B: Whip Spin
Up B: Creepy Float
Final Smash: Moon Drop
Alt Costumes: No Mask, Twilight princess

Side B: TBD
Down B: Mount Dismount (She mounts or dismounts Wolflink) Which changes some basic attacks and her Speed and Floatiness its not a full character switch however!
Up B: Twili Warp
Final Smash: Fused Shadow Monster
Alt Costumes: No mask, Outfit and style from her original form!
Wolf Link/ Twili Wolf
You can make her Taunts either more Mean or More genuine to reflect her character Growth

Her Moveset is Shieks
The Down Taunt is a Dekunut Dissapear thingy
Alt Costumes: Impa (OOT), Shiek
Her Smash Attacks can be changed To swings with her Naginata from Warriors
Her side taunt is her playing music per mouth this can be changed to a Harp

He gets Ganons old Smash attacks which he performs with his own Sword
B: Megaton Hammer
Side B: Goro Roll
Down B: Daruks Protection
Up B: Goro Stomp
Final Smash: Biggoron Stomp
Alt Costumes: Darunia
Galacta Knight (Echo Meta Knight)
Alt Costumes: Aeon Hero Light, Aeon Hero Dark and Morpho Knight
Galactic Crisis: Thin Rotating Laserbeam , Shield, Speedy and Fragile
Butterfly of Judgement: Ultra Morpho Sword and Not fragile at all!

Bandana Waddle Dee

He Has also some Parasol Attacks one of which being Gliding down with one!
B: Beam Whip > Charge > Beam Energy Ball
Side B: Spear Toss
Down B: His unique Attack from Star Allies
Up B: Waddle Copter
Final Smash: Megaton Punch
Alt Costumes: Shadow BWD, Regular Waddle Dee and Waddle Doo

Whispy Jr. And Co Kracko (Duo)
Also keep in Mind they are not sakurai Chars! YAY!
B: Apple Toss Whispy/ Beam arround Kracko
Side B: Air Puff Whispy/ Thunder Kracko
Down B: Switch Character
Up B: Boss Jump Whispy/ Rain Float Kracko
Final Smash: Daddy Summon Dsepends on char
Alt Costumes: There is a Paralel Alt
Same as other duos/Trios

Dark Matter (TBD i have ideas tho)
Side B:
Down B:
Up B:
Final Smash:
Alt Costumes: Zero Colors, Gooey

Magolor (TBD i have ideas tho)
Side B:
Down B:
Up B:
Final Smash:
Alt Costumes:
Im Doing pokemon when i have Internet Again! Because i know barely any Attack Names also maybe i should change some of my chosen Mons! Again Pokemon are a Highly Subjective Topic!
Black Knight (Echo Ike)
Changes: Is Heavier and Slower than Ike
Alt Costumes: His Real self i forgot who that is!

B: Beta/ Gamma Electricity
Side B: Alpha Dash
Down B: Life Drain
Up B: Metroid Float
Final Smash: Omega Metroid Evolution (The Metroid Evolves into an Omega Damages the Players, Samus kills it and then a New Egg Hatches into a Larva)
Alt Costumes: Alpha Metroid

I originally intended for him to have no Mech but considering he ever only fights in One yeah!
I still Will avoid the Brawl Boss like a Plaque! His default are his Overalls , Young and M2 Mech
B: What did Porky Do?! (His Mech throws tons of Crazy Projectiles!)
Side B: Mecha Porky deploymement
Down B: Discharge Stinky Gas
Up B: Helicopter Escape (His Mech gets Helicopter Blades and porky Laughs during it!)
Final Smash: Giygas Release (Porky hides in the Absolutly Safe Capsule And giygas deals tons of damage to Everyone then dissapears then Porky gets out of the capsule!)
Alt Costumes: Suit, Old with M3 Mech although still fit, Picky Based

Black Shadow (Captain Falcon Echo)
Hes Meele Ganondorf Basically!
Also uses his own Kart for the final Smash!


He would use Moves from his own spinoff Game!
Final Smash: Land Master i dont know i think it fits him!

one word Rock Pikmin wait thats two Words!

Tom Nook (Echo both A Chars)
He Would Take moves from both Villager and isabelle
Final Smash: He Builds his Shop with his Debted Bells!

Sand Man
He would be a Stronger boxer than Mac but yeah i have no ideas!

Amazon Octoling (Inkling Echo)
Let me quickly Talk about the Name from what ive heard Evil Octolings are reffered to as Octo Amazons in japanese so yeah!
Alt Costumes: Player Octolings Boy and Girl
Final Smash: Dj Octavio Attack or Inklings Final Smash!

Spring Man
I completly forgot him! Again i dint play arms but i guess he would play like Min Min with difrent Arms! and without the Dragon Mode!

Jeanne (Echo Bayonetta)
I never played Bayonetta so yeah the only thing i mention is that she has Costumes from 1, 2 and 3?

I Did Play Dark Dawn but that is so long ago i barely Remember i think he should fight with Earth attacks only as there isnt much Rock stuff in the Game (Outside of Funnily Sudo Woodo)
Grab: The Grab Ability (Yellow Hand)
Final Smash: Some Earth Summon that fits in all Games and is Strong
Alt Costumes: Adult Isaacs Outfit, Mathew (in the artstyle of the first 2 Games!
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