Smash fanfiction plot assistance.

Mar 1, 2020
I write fanfiction and I need help. I was writing a smash fanfiction based around cut characters from smash 4 (starring :ultpokemontrainer:, :ultlucas:, :ulticeclimbers:, :ultsnake:, :ultroy:, :ultwolf:, :ultpichu:, :ultyounglink:) when I suddenly ran out of plot ideas.

I need People to give me their ideas of things that could happen next in the story

I hope you can help me.

Here is the plot thus far:

It is set in the smash 4 era. All the fighters from melee, brawl and smash 4 (discounting dlc) have been previously kidnapped from their games, been brainwashed by master hand and forced to fight each other in gladiatorial combat. However, master hand’s presence is to much for most worlds to comprehend, meaning they start getting ripped apart. The only way to solve this is for master hand to give back and restore every stolen fighter. Tabuu, desperate on saving the worlds, fights master hand and tries to force master hand to give back all the fighters. He manages to save :ultpokemontrainer:, :ultlucas:, :ulticeclimbers:, :ultsnake:, :ultroy:, :ultpichu:, :ultyounglink:, :ultivysaur:, and :ultsquirtle: but fails to save :ultcharizard: when master hand kills him. Master hand still has all the other fighters (including :ultcharizard:) under his thumb and :ultpokemontrainer: in a fit of depression over thinking he lost the Pokemon he had since it was :004: is going to release :ultsquirtle:and :ultivysaur: . The roster cuts must find each other and stop master hand before the worlds of Nintendo collapse.

the story is here:
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