Smash Factor 6 Preview: Mexico's Shining Moment

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The time has come again for the biggest celebration of Super Smash Bros. in Mexico and Latin America: Smash Factor 6! With this grand gathering fast approaching, running from August 4th through 6th in Puebla, Mexico, the following preview offers a glimpse into the event's storylines and significance.

Year after year, the Smash Factor series has consistently been the place to go to for Smash Bros. in Latin America, and continues to grow alongside the Mexican scene. The sixth installment upholds the standard set by last year's Smash Factor 5 and delivers even more than before. VGBC will once again provide streaming services, now along with Smash Studios. This year also sees the largest number of international players attending thus far, with multiple countries being represented from all across the globe.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

For Smash Wii U, returning faces such as Ramin "Mr.R" Delshad, Jason "ANTi" Bates, Rich "Keitaro" King and Tyrell "NAKAT" Coleman are present, but this time alongside a new challenger: Takuto "Kameme" Ono from Japan, a first for the player and his country. Defending the home turf is Leonardo "MkLeo" Lopez, looking to claim his third consecutive victory in the tournament that kickstarted his career in Smash Bros. competition. Other Mexican players to look out for are PGR #44 Javier "Javi" Balderas, Genesis 4 top 17th finalist Santiago "Chag" Perez and local legend Sergio "Serge" Balderas, as well as the top players for most of the country's states.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Returning for Smash Bros. Melee are Ryan "The Moon" Coker-Welch, who got 1st place at Smash Factor Toluca at the end of April, and Edgard "n0ne" Sheleby, the current Smash Factor champion. Though aiming for a back to back victory, CLG's Zachary "SFAT" Gordon and Tempo Storm's Johnny "S2J" Kim are new challengers looking to take the crown from the Canadian/Nicaraguan Falcon. But even if this roster would be enough, Melee's true jewel in this event is its congregation of national competitors coming from all over Mexico, making this the event to determine which states are the best in the current paradigm. Even if absent from the spotlight as of late, Eduardo "Eddy Mexico" Lucatero and Javier "Javi" Ruiz will be attending and representing against the foreigners. Plenty of Monterrey's gold saints are showing up too, including Azael "Aza" Mares, Rael Alvarez and Humberto ".JPG" Duron, all hungrier than ever before to take 1st place, a feat no Mexican player has achieved in this tournament series so far. Following closely are Celaya's Erik "Lengüitas" Cardiel, the best player of the center region, plus up-and-comers Ricardo "Dream" Chaparro, Miguel Angel "MCMike" Quintero, Sebastian Herran and many more. All are driven to prove themselves and traverse the deadly path to top 8 in the most stacked Melee tournament the country has ever seen.

Where and When to Watch?

As the culmination of a tournament season and the start of a new power balance, Smash Factor 6 is the event to watch for the best level of play in Latin America and a showcase of Mexico's flair to the world. Will MkLeo defend his home and achieve the three-peat for Smash Wii U? Will the Smash Bros. Melee crown be claimed by a Mexican, or be snatched away yet again? Which states will take the title for best in the country? All of this and more will be decided this August 4-6 and broadcasted by VGBootcamp, Smash Studios and Smash Factor Gaming. Don’t miss out!