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Smash Boards Creates: Dragon Ball Plattform Fighting Game (DB EraZ)

Oracle Link

Smash Champion
Oct 9, 2020
Lets do something that wasnt done before so lets do a Dragonball Plattform Fighting Game!
It will have 20 Characters and 8 Stages!
And to make the Roster Fairer its devided into the afromentioned Eras
1. The Classic Era (Dragonball)
2. The Saiyan Era (Z)
3. The Multiverse Era (Super)
4. The What if Era (the Rest)

For The First Step Let us Submit two Gokus Each that being one Young and One Adult one
Let me Start:

Teen Goku (22nd and Piccolo Arc) 1. Era
This Goku is slightly Taller/ Older than his Kid Version and fought Tenshin Han aswell as Demon King Piccolo

Super Saiyan Goku 2. Era
This is Super saiyan Goku Specifically SS Grade 4 He Is The Legendary Super Saiyan
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