Smash Blog Update | Today's Music & Stage - Lost Painting & Green Hill Zone


The Smash Blog has once again given us a double header for this week's hump day. This week's music is a remix of Lost Painting, a track that plays in some areas of the Upside-Down Castle in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. The arrangement is done by Tetsuya Shibata, who is notable for his work in the Devil May Cry series. Sakurai certainly seems to be a fan of the Valmanway- Whoops, I mean the Crissaegrim!

Today's Music
You can now listen to "Lost Painting" from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Doesn't it resurrect memories of obtaining the Crissaegrim in the game? This version is an arrangement by Tetsuya Shibata from Unique Note. Give it a listen using headphones, too!


And for our stage, we have the returning Green Hill Zone, complete with its crumbling half pipe and its ironically progress impeding checkpoint.


Today's Stage
Green Hill Zone
The concave landscape and blue Point Marker are iconic to this stage. A Point Marker will twirl when the ball is hit, dealing damage to anyone nearby. The ground can collapse after attacking it, so be careful!

Author's Note: Fenriraga vividly remembers grinding for the Crissaegrim. I'm pretty sure Scmoo are an endangered species because of it. Couldn't be bothered to get it in Aria of Sorrow or Dawn of Sorrow with how much of a pain it is to get, but I did grind for it in Harmony of Despair. Have you ever spent an absurd amount of time grinding for something in a game? Let us know in the comments!
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Kyle "Fenriraga" Hurley


I really like the writing style and creativity in this article. I quote, "...complete with its crumbling half pipe and its ironically progress impeding checkpoint." That's funny! Please write more articles! 10/10
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