Smash Blog Update | Today's Item - Ditto


The Smash Blog updated tonight, this time showing off the brand new Poké Ball summon, Ditto! Sakurai finally got his transformation idea into the game.

Today's Item
Pokémon: Ditto
Ditto will transform into the fighter who threw the Poké Ball when joining the fight. After the transformation, Ditto will have the exact same abilities as the original fighter!

Author's Note: What do you think of Ditto? What other Pokemon would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!
Tyler Scott Sanchez


I love that they got Ditto to work in Smash. It seems like this forgotten relic of Melee that’s back from the dead.

My one incredibly minor gripe is that I’d have really loved if they made a Ditto model for every character rather than just throwing a purple coat of paint on the standard. I really want to see all of the Smash cast with the derp face.

Also, can we talk about how the DK cast always gets the best expressions?
Now taking bets on what happens when Ditto copies a Kirby who has copied another fighter.
Also how many EVERY DITTO TRANSFORMATION videos there will be on YouTube.
Ditto coming back after being scrapped from Melee gives me hope that the cut Rhythm Heaven character from Smash 4 will actually come to Ultimate
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This is my favorite Pokemon in the game and that DK picture in in my top 3 favorite pictures for Smash Ultimate so far.
What would Ditto even concerted doing ? Don’t know much about Ditto but is he suppose to stretch out with his purpled skin or along the lines have a effective attack that will take out maybe about 50% damage or more depending on your scale.
I remember a Melee game guide said years back Ditto was a Pokeball Pokemon. I spent around half an hour trying to get it to show up.

I now know why it never did. Dumb game guide.
I really want to see a Mr. Game and Watch Ditto just so I can see a shiny, purple version of him.

Actually, can we just get rid of one of Mr. Game and Watch's three blue alts and replace it with a nice purple alt? Thanks.

d-don't remove the cyan alt though that's my main