Pacific West Smash Attack 41!

Smash Attack 41!
Posted by Bkomel
700 Bristol Drive, Hayward, Ca, 94544
Saturday, July 13, 2019 - 12:00 PM
Until: Saturday, July 13, 2019 - 08:00 PM
(Adjusted for timezone: America/Los_Angeles)

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Smash Journeyman
Jul 30, 2015
This tournament thrives off of the community! If you have a Switch and tv that you can bring, Please do! We need them and will waive your Venue fee if you bring a monitor AND system (Must have dlc, updates, and GC adapter). If any of the above fail to be present then I can not waive your fee.

Tournament Info:

Free play starts 12:30AM, Doubles start at 1:30 PM, Singles start at 2:30PM, and the side event starts at 5PM. The side event is SMASHKETBALL (If time allows)
Sign ups will end 20 minutes before said bracket would be needed.

700 alquire Parkway. Hayward, Ca. 94544
For all ages
Doors open at 12pm
There is a $5 Venue fee !!

We will be in a club house towards the top oh the hill on Alquire. (Industrial Blvd is Alquire)
The Club house is just over 1 Block away from mission Blvd (with several food spots), a bus stop, and is 1/2 mile from BART.

Smash 5 Tournament rules: We will be following the California recommended rule set.

Smash 5 tournament Rules: (Both Doubles and Singles)
- bring your own controller
- 3 stock (Singles) 3 Stock (Doubles)
-Omega levels are allowed, but banning FD bansall Omegas.
- custom moves NOT allowed
-Mii's are allowed
- best of 3 rounds
- Players can change characters, but the winner must choose first!!
-Coin toss / rochambeau (Rock,Paper,Scissors) for first person to choose stage, loser chooses next stage, but winner can choose to ban a stage as well
- Both winners and losers finals will be best of 5.
-Grand Final is best of 5. If the losers finalist wins, the bracket resets to a final best of 5. (Singles) Grand Finals Best of 5 (Doubles)
5$ entry fee per person (Both doubles and singles)

Smash Prizes

- 60% Generated Cash
- 30% Generated Cash
- 10% Generated Cash

Smash 5 stages are the same as WNF, until Finalization. A paper will be printed and near each set up.

Also any stage that is not on this list, but both parties want to fight on is also acceptable, but both parties must accept

you can find our past smash tournaments on our youtube channel. Here:
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