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Smash At The Edge - Results (11/23/2013)


Mother Wolf
May 20, 2008
Land's End (NorCal)
Brawl Singles (2-stock, MK/ICs banned)
1. ADHD ($60)
2. Shaky ($40)
3. Will ($20)
4. Keitaro
5. Ish
5. Orion
7. Megaplox
7. Raptor
9. Cuppa Joe
9. RekRP
9. Sohoopuff
9. WiiG

Melee Singles (Standard)
1. Inui ($25)
2. ADHD ($10)
3. InternetExplorer ($5)
4. Nakat
5. Will
5. Orion
7. Garrett
7. Marco

Brawl Doubles (MK banned, Round Robin pools)
1. Nakat/Shaky ($60)
2. Ish/Will ($40)
3. ADHD/Inui ($20)
4. Keitaro/Megaplox
5. Doom/Orion
6. Cuppa Joe/WiiG

Brawl Mid-tier Doubles (Round Robin pools)
1. ADHD/Nakat ($30)
2. Inui/Ish ($20)
3. Doom/Will
4. Raptor/RoyalJames
5. Garrett/Marco

For some reason TIO is being bad and overwrote the Brawl Doubles results with the Brawl Mid-tier Doubles results, but I'm pretty sure I got it right.

Anyways, pretty sure I'll be continuing this series since feedback seems to be positive :) If you have any comments on the tournament (either ruleset-related or on how it was run or whatever) let me know and I'll keep them in mind for next time. Thanks for coming out, and hope to see everyone again next time!

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