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Smash at EVO 2019 Recap


EVO 2019, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, was the biggest summer major this year, and the biggest Smash tournament of all time. It was packed with over 3,500 entrants for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate singles alone! Smash Ultimate’s Top 8 consisted of:

Gavin “Tweek” Dempsey
Leonardo “MKLeo” Lopez Perez
William “Glutonny” Belaid
Ishiguro “Raito” Tetsuya
Erza “Samsora” Morris
Paris “Rogue | Light” Ramirez
Sota “Zackray” Okada

This year, Super Smash Bros. Melee was an unofficial side tournament with over 100 entrants. Melee’s Top 3 consisted of:

Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma
Daniel “ChuDat” Rodriguez

Melee Recap

A brief intermission to focus on Melee’s Top 3. which, unlike the preceding events, was streamed. The entire VoD can be found here. Hungrybox defeated ChuDat in a pretty clean set 2-0, sending ChuDat to face whomever won in losers semi-finals. After Bungwipe defeated Daniel “Dansdaman” Coppock in losers semi-finals, going 2-1, Bungwipe faced off against ChuDat and lost 2-0 to ChuDat’s air game and wobbles, leaving ChuDat to rematch HungryBox. While it was a pretty close set, HungryBox defeated ChuDat once more at 2-0.

Ultimate Winners

Smash Ultimate’s Winners Bracket was one heck of a spectacle. Despite taking game one against Glutonny, Raito was unfortunately sent off to the losers bracket with Glutonny getting a 2-1 victory. Tweek’s Pokemon Trainer and Samsora’s Peach went head-to-head, the latter ultimately losing 2-0. Tweek and Glutonny faced off in winners finals with a breathtaking set to watch that closed out in a 3-2 victory for Tweek.

Ultimate Losers

Losers round one was a bloodbath—it began with ProtoBanham’s Lucina and Light’s Fox duking it out, ending in a 2-0 victory for ProtoBanham. Next, MKLeo and Zackray faced off in an intense set, which ultimately ended in a 2-0 victory for MkLeo.

Losers quarter-finals featured Samsora versus ProtoBanham. While it was an intensely close set for ProtoBanham, Samsora took it home 2-1. Given ProtoBanham's Kidney Stones, this makes his run at EVO more impressive. Raito and MKLeo then squared off, with Leo’s Joker outshining Raito’s Duck Hunt.

In losers semi-finals,even with close matches, Samsora wasn’t able to take a single game off of MkLeo, making it 2-0. Losers finals consisted of Glutonny and MkLeo, and while Glutonny had a strong showing, MkLeo took the set 3-0.

Ultimate Grand Finals

Tweek showed his true skill in game one of grands, primarily using Ivysaur to take game two off MkLeo. MkLeo started in on an impressive comeback, taking an incredibly close game off of Tweek in game three. Game four was another incredibly intense game, but MkLeo’s brilliant usage of Arsene’s power enabled him to clutch out the win. MkLeo had the reads in game five and secured the win, granting him a bracket reset.

Game one of the bracket reset had spectators on the edge of their seats, with both MkLeo clutching out the win. Tweek opened up game two with an impressive Squirtle combo, but MkLeo’s aerial game was simply too incredible. Tweek quickly gained a lead in game three, but the set ultimately ended in 3-0 for MkLeo and made him the grand champion of EVO 2019.


1. Leonardo “MKLeo” Lopez Perez :ultjoker:
2. Gavin “Tweek” Dempsey :ultpokemontrainerf:
3. William “Glutonny” Belaid :ultwario:
4. Erza “Samsora” Morris :ultpeach:
5. Ishiguro “Raito” Tetsuya :ultduckhunt:
5. “ProtoBanham:ultlucina:
7. Paris “Light” Ramirez :ultfox:
7. Sota “Zackray” Okada :ultwolf:

1. Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma :jigglypuffmelee:
2. Daniel “ChuDat” Rodriguez :icsmelee:
3. “Bungwipe:foxmelee:

Author's Note: What did you think of these sets? Did you enjoy watching EVO? Let us know in the comments below!
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Lucas "Thirdkoopa" Guimaraes


I was rooting for tweed to take it home, I was loving the PT play.

The start of light vs protobanham was also wowsa with that start.

Loved this Evo top 8, loved all of it.
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