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Smash Art Spotlight: Wolfiisaur

Out of the many inspirations that come from the world of Smash, fan art is some of the most enjoyable. Those who have a passion for both art and Smash often choose to translate this into make art for players and teams, and these are great tools for promoting the Smash scene and their craft. In this Smash Art Spotlight we will be looking at a young artist that has quickly gained popularity within the Smash scene: PG | Wolfiisaur. Come learn more about her and her art is this exclusive interview.


BluJay: Hello! Would you like to introduce yourself to those who may not know who you are?

Wolfiisaur: My name is Alexandra Rae McDonald, aka Wolfiisaur as many know me as. I am a passionate cartoonist and digital illustrator, pursing art as my career along the way.

BluJay: So, many smashers in the community have gotten some of your commissioned art for social media. There are big names such as ESAM and Alpharad. How do you feel knowing that your art is used by big names like that?

Wolfiisaur: I feel very honored. It's funny since the people and figures I've always looked up to and praised, I'm actually working with and doing things for. It's so surprising even how far I've come in such a short time period. I feel appreciated that they prefer my work over someone else's.

BluJay: It is quite impressive!! Can you give some examples of who you have done art for besides the people I have mentioned?

Wolfiisaur: Currently, I am an artist for Panda Global! Earlier this year I completed the cover artwork for Dan Fornace's Rivals of Aether. It was quite the experience, working on such a large scale of a project. I've also worked with various figures and livestreamers, such as Jtails, SmashStudios, SAKgaming, Assassino, etc! Other than Alpharad, of course.

Rivals of Aether Poster Art By Wolfiisaur

BluJay: That ties into my next few questions actually! What is it like doing art for an eSports team and doing art for a game that has quickly gained attention in and outside of the Smash community?

Wolfiisaur: Being a part of an eSports organization feels like a family. I feel as if I'm a part of something important, I feel important, and it's a place where I know my work and I will always be appreciated. Everything that's happened so far in my life, is truly and incredible honor, and has been an outstanding journey in my eyes. Creating that poster for Dan... Man, it was quite the job. It was a large project. At the same time it was loads of fun, and I learned so much from something on this scale. Dan was suuuuuch a cool guy through the whole period. Kudos to him being a fun person to work with.

BluJay: Well it was very nice to hear that you were able to have these opportunities!! So you do strive in art, but do you play Smash frequently? Who do you main and do you attend tournaments often?

Wolfiisaur: I do! I love Smash, and the community as a whole. As of right now I'm kinda dragging around the roster, but I am most consistent and prominent with Pikachu. I started attending locals not too long ago. I love how friendly the atmosphere is, and I feel like I am able to have all the fun and competition I want there. However I wish schooling and work didn't bump into tourney time. I'd love to go more often.

BluJay: Do you think you will ever train to get better and be a competitor and an artist at the same time in the future?

Wolfiisaur: If time allows, of course! It is the community I surround myself in after all. As for being an artist, I will always see myself striving to improve! Always.

BluJay: Do you think you may want to try something else along side being an artist besides being involved in smash?

Wolfiisaur: I've always had side thoughts like- "what if this doesn't work out, what will I turn to next?" kinda thoughts, y'know? As of right now my plan is to pursue art. If things go anywhere south, I've always had measly thoughts about joining the medical field.

Gamecube Controller Art Designs By Wolfiisaur

BluJay: Oh? Care to elaborate?

Wolfiisaur: Small thoughts, really. I mean doctors make a lotta moola, lol! Other than that I'm not sure. I have the mindset that I'm not going to fail. Well, fail drastically, that is.

BluJay: I'm sure you wont fail! Keep doing what your doing! At your age this is extremely impressive what you've done for yourself! How did you come across this idea to make art your living? When did you start doing art?

Wolfiisaur: All my life I've had a passion for art, in all forms. I later started taking art seriously and getting digital with it when I was about 11. I just improved from there, and here I am now. (: The idea of making art as a living never crossed my mind until I realized my own potential, and that people actually WANTED what I was creating.

BluJay: Well it seems to have really been going well for you! How does your family feel about your profession?

Wolfiisaur: My mother is overly supportive of my work! Haha, she does everything she can when it comes to my passion. I am way more than grateful for her nature and astounding love.

BluJay: Thats good!! As for the rest of your family?

Wolfiisaur: I don't have much outside family, but they do support me as well!

BluJay: Well I'm glad you have loving people close to you! Is it hard balancing school with work?

Wolfiisaur: Yes. I have a time management problem, but I plan to overcome it of course.

BluJay: Time management can be tricky. This is about all the questions I have! Is there anywhere people go if they want commissioned art or to keep up with whats going on?

Wolfiisaur: The best way to keep up is on Twitter @PG_Wolfisaur I post literally EVERYTHING there, Thank you so much!

BluJay: No problem! It was my pleasure.


Make sure to follow @PG_Wolfisaur for fantastic art. To meet another artist in the Smash community, check out our previous Smash Art Spotlight featuring Jisu Art. Did you enjoy this article? Would you like to see more artist covered in the near future? Let us know down in the comments! For more info on artists and the Smash community stay tuned to Smashboards.


Wonderful article. Im happy to see my favorite artist get featured. It would be cool to feature more artisticly talented players.
Wonderful article. Im happy to see my favorite artist get featured. It would be cool to feature more artisticly talented players.
It's funny you mention that ;) there may be something sometime soon that may feature another artist ;)
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