Smash 4 UK Power Rankings: Winter '16


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Jun 12, 2009
It's been a long time planning, but we're finally ready to release the completed and polished Smash 4 Power Rankings for the UK: Winter 2015/2016 edition!

The Beautiful image was made by the lovely DAT|Eevee, so be sure to thank her for everything...and do make sure to listen to her at DAT team events too~
This PR is going to be one that will be updated every half year or so, in order to keep the ranking relevant, particularly with our currently improving and expanding scene.
1. We provided a shortlist of ~60 of the top smashers in the UK
2. We had a team of 10 panelists from different scenes across the UK vote on these 60 smashers, and give their rankings back to us.
3. We took out the most extreme results for each player (the highest and the lowest) and was left with 8 in the middle. We then averaged out the 8 remaining results, and the 'average' result per player.

-the average results for C.R.Z/PlasticPoptart and DX17/Khanage were a complete tie. This is why they both been given 4th and 14th, respectively.
-While we agree this is a pretty accurate PR, we also believe that the only bit that is set in stone at the moment is the top 6. It was pretty much unanimous among all of our panelists that players ranked from 7-25 (and even beyond to the honourable mentions) could beat eachother on any given day.

So, I pose this to the UK: Look at this PR, and see who you have to take down. In 6 months time we will be creating the next iteration, if you're on here already, then make sure you're higher than this time around...and if you're still not on this list yet, you'd best make sure you're on the next one!

Text Version (ave. rank)
1. Ixis (1.29)
2. J.Miller (1.71)
3. Anaky (3.43)
=4. C.R.Z (4.29)
=4. Plastic Poptart (4.29)
6. Ho (6.43)
7. Afro Smash (8.00)
8. AyyLmao/Deon (10.43)
9. Mint (11.57)
10. Willz (12.86)
11. Luigimitsu (13.00)
12. Smashbound (13.29)
13. Severe Calamari (14.71)
=14. DX17 (15.86)
=14. Khanage (15.86)
16. G~P (16.57)
17. Yackabean (17.00)
18. Pidgey (18.00)
19. KatyB/Hoe4U (18.29)
20. EOE (18.71)
21. Omega (20.14)
22. Aera (21.57)
23. Matsu (22.29)
24. Wilksy15 (23.00)
25. Devereux (23.71)
Honourable mentions: BWC, Skarfelt, Bulby, Cong, 8va & NW
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