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In Progress Smash 4 Mewtwo in Melee (v1, I guess)

Apr 7, 2017
Just a lil something I did yesterday outta boredom. I wondered how Mewtwo would have stacked up against the high/top tiers of Melee, so I went into Crazy Hand and did a quick set of moveset changes to see for myself. I figured at least one other person out there would like to play with this, so here's a quick download link.

Download (both as an xdelta and individual character file):
Mega: https://mega.nz/folder/nTY0RCYJ#57E9jrbrQR816dmgD393mQ
Modulous: https://modulous.net/mod/2155/Smash 4 Mewtwo, version 1?ga=<Game+4+'Super+Smash+Bros.+Melee'> (offline)
SSBM Texture Packs: https://ssbmtextures.com/characters/smash-4-mewtwo-v1/

This is not a 1-1 recreation of Smash 4 Mewtwo (yet, anyways). While most of the general/mobility specs are accurate, and nearly every move has the same frame data/attack properties, there are still a few things that I have left, mostly owing to lack of knowledge on my part. I already have a .txt detailing what's left, but I'll put it in a spoiler box anyways:

  • Make his jumps a lil higher (just don't know exactly how much higher)
  • Reduce Shadow Ball's recoil and make the ball shoot in a less erratic fashion (also not sure of the exact values)
  • Make Mewtwo auto-wall jump (not sure how to toggle on wall jumps for one character, but that doesn't seem hard).
  • Speed up/slow down all his animations in accordance with the changes to FAF and frame data I gave him, plus his Smash 4 animations.
  • On a side note, import Smash 4 animations for moves like forward aerial (probably gonna be hard).
  • Change up most of his hitboxes. (The measurement system the Smashwiki uses is very different from what Crazy Hand uses, and for the life of me I can't figure out how to tell which value is which in each system, so hitboxes are probably gonna take a while.
  • Making Confusion's reflected projectiles deal damage and give them a 1.4 multipler (I have no idea in hell how to do this).
  • Change the FAF of his grabs/some basic movements.
  • Currently am not sure whether to keep his DJC or not. (I'll most likely just keep it).
  • Make Disable stun longer somehow.
  • Adjust the z-axis of his model to fix his tail hitbox (Probably gonna be hell)
  • Probably a few other things I'm forgetting right now.
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