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Smash 4 Blueprints

A Bowl Of Cereal

Smash Cadet
Jun 16, 2019
USA Michigan
Switch FC
I am going to start posting stuff from Destructoid.com here maybe if I get the smash community over there I'll get more popularity so developers will notice them. Probably will post here daily until I get to where I'm at right now first up will be Characters Black Mage: https://www.destructoid.com/--552675.phtml#post

If you want all of it immediately go to my profile there: https://www.destructoid.com/?name=ABowlOfCereal&a=451000&start=0&chaos=ok

Since this is a Smash only related website developers most likely won't be here while Destructoid would have developers they interview and review games there. I need up votes to make front page and get followers been on the website for like 3 months only 2 followers it's been rough and it's the only way I'm getting noticed now posting pitches doesn't get me a response
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