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SLAST - Smells Like a Smash Tournament, Wichita, KS 7/10/2010

Mr. Doom

Smash Hero
Sep 25, 2008
Yo, this is Mr. Doom, get it right.

Videos are here.

Here are the results for SLAST - Smells Like a Smash Tournament. Melee was cancelled, unfortunately.

Brawl Doubles
1: Holms & Mr. Doom == :zerosuitsamus:/:falco:/:wolf: + :ike:/:snake:/:metaknight:
2: Zeton & Nicole == :fox: + :peach:
3: Steeler & Domo == :wario: + :metaknight:/:snake:
4: Cook & Watkins == :olimar: + :metaknight:
5: MJG & Fino == :olimar:/:metaknight: + :metaknight:/:toonlink:
5: The Real Inferno & Ratman == :gw:/:rob: + :snake:
7: Affinity & Future == :metaknight: + :metaknight:/:snake:
7: Clel & 4rce == :metaknight:/:snake: + :diddy:
9: MegaRobMan & The S Word
9: Trent & Tmacc
9: June & Lux
9: YaRly & Feng Shui
13: Ex-Dove & The Scrub
13: Ray & J

Doubles Bracket

Brawl Singles
1: Domo == :metaknight:
2: Holms == :wolf:/:zerosuitsamus:/:falco:
3: Mr. Doom == :ike:
4: vVv Fino == :olimar:
5: Ratman == :snake:
5: MJG == :toonlink:
7: Clel == :metaknight:
7: Affinity == :metaknight:
9: Nicole == :peach:
9: Cook == :olimar:
9: KY == :pit:/:marth:
9: 4rce == :diddy:
13: Tmacc
13: Future
13: The Real Inferno
13: Zebra
17: Anxiety
17: Watkins
17: MegaRobMan
17: Zeton
17: Clove
17: Steeler
17: Ray
17: Mysterious Silver
25: Ex-Dove
25: Ya Really
25: CTX
25: Trent
25: Feng Shui
25: Lux
25: J
25: S Word
33: Fragbait
33: Peter
33: Jo Wii

Singles Bracket

For all who attended this tournament, I would like to say "Thank you." I hope you all had fun and will decide to come back to another one of Kansas' tourneys when we host one. There is one final request that I would like to make: start leaving those shoutouts now. I'll do mine later.

Hopefully I didn't miss anything... Oh yeah, someone left a power strip, and I currently hold that power strip. If no one claims it, I will take good care of it.

Thanks again,

Mr. Doom

Mr. Doom

Smash Hero
Sep 25, 2008
Yo, this is Mr. Doom, get it right. I suppose you don't know that there are 56 states in the US, then.


Smash Lord
Dec 23, 2009
St. Louis
Great tournament Mr. Doom, had a ton of fun. Really glad I came.
Mad awesome shout outs lata.

Also, great job getting results up so quickly.


Smash Master
Jul 31, 2008
shoutouts to fino + MJG u guys need to practice doubles more :D obviously with me, the doubles god :3333<333

Shoutouts to zebra for being a wifi noob and getting 13th

shoutouts to watkins for being noob and getting 17th

shoutouts for nicole for obviously being sexy.

shoutouts to new england for coming in here because they miss watkins

i'm drunk btw get @ me


Smash Cadet
Jan 29, 2010
Hey, this is YaRly, and I want to thank everyone for making it a pretty good tourney

My second tournament ever (my first experience was WHOBO 2...) and everyone made me feel really welcome. Got some great friendlies in, and everyone had good advice for matchups after I lost :D.

Shouts to Mr.Doom for keeping things going.


Smash Master
Oct 12, 2007
Over the skies of Emeria.

5: Ratman
Getting bracketed against you round one was BALLS.

5: MJG
Great to finally meet you

9: KY
9th after not playiing for awhile, well done.

17: Zeton
Do a **** UpSmash! COME AWN!

17: Steeler
Never got a chance to check your PKMNs. Next time I suppose

25: Ya Really
Got out next round huh? I TOLD YOU TO BRING HOME DAT MONEY! xD jk dude, Great games.

25: Trent
KFC dude. KFC.

33: Fragbait
Man, you're a scrub.

33: Peter
Nevada, dawg. Nevada.

If I didn't shout to you, it's not an insult, just didn't have anything to say or we didn't hang much with.


Smash Ace
Sep 20, 2008
vVv Fino: Lol at the brackets near the end. Kind of odd to literally have to rely on someone losing in order to stay in the bracket.

Ratman: So chill and still too good. Stop wasting your talents on tekken.

MJG: Stick with toonlink.

Nicole: REVENGE, lol. Good games anyhow

Cook: Yeah, I'm a ****. Get used to it. :p

KY: WTF you don't even play this game. How the heck did you place this high.

Tmacc: Getting consistently better! Keep it up.


Smash Lord
Oct 14, 2008
These are half of my shout outs. I'll edit and finish this post later.

Brawl Doubles
1: Holms & Mr. Doom: Congratulations guys, you guys deserve this one. Really, your synergy has always been amazing but I think everyone's seen it evolving abnormally quickly as of recently. I can't wait to see how you two progress.
2: Zeton & Nicole: This team is gayyyyyyyyy. Good **** though. It was amazing to watch.
3: Steeler & Domo: Sorry you guys didn't place as high as we had expected, nonetheless, you two are an outstanding team. No shame in losing to you guys. We'll bounce back at the next circuit event, no worries.
7: Clel & 4rce: You guys sucked. You weren't playing right at all. That wasn't Clel and 4rce out there. You weren't playing like Clel and 4rce. Step it up and control your emotions better. A loss is a loss, move on. (:

Brawl Singles
1: Domo: You didn't deserve to win. You suck way too much to be this high. Scrub. <3
2: Holms: See what happens when you move up the tier list? Yeah, I saw that Falco ****. Get at me. xD
3: Mr. Doom: Great job Mr. Doom! You had amazing matches and pulled off some great wins. You earned them. (:
4: vVv Fino: Stop losing to low tier. You're too gay for that ****.
5: Ratman: I'm glad I didn't see you in bracket. Really. I hate you. Hmph. :D
5: MJG: Sorry we didn't get to play man. It's been nice just talking and chilling though, we'll get that match up experience eventually though. It's all good. ^_^
7: Clel: Good job getting here man! I think we both know you could have placed higher, but no shame in losing to MJG and Ratman. You had a great tournament. I look forward to teaming with you for the rest of this circuit.
7: Affinity: I'm gonna get you one of these days. >:|
9: Nicole: Peach is lamesies. Move up the tier list...for me? :bee:
9: KY: You're ridiculous man. No reason you should quit a game for like a year and still tie with me. It's insulting.
9: 4rce: You need to step it up bro. Calm down and stop getting so flustered. Just camp, Mk ain't ****. You got this.

13: Tmacc: What it do kid?
13: Future: What it do kid?
13: The Real Inferno: More **** talk? Get at me. (:
13: Zebra: Great matches man! You just need more offline experience in my opinion. Your Wario is pretty sick though! If you learn to be more clutch, you'll be mad scary.
17: Anxiety: What it do kid?
17: Watkins: Sorry about the driving thing man. An out of stater should never have to go through that. I hope that doesn't impact your decision to come back to Wichita.
17: MegaRobMan: What it do kid?
17: Zeton: What happened man? 17th isn't you. We all know that.
17: Clove: What it do kid?
17: Steeler: Step yo game up girl! Come on!
17: Ray: What it do kid?
17: Mysterious Silver: Ahhh, fun matches. As soon as you get your match ups and tech skill down, you'll be beasty. I thought in my head, "This guy is gonna be so good," when you started planking me on Halberd. Lmao. I seriously thought you were gonna time me out for a second.
25: Ex-Dove: What it do kid?
25: Ya Really: What it do kid?
25: CTX: What it do kid?
25: Trent: What it do kid?
25: Feng Shui: What it do kid?
25: Lux: What it do kid?
25: J: What it do kid?
25: S Word: Hahahaha. Dude, you have a great Wolf. You just need to work on overall match up skill. The thing is, Brawl is a really gay game and you just AREN'T a gay player. Once you learn that slowing down the pace isn't a bad thing, you'll be a monster. The fact is, I just started playing really safe and SUPER gay against you. I hope to keep this back and forth competition going though. ^__^
33: Fragbait: What it do kid?
33: Peter: What it do kid?
33: Jo Wii: Kirbycide is gay...so are jab infinites...wtf.


Smash Journeyman
Sep 13, 2007
Orono, ME
Dem shoutouts:

Domo: Thanks for housing the tourney, I think I played better at your place because it had AC lolol

Holms: Your teamwork in doubles is very impressive, but someone really has to give you some MK practice lol

Mr. Doom: First time I've played a pro Ike offline, it was a lot of fun. Ike dittos are ******** fun lolol

Fino: You know, some people say you're a bit of a **** but I think it's part of your charm. Nice chatting with you haha

MJG: Good times like always, your TL in doubles is pretty frustrating for a guy like me who has to kill everything on the screen, but I've learned that sometimes you just gotta let the kid jump around and throw **** at you while you fight his partner D8

Affinity: 10 minutes = 25 minute drive? :@

Nicole: That's pretty much my bracket luck that I had to play you 2nd round of losers, but I'm glad you won and didn't get your circuit points *****. I know you can win some of these tournies, just keep at it and find a way to get around MKs D:

Cook: Great games in doubles. I know I dropped the ball at times and at other times spiked the ball into the opponents face... I'm pretty inconsistent sometimes but that's what you get when you team with me. But you're definitely not bad in doubles like your friends might say, people just need to learn how to play with you. You could work on some things though I spose 8D

TMacc: Jesus dude I didn't know your D3 was so pro. I think since I've only really played against it in the hilarious MK vs D3 matchup I didn't get to see it's full potential until you played Nicole, but you really have something good going there. Keep at it.

Zebra: Amazing games, what can I say? It was silly of me to not plank those last 20 seconds with the lead, but because of how generally awesome the set was I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and the practice I got.

CTX: Don't worry about your placing, bad tournies happen to everyone. Was cool having you in my car, you're a pretty chill guy.

Clove: Love your Samus as always, it's too bad you don't really practice or take the game a bit more seriously, but that's cool. Hopefully I'll met up with you in New York sometime when I get back and we can go around looking for that asian babe of my dreams and hit up the smash scene.


Smash Master
Mar 10, 2010
Allen, TX
1: Domo - Was looking forward to play you in bracket, maybe next time ;) Good ****, circuit leader :p

2: Holms - you a goofy *** white boi, can't wait til we play next.

3: Mr. Doom - best set at the tournament? haha, good stuff bro. Be careful next time <3

5: Ratman - Snaaaaaaaaaaaake :(

5: MJG - metaknight, real talk. afk :shyguy: fly

7: Affinity - glad to see you not so salty =D we'll catch up some when you not so busy putting up with 4's

9: Nicole - Nice work in dubs.

9: Cook - Olimar dittos da bess :3

9: KY - ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** I love ya bro, ;o ****** ****** way to play like that outta retirement @.@

9: 4rce - You talk so much ****, haha it's hilarious

13: Future - mmmm, lose to Olimar more.

13: The Real Inferno - just give us your password so we can see what's going on in the BBR... that'a'way we don't have to wonder if you just trollin or not :p

17: Watkins - watkins.... nuff said. it has it's own meaning, lmao - like hakuna matata

17: Zeton - wut

17: Steeler - wut

25: CTX - don't be mad =/

25: Trent - wut .-.

33: Jo Wii - welcome to ks =D I so beat your *** in bracket... but at the same time I didn't .-. Just like ratman <.<

GGs everyone. I will be updating the circuit thread sometime today or tomorrow.


Smash Champion
Jan 1, 2010
BILL, Wyoming
Nebraska gettin ***** BADLY.
I'm massively disappointed, but not surprised.
Better luck next time I suppose.

Teh Future

Smash Master
Apr 6, 2008
St. Louis, MO
sorry to trent and zeton for ***** them over in bracket and then being ******** and killing myself an additional 091273812321 times to place ****ty.

random seeding is ********, although mr. doom did a pretty good job with it and with hosting (Although you should check that the matches being played are the ones supposed to be played lol)

anyways quick shoutouts:

1: Domo == good job winning, can't wait to meet you in bracket again
2: Holms == // still havent played you trash talk to good though lol
3: Mr. Doom >>>>> San >>>> Fino. lol at 70-30 matchup som ol bs
4: vVv Fino mmm loose to ike less
5: MJG == NOoOooooooOoOo I thought we agreed you would not loose to olimar anymore
7: Affinity == even though we are both better in singles it was fun teaming
9: Nicole == good job in doubles, although you should have won.
9: KY == you should come back to brawl at least for the kahoka MO tournament so we can all get fuked up lol
9: 4rce == u mad for some reason lol
13: The Real Inferno lol at our set, I think I sd'd 5 times
17: Zeton- sorry =( bracket fuked lol legit fox though practice brawl moar!
17: Steeler= more wario, lookin mad legit
25: Trent= lol u got bracket fuked also
25: Lux= didn't meet you sorry, work on those ICs and don't SD like I do
33: Fragbait= sup dawg, sorry but the housing situation
33: Jo Wii=*** texas, you a missouri cat nao

Kansas gonna be mad pissed when STL starts beatin all of you. Enjoy this while it lasts.
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