Skarfelt's Advanced Buffer Tutorial


In their newest video tutorial, Skarfelt debunks common misconceptions about the buffer system in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In 5 minutes, they manage to go over an entire run-down of the buffer system. This video includes explaining actions that can be buffered, such-as having to wait until the hit lag is over to fast fall, and actions that can not be buffered, including any actions that require multiple inputs at once. Other actions include forward tilt not being able to be buffered with the c-stick but it being buffer-able with the analog stick and an in-depth explanation of the buffer system.

Viewers interested can watch their video below here,

Author's Note: What did you think? As someone who's spent time trying to learn the buffer system, I really appreciate a video that summarizes it in a concise way, even if it's a bit of a downer. Let us know in the comments below!
Lucas "Thirdkoopa" Guimaraes


suprirsed im seeing no comments on this

I struggle with buffer a lot in Ultimate, with it being my main flaw with the game coming from PM. This cleared up a lot of my theories about the buffer system fortunately
the only things i have to nitpick about this video is that

a) Skarfelt's accent, the bgm being roughly the same volume, and the fact that he's speaking so quickly to pack this all into 5 minutes does make it sort of required to watch the video multiple times if you missed anything...

b) when he mentioned buffering with the C-stick, he evidently wasn't aware that the C-stick is effectively a macro for a Direction and A on either Tilt Stick or Smash Stick, which coincides with the rule that multiple inputs cannot be buffered. thankfully, someone in the comments section pointed this out as well.

beyond that, this definitely needs to be posted somewhere as a vital resource for info in the event someone needs help with the buffer system.
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