Size/Weight and how it affects Damage and Knockback.


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Jun 10, 2014
So I was immensely bored one day and decided to do some Smash Science concerning Mii Fighters, and how damage output and Kill Percent is affected by size and weight.

So basically, I made 9 Miis:
  • Skinniest/Shortest
  • Skinniest/Mid-height
  • Skinniest/Tallest
  • Middleweight/Shortest
  • Middleweight/Mid-height
  • Middleweight/Tallest
  • Thickest/Shortest
  • Thickest/Mid-height
  • Thickest/Tallest),
booted up Training mode, and went to town.

Here is the sheet

I determined damage by hitting with the move 10 times (in the case of more powerful moves, as many times as I could before Mario would die) and taking the average of the damage accumulated.

KO% was determined by attacking a Level 3 Mario CPU on Battlefield Omega. For non-upward-knockback attacks, it represents the point at which he hits the blast zone without a chance to attempt recovery. I walked him to the edge until he went into the "keeping his balance" animation.

If the KO% is "U" it means I didn't bother trying to figure it out, probably because of linked hitbox animations or too high percent for it to matter.

I still have to test the 3333 Special set for Tallest/Middleweight Brawler, and the entire moveset for Tallest/Thickest, but I've been working on this for months and only got so far, so I figured some accountability would get me to finish it.
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