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Side-B Edgeguard and Reverse Hitboxes


Smash Rookie
Apr 5, 2016
Accord, NY
About a year ago, user chipz posted a thread containing a bunch of gfycats, some for ledge cancelling recovery, and others for just silly stuff. One of these was a gimp setup on fox in which if you used side-b while they were recovering below you, you would stop their momentum entirely, and cause them to be stuck in hitstun for a few seconds. While trying this out myself, I believe I found a different use for the move, along with a different hitbox. With a similar setup, if you get the reverse hitbox of the move, it seems to act more like a falcon knee, with a brief pause and a lot of knockback. The two questions I have for you are; 1) Can this be applied practically aside from being a flashy finisher. And 2) If this truly is stronger than the normal hit, does Pika benefit more from reverse hitboxes (reverse up air spike)?

Original gfycat: https://gfycat.com/MedicalDisgustingGiraffe
My results:
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