SiD 5: No Escape | Toronto, ON, Canada | Results/Shoutouts/Vids | 11/26/2011 UPDATED

Tin Man

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Jan 31, 2009
Belconnen, ACT, Australia

Original tourney thread:

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who made it out to this tournament, as well as those who watched it on stream. This has by far been one of my most successful tournaments. The numbers were high for both events, and the stream reached 125 viewers. I'll definitely host another hype tourney in the future, so be sure to follow me and the Showdown in Downtown Series =]!

- If you're Wii was at this tourney, it very likely has replays. Send all of the tournament replays to me via Email/PM thru smashboards, facebook, msn, etc. I WANT THEM ALL!

Singles: 44 people entered

[collapse=Singles Bracket]

[collapse=Singles Loser's Pools]
[collapse=Losers Round 1]Pool 1:

Pool 2:

Pool 3:

Pool 4:

Pool 5:

Pool 6:

Pool 7:

Pool 8:

[collapse=Losers Round 2]Pool 1:

Pool 2:

Pool 3:

Pool 4:

[collapse=Loser Quarter Finals]Pool 1:

Pool 2:

[collapse=Loser Semi Finals]


From left to Right: Meekspeedy, [YRSF] Tin Man, Holy Nightmare, Ally, Suzaku, Stroumbert

$10 Entry fee

1. Ally ($220) - :lucario:/:falco:/:rob:
2. Holy Nightmare ($132) - :rob:
3. [YRSF] Tin Man ($66) - :olimar:/:falco:
4. Suzaku ($22) - :marth:/:falco:
5. Meekspeedy ($10) - :sonic:
6. Stroumbert - :falco:/:falcon:/:dk2:
7. Peachy - :peach:
7. V115 - :zerosuitsamus:
9. Sauc3 - :falco:/:dedede:/:random:
9. Ambrose - :popo:
11. Raidos - :snake:
11. Mr.L - :luigi2:
13. RedX - :ness2:
13. Patches - :gw:
13. Culex - :falco:
13. Zhao - :luigi2:/:marth:
17. LeafShadow - :rob:/:yoshi2:
17. i1337 - :dk2:
17. Iliad - :marth:
17. Dan-Da-Man - :snake:/:dk2:/:fox:
21. Poke - :marth:/:dk2:/:falco:
21. Riddlebox - :peach:
21. Tdawg - :mario2:
21. Fuddo - :pit:
25. SupremeDirt - :mario2:
25. Pidgezero_one - :ness2:/:kirby2:
25. Warchamp - :falco:
25. Mprime - :falco:/:popo:/:snake:
25. .exe - :zerosuitsamus:
25. Looftwaffles - :marth:
25. Inle - :marth:
25. Zetsu - :falco:
33. Brian - :random:
33. Sheep - :mario2:
33. Jen - :kirby2:
33. Samster TH - :random:
33. Crowbar - :diddy:
33. Skyler Silver - :kirby2:
33. Douhneill - :mario2:
33. Moose - :random:
41. Hudo - :ike:
41. Dave - :olimar:
41. Bing - :marth:/:falco:/:fox:
41. Rhyme - :kirby2:

Doubles: 16 teams entered

[collapse=Doubles Bracket]


[collapse=Doubles Loser's Pools]
[collapse=Loser Quarter Finals]Pool 1:

Pool 2:

[collapse=Loser Semi Finals]


$20 Entry fee (per team)

1. Latino R (Ally + Holy Nightmare) ($192 split) - :snake:/:falco:/:diddy: + :rob:
2. Boss + Logic 2.0 (Zhao_Guang + [YRSF] Tin Man) ($96 split) - :luigi2:/:marth: + :olimar:/:falco:
3. Ambrose + V115 ($32 split) - :gw: + :zerosuitsamus:
4. Sauc3 + Darkshadow - :falco:/:dedede:/:random: + :snake:
5. Team Sexy (Meekspeedy + Culex) - :sonic:/:lucario: + :marth:/:falco:/:gw:
6. Husband + Wife (Iliad + Peachy) - :marth:/:falco: + :peach:
7. RedX + DDM - :ness2: + :snake:/:dk2:
7. OG Cush (Patches + Raidos) - :gw: + :snake:
9. Team Game FAQ's (Mr.L + Stroumbert) - :luigi2: + :falcon:
9. Wii would like to play (Poke + Inle) - :dk2:/:marth: + :marth:
11. CrowBlarg (Crowbar + Warchamp) - :diddy: + :marth:
11. Team Whitby 2.0 (Mprime + Tdawg) - :pikachu2:/:snake: + :mario2:
13. Skyler Silver + Dave - :kirby2: + :olimar:
13. Team Darkshadow (Jen + Pidgezero_one) - :kirby2: + :kirby2:
13. Team Mecha (Leafshadow + Bing) - :rob: + :marth:/:falco:
13. Mario Bros (Supreme Dirt + Douhneill) - :mario2:/:luigi2: + :mario2:

- If I put your character incorrectly (or if u have a :random: symbol for a character) please tell me who you used so I can adjust the characters accordingly. In addition, if you main multiple characters, you get 1 character regardless of wins/losses, however if I am to add another character beside your name, you must have won at least 1 game with that character

Snow Shard

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Jun 18, 2011
Oakville Ontario Canada
I wish I didn't have to work today... nontheless, is it just me or do some of these players seem like their in unusually high/low places (other then the top 5).... I can't wait till the bracket is up im quite curious.

Snow Shard

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Jun 18, 2011
Oakville Ontario Canada
Stroumbert getting last in a pool vs me, Suzaku, and Meekspeedy was also an big upset.
:S I need to go to more tournaments to see these events first hand... I don't think I've been to any tournament Stroumbert has been to, but I am still new to the scene so its expected. Ill prolly watch the stream when im not swallowed in Mid Term homework.

The Iron Wolf

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Nov 27, 2011
British Columbia
Very impressive performance Suzaku(a.k.a. Dogg187 : P)! I saw you on stream and I have to say that you blew me away. Keep it up man!

Oh yeah, Ally's Lucario was a boss. But what can you expect? Guys knows the metagame like the back of his hand.

Wish WC Canada had a hype scene like you guys over there in ON and QC. I guess it's time to start making an effort to come out and participate in my region, if time allows.


((((((((((( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) gotta go fast!
Jul 13, 2011
Googs I faced your bro and we had a ton of friendlies. Hope the practice helped him lol, he left without sayin bye :(



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Jul 28, 2008
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Had some amazing sets this time, better see those uploaded soon!

Tin -- great job hosting man, srs

I went Snake/DK in dubs, Snake/DK/Fox in singles

Shouts to some ppl I played:

Stroumbert - ahhhh.. howwww did you win game 3??? GGS man, seriously haha. I usually don't flip out after a set but mannnn haha
Zhao - ^this, ohhh man, stroumbert was going nuts during game 3 of our set hahaa, really close, great games!
Peachy - fuuuck me, haha. i'll give ya better games next time def
V115 - thanks for the warmups/mm & fun sets as usual. i'll be sure to serve you some more snake BAIR next time ;)
Ambrose - ggs man, hope I get to play those ICs next time too =)
RedX - really fun teaming with ya man. pulled off some crazy **** haha
Patches - sry I was kinda reaaally out of it in our MM haha, more ggs next time!
LeafShadow - loved getting to use all 3 characters! more ggs next time. that DK dtilt lock from 0-150% on RC @_@
i1337 - fun games man, more next time too! I'll toss up some of our friendlies later
Iliad - never get to face you in singles! i love playing marth too, maybe next time. idk how you got so many tippers in our set..jeez haha
Poke - dk so bad in dubs u___u, ggs though
Tdawg - fun set =)
Fuddo - ggs man, keep practicing and be more confident going into sets!
Warchamp - ggs man, fun set - got to see all 3 of my characters!
Mprime - fun games man & mms. keep practicng that pika, got lots of potential
Inle - HERRRRRRRRRP that MM...... (ggs)
Jen - ggs! you're so quiet sometimes haha
Bing - ggs!

ps: cruxis, yes I did enjoy selecting i1337.. repeatedly on wiis with your css, lol.

R e d X

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Jun 29, 2011
Toronto, Ontario
HmmSmashboards appears to have eaten my other post... again.

Me above Iliad, Poke and i1337? Not usual.
This for me too ^

Also this ^

hope my CSS was on display everywhere!!!

i miss tourneys forreal :(
We had a few setups reppin it (mine included), and when you get back, let's have some MMs :)

I wanted to ask anyone who has replays of myself on their Wii to upload them to Youtube, or send them to me, or something cause I have a rather pathetic colelction of replays of myself which I'd like to improve. It would be much appreciated!

Also, I went just Ness in singles and doubles. Who needs a secondary when you main Ness?

Supreme Dirt

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Sep 28, 2009
Shoutouts to Stef, Colin and Sean for being awesome.

Also shoutouts to everyone at the tourney for reminding me why I love coming to tourneys so much.


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Dec 10, 2009
Inle, we make a great team, we should team more.


Shoutouts later.

Also, Leafshadow, you've improved quite bit from last we played.

Ps - Fuddo Three stocked me in friendlies.


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Jun 14, 2011
Oakville, ON. Canada
Great tourney, I didn't play well at all really, I should've done WAY better in my pools for Singles... *sigh* But all in all, I had loads of fun! :) I liked the new set up, I faced more people which was awesome!

*SHOUT OUTS* (To people I played/have something to say)

1.Ally: Good friendlies man, I wish I could've stuck around to play more :(
3.[YRSF] Tin Man: Good **** in doubles! Quite entertaining to see you guys getting so close.
6.Stroumbert: GG's in doubles
7.Peachy: GG's in doubles (The second game was awful though)
9.Ambrose: GG's in doubles
11.Raidos: GG's in doubles. And good friendlies :)
11.Mr.L: GG's in doubles
13.Patches: GG's in doubles
13.Zhao: **** When did you get so good?!?! I swear last time we played we were pretty even and look at you. Taking on Holy and Ally! Good **** keep it up!
17.LeafShadow: GG's in singles (Trololol) I should've played better, it was a pretty bad game for me I'll admit :/
17.Iliad: GG's in doubles
25.Pidgezero_one: GG's in doubles.
25.Warchamp: Great teammate. We actually did pretty decent. Our pool was a bit, how to put it, destructive? but we had some great games.
25.Mprime: GG's
25.Looftwaffles: GG's I should've played better in pools :/
25.Inle: We should've friendlied, next time!
33.Crowbar: What's this guy doing all the way down here? Work your way back up son!