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Shulk 101: Basic Footstooling By apathy!

As a Shulk main, many can find it a struggle to keep up with higher tiers, let alone win. With the help of the channel apathy, it can be slightly easier. They just released a brand new video showing the use of guaranteed locks involving footstooling as well as some great mixups to put your opponent on edge. Check out this video on basic footstooling with Shulk!

Learn something new to add an edge to your gameplay? What do you non-Shulk mains think of this video? Why not subscribe to apathy's YouTube channel for more Shulk-related content! Make sure to leave a comment and stay tuned for more Smash tutorial showcases in the future!
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damn thanks dude ive been trying to learn this stuff myself but its really weird the footstool timing. thanks for the video make things x3 easier to learn than off by scratch
YES! Finally something I can practice with my Shulk along with other advanced techniques such as MALLC. Behold the Power of the Monado!
I have known about the up air footstool locks, but I think they aren't practical in a match. The Nair footstool lock I didn't know about and might be good. I haven't tested it, but if people air dodge your down throw this might be the optimal followup
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