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Shield pressure idea/edge guard


Smash Journeyman
Nov 18, 2014
Lafayette CO
Hey guys. So I was messing around with peach in PM and found something two interesting things. There is a chance they have been found before but I thought they were still worth mentioning.

Potential Shield Pressure: when peach z drops turnip on shield it will actually hit twice if dropped from high enough (not bouncing). This could be used for shield pressure with nair/dair staggered between the two hits followed by a Nair down smash or something. Inputs: (float) Dair - (drop float) Z drop (Turnip hits)- fast fall Nair (2nd hit of turnip happens now) - Dsmash/Grab. I haven't tested it but im pressure if they try to jump out of shield they will get hit by the turnip. Another thing I thought it was worth mentioning which is sort of situational is that if you a turnip from above (or at a very particular height) it will bounce like Young Links bomb in melee 3-4 times but there is more time between the hits. I know that Peach has good shield pressure by litterally down smashing but I thought these were still worth mentioning.

Potential edge guard (with Mr. Saturn). A strange thing I found that if peach down smashes a Mr. Saturn he gets hit by every (most of the time) hit of down smash causing it to have tons of hit lag making the move last around X2 as long as normal. This could be a good edge guard tool since it has hit boxes our for so long but I have yet to use it in a game.

Note: None of these methods work in melee unfortunately. Z drop turnips only hit once and throwing them makes them bounce way higher, and Mr. Saturn gets launched to the moon by Dsmash.
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