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Shield Pressure and you - every character's OOS options and Lucario shield pressure


Smash Rookie
May 5, 2014
(I totally forgot this place existed somehow... ^^' )

ANYWAY - Haiya, I'm fudgepop01. I occasionally post informative stuff to reddit in the form of Gfycats, guides and the like. About a month ago, I posted this baby right here: [link]

This is the frame data on the OOS options of every character. That includes:

  • up Smash OOS
  • upB OOS
  • sideB, downB, neutralB OOS
  • nAir, fAir, bAir, uAir, and dAir OOS
  • Shielddrop data on all of the above (except for uSmash)
  • grab
  • spotdodge groups
  • roll data
  • and some other misc data
Along with the frame data stuffs, I also calculated how many frames characters have to act on a frame-perfect Lucario's shield pressure and all the options they have to deal with it. This is beneficial to everyone, for it tells Lucario mains the safest/unsafest options along with what to watch out for on every character. :3

Use the tabs at the bottom (top on certain mobile devices) to navigate between pages.. Sorry it doesn't have the most beautiful organization in the world, but it's the best I could do with my knowledge of google sheets at the time. :p

Enjoy! ~

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