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Shiek vs Marth tips


Smash Rookie
Apr 4, 2015
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Hey everyone I'm a sheik main on project m and melee, and my small town is having a tournament in a month with most likely pm. I've faced mostly every smash player here in pm and I can beat them easily, but there's a marth main I'm really struggling to beat. Yesterday I was playing with him and I only beat him 4/14 matches. I've noticed I'm struggling to approach and edge guard him when he goes for a low recovery option or when he has me on the ledge trying to get back on. Any tips on how to keep control on stage, stage reccomendations, approach options and how to edge guard him when he goes recovers from low? Or should I just try and pick up another character, I might be wrong I've heard pikachus a good option and I'm good with him, but any tips on a different character and options with the character? Help is appreciated


Smash Lord
Sep 30, 2014
This matchup should be very similar to Melee, but both characters have a few buffs and engine differences. Those are advanced nuances though.

You shouldn't really need to approach as you can just needle camp, but in the instances where you want to there are several options. You can short hop and needle or drop from a platform and needle, which should lead to Marth getting stuck in shield for a moment. You can sometimes get a grab off that or at least scare him into avoiding a grab, which means you can hit him with something else. You can run up and shield if he likes to throw out hitboxes a lot. Dash attack and boost grab work just like in Melee, and the same goes for shffl fair.

For edgeguarding low, there are also several options. The first is to needle him. The second is to grab ledge, drop low, then rising bair. The third is to grab ledge just as he arrives and invincible nair. If you can't do any of those, you can resort to drop zone nair for an easy trade.

Sheik is a good matchup against Marth, so I wouldn't switch if you're a Sheik main.


Smash Journeyman
Aug 3, 2014
Whirl Islands
Since this MU is very melee focused, I'd recommend Kirbykaze's guide on sheik to start with. But in a basic sense you'll want to make sure you abuse your grab follow ups at low percents, and try to chain grab him until I think about 30 (?) then make sure that you don't stand on a platform when he is underneath you. You have fast moves, but he still out ranges you, and can still hit you with early tippers from platforms like Battlefield. or you might get snagged by uptilts if you drop down directly above him. Get comfortable punishing his attempted approaches by forcing him with needles. Or do what 4tlas 4tlas has recommended and ensure safe follow ups with falling needles. Remember, even if they DI out of reach at low percent you can jab them to stuff whatever move they try to throw out, or snag their jump, then follow up with another d-throw. even though sheik can do well with spacing, this is a very in-your-bubble kinda match up. if you're in, make sure you get the most out of each exchange, or combo. he still out ranges you, so don't throw unsafe tilts or jabs on his shield, you can get grabbed by him when your hands are actually recovering back.
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