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Shell Shocked XV Results - College Park, MD - 64 Melee Singles Entrants! [incomplete]


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Apr 25, 2011
Silver Spring, MD
May 10, 2014
Computer Science Instructional Center
University of Maryland
College Park, MD
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Shell Shocked XV set a new record for the highest number of Melee Singles entrants, coming in at 64. In a month that historically sees record low turnouts, we saw a record high. We started Melee Singles at 5:00PM and Grand Finals finished right around 9:00PM. Congratulations to Seagull Joe and ESAM for winning PM Doubles, Crs.Chillin and tumblr|DoH for winning Melee Doubles, ESAM for winning PM Singles, and DP for winning Melee Singles.

I will be graduating in about 10 days. Fortunately I won't be moving far and I hope to still be a part of the College Park and Maryland scene. When I got back from Apex, I realized that our scene was growing rapidly, and that we had the potential to host a really special tournament. In the past 3 or 4 months we went from a group of friends having weekly smashfests to an officially recognized club putting on two huge local tournaments with a professional quality stream. Thank you all for your help in making Shell Shocked such a huge success. Many shoutouts will be posted below.

Smashboards brackets will be available when I have API access to each of the brackets. Payouts will be available when I get that info from my other TOs. Youtube videos will be up as soon as I get a chance to cut and upload them, which could take a few days since it's finals week. Some other videos were recorded by SuperShus and I will link those as soon as I have them.

PM DOUBLES ($5/person, $10/team)

9 teams

Top Placings:
1) Seagull Joe + ESAM
2) Boss + Chillin
3) tc1 + DP

MELEE DOUBLES ($5/person, $10/team)

14 teams

Top Placings:

1) tumblr|DoH & CRS.Chillin ($77)
2) Boss & DP ($35)
3) ThumbsWayUp & CK ($21)
4) Darkflame & Bones ($7)

PM SINGLES ($10/person)

43 entrants

Top Placings:

2) Chillin
3) Boss
4) Seagull Joe
5) JCaesar
5) tc1

MELEE SINGLES ($10/person)

64 entrants! NEW RECORD!

Top Placings:

1) DP ($302)
2) Crs.Chillin ($136)
3) ThumbsWayUp ($88)
4) ESAM ($48)
5) SypherPhoenix ($23)
5) Bones ($23)
7) tumblr|DoH ($10)
7) CK ($10)

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Smash Cadet
Apr 25, 2011
Silver Spring, MD
reslived: Great job running the PM bracket. Sorry for being so uptight about running everything on time. I'm glad we got a lot of setups for PM singles so we didn't have many holdups at all for Melee. I usually recommend not entering a tournament you TO, but you got seventh so that was cool :)
JippyTheLion (and dad): Thanks for helping with our whole AV setup and running the stream. I really appreciate it, you did a great job of updating things. It sure is fun messing with all this crap, eh? SRE hat ftw.
CTL: Thanks for helping me pick up the stuff on friday and for helping with tournament stuff. I had a lot of fun playing DDR with you as always, too bad we didn't get to play on pads this time. I'm glad that you'll be around this summer.
SypherPhoenix: Thanks again for helping me seed. Sorry I didn't use TIO this time, I should've planned the laptop situation out better in advance. Also congrats on 5th
emoDinosaur: Thanks for letting me use your laptop to run the tourney. I'm sorry I touched it with peanut hands, I hope it wasn't too much trouble.
BigWenz: Shoutouts for playing Doc, you're good with that character even if you do run into Falcos or checkers.
20%/Peanutphobia/Doujin Logic/everyone else who commentated: you guys rock! Thanks for your help!
Chibi: Still rocking that good luck, apparently. Yay misfires!
ThumbsWayUp: For letting it rock. Your falcon is very entertaining and I know you could place better.
ESAM: Thanks for coming! Congrats on a good PM performance.
Boss: For reminding me not to take things too seriously.
Lock: For hyping up this new gym battle system. It seemed like there were a lot of challenges, it's great to see people getting into it.
DP: Congrats!
dkuo: Thanks for the overlay!

Everyone who tuned into the stream or shared it on social media - thanks! I had to disable new follower emails because my phone kept buzzing.

Extra thanks to every single person who helped move chairs, rearranged tables, brought setups, cleaned up, and did anything else to help make this tournament a huge success. We couldn't run Shell Shocked without you.

Dutch & Bouyer, Ed & Jimmy, ScrapMettle & Flamingo, and everyone else who shouldn't have had to play each other
Cava & Kvn/Wenz & CTL for the fake match
Bones & Boss for interrupting your match, I honestly thought you were pausing between matches to spectate. Also for probing ScrapMettle & Flamingo I think it was during their match.
Viewers for having the cameras crap out >_<
Mada Jr: Holy crap I feel terrible for leaving you out of bracket. I'm so sorry. I'll cover your entry at the next Shell Shocked or something.
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Smash Lord
Oct 25, 2008
EC or a mitten
Shoutouts and stuff in two hours

Three hours later:
Huge proper recognitions for tdude and reslived for running the brackets alone, making sure people are playing their matches, and keeping things running on time. Glad to say I did not have to do much TOing other than some setting up and seeding.

Tournament sets related shoutouts:
Slikvik for teaming in PM. Sorry I played like it was 11am in the morning. Oh wait, it was 11am in the morning. 11am not warmed up johns. But seriously, sorry for playing so poorly.
Slight antishoutout to TC1 & DP for holding our tournament set up, even though we shouldn't have let you enter in the first place. Close set anyway.
Reslived & AndyG: lol teamkills

Wenz for teaming in Melee for that once again 5th place in teams. And pork. And Checkers.
Malkasaur & Aethereus: I can rest your rollout.
Bones & Darkflame: Goddammit. Sam, your rolls were so predictable and I punished zero of them. Even after you noticed how you should have gotten rested after one of those rolls, you still did them!
Azana & TMP: Fun friendlies afterwards.
Flamingo & Aglet: What even happened? I don't remember.
CAVA & kvn: Good first accidental match?
thumbs & CK: rest, rest, rest, rest, rest, rest, rest, rest, rest, rest, rest, rest, rest, rest, rest, rest, rest…

Antishoutouts to myself thinking that I wouldn't have to complete the 64-man bracket. What a turnout.
Twinkletoes: Good games. I thought you were a Falcon player who used singlehit NAir at first, but Zelda makes so much more sense.
Shinku: I can't DI Marth's UTilt.
Zela: Hope you stop accidentally rolling with Samus soon.
Chibi: Misfires!
Aglet: Exposed my inability to play against my own character. Also Pichu Kirby OP.

General shoutouts:
Imaginary shoutouts to the heavy snowstorm that comes with the tournament.
Antishoutouts to SG for not entering. Too much influence from my hat, I see.
DP for not splitting like a majority of Shell Shockeds
ESAM for randomly showing up.
Chivalruse for returning my phone. How did you not hear my phone when you had it on Friday? ~_~
Antishoutouts to Wenbo for not making it. You definitely could have ran over here. Yep. I better see pictures on the MD/VA Mele group again.
Every College Park player, alums included, for supporting your school.

Grime shoutout:
Juggleguy for the misprediction.
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Smash Rookie
Apr 9, 2008
College Park, MD
Had a lot of fun, even though I played badly and placed worse. :ohwell:


Shoutouts to Tom/tdude51 for the best-run tourney I have ever seen. Seriously, everything went amazingly well and you handled anything that came up quickly and efficiently. We tore through a 64-man bracket.
Shoutouts to Devin/reslived for doing a great job TOing PM while placing 7th. Nice job.
Shoutouts to PeanutPhobia for being a stellar co-commentator once again. 5-game bracket-reset Grand Finals hype every time!
Shoutouts to JippyTheLion for running all the background stuff all day. You're under-appreciated.

Shoutouts to my other co-commentators DoujinLogic, Seagull, ESAM, slikvik, JewChainz, probably some others I'm blanking on! Fun to have different people to commentate with, it's a different dynamic every time.
Shoutouts to CTL for entering Melee Singles at Shell Shocked for the first time ever. Anti-shoutouts to CTL for not giving me a shoutout. ;)

Shoutouts to all the new people who came to Shell Shocked for the first time. Hope you had fun and hope to see you come back!

Awesome tourney overall. Huge turnout, everything ran super smoothly. Shell Shocked is making a case for being one of the top MD/VA regionals.

– ˜20%
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Smash Ace
May 17, 2007
Manassas, VA
Fun stuff. Good stuff for Tom and Crew for running things efficiently. GG's to all :149:

edit: I brought my camera, but I realized I forgot my sd card so lol @ me.. so no photos from me this time T_T
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Smash Lord
May 31, 2006
Largo, Maryland
GG's to every person I played in tournament & MM'd!

@ CTL.. I txt'd res and told him to dq/take us out if we hold up things to long.. so take your anti shout out and shove it.. none the less, thanks for waiting.

Everyone is improving, i'll definitely make the next shell shocked on time!

GS esam,chillin & DP!



Smash Lord
Oct 25, 2008
EC or a mitten
@ CTL.. I txt'd res and told him to dq/take us out if we hold up things to long.. so take your anti shout out and shove it.. none the less, thanks for waiting.
Haha, yeah it didn't really matter in the end, since we had to wait for the winner of Chillin's team anyway, so I gave you guys until their second game. You guys made it during their first match. Just in time.


Smash Apprentice
Nov 27, 2011
College Park, MD
Kk so shoutouts in chronological order:

Firstly: shoutouts to Girl Scouts Engineering Saturdays for sharing the building with us and not complaining ^_^.

Shoutouts to:
Tom/tdude51 for doing all the work leading up to this event and running it incredibly well. Seriously in terms of the smash community youre leaving UMD with a bang.
Alex/JippyTheLion for running the stream all day. Thanks a ton.
AndyG for picking up PM for the first time ever and getting 5th in teams. holy **** we didnt play half bad lmao.
Boss for just generally being a chill dude
HeyItsYo for messing me up in Winners. Seriously... im 0-2 against you now, I need to fix this lol.
Kaiser/scoopy for not flipping out when I made you pause a tourney set T_T sorry.
9k+1 for a sick bowser/mewtwo. sorry i camped you so hard... i dont know the mewtwo mu so camping happened. sry T_T...
Squeak for an awesome set in losers and for just generally being a cool guy.
tc1 for beating me up super hard. you read my habits very quickly and i need to be less afraid in CQC.
JCaesar/WhitePeach for bein nice to meh and recognizing my progress ^_^.
Darkflame cuz I got to see you again ^_^.
Seagull Joe for commentating my sets on stream and for hanging out with me after and driving me home.
ESAM for just being good at everything, and hanging out afterwards and being the **** who orders a quesarito when the line is full at Chipotle....
JewChainz for bein a chill dude and reppin UMD well. sry u didnt beat 9k, but u got chipotle after, so thats somethin :p.

All in all though, I came in FREAKING 7TH PLACE. this kinda placing was UNHEARD OF for me back in brawl. maybe im finally getting better, or maybe my character is just that dumb. hopefully i can start getting consistent results.

well done team. Who's taking over CP after tdude? Reslived?
im sure it will be some combination of me/emodinosaur/other people who have been big helps (~20%, jippythelion, etc). dont worry, smash at UMD has gotten off the ground thanks to tdude's tremendous amount of work and we will keep it going.

@ CTL.. I txt'd res and told him to dq/take us out if we hold up things to long.. so take your anti shout out and shove it.. none the less, thanks for waiting.
so i take full responsibility for any amount of bracket conflicts/waiting that happened. Tom really wanted to run a tight ship but i felt it was possible to keep everyone happy and still not run over schedule. so i stepped on a few toes and made tom angry, but I hope there are no hard feelings all around T_T. everything that started late is on me and should reflect on how i ran my brackets.


Smash Hero
May 19, 2008
Hampstead, MD
I'm really excited to see how the UMD scene changes our landscape for 2014 and beyond. I want to personally thank CTL and BigWenz, who were the last major players, and now tdude and res, for making this such an awesome scene and I hope that we can keep this level of success and hype going.
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