Sheik's New Matchup Discussion Thread: Pikachu

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Mar 25, 2008
Nair is your best friend, it will stuff QA most of the time unless Pikachu spaces with it very tightly, but most of the time it is consistent enough that it will pressure Pika to be more conservative with it. You can also punish with dash attack or needles after shielding it depending on his distance afterward.

When you ftilt combo, be mindful of his thunder combo break. Your ftilt can actually go through the thunder so don't be afraid to keep doing the combo as long as you don't walk forward. If you grab Pika as he thunders just don't pummel at all and immediately fthrow or dthrow to activate grab armor. In general Pikachu gets comboed pretty well due to his fat hurtbox.

Be careful short hopping near Pikachu when you're at high %, he can punish even an empty SH with a usmash if he reads it.

If he fairs into your shield, wait until all the hits connect so he suffers from the endlag. You will have more than enough time to punish accordingly, including usmash if he's at a high enough %.

I think we do good on all stages, but small stages are the best, particularly BF. This is because he has less room to QA and you can just spam nair more easily. I personally would strike and ban FD both games 1 and 2, just because he has a lot more room to QA and throw t-jolts.

Speaking of which, just slowly approach a t-jolt happy Pika with powershield until you're within the mid range. At that point if he throws out another t-jolt he'll get punished. Around when he's at mid-high % you can read and knock Pika away by bouncing fishing over his t-jolt.

Overall, I think we slightly win atm. We can outmaneuver Pikachu, but Pikachu punishes harder, so be very careful not to get hit by a Pikachu that's good at maximizing his damage output.

And those are my scattered thoughts on the matchup.


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Mar 23, 2015
Warren, Michigan
If I'm not mistaken Pika hates Sheik's aerial game. He can combo her at low percentages, but that's not anything surprising or new, just look at Mario's Utilt-Uair shenanigans. Pika DOES have a hard time killing, Fsmash and Dsmash are especially laggy if they whiff and this should be taken advantage of as much as possible. Quick Attack can become predictable if the Pika isn't very seasoned. Shield or Nair to cancel that out. Pika doesn't really scare me all that much. I don't have much input on this MU unfortunately, the Pika player that I would ideally get practice against is constantly busy with work and whatnot but I'll keep you posted if I find anything new.
Jun 24, 2015
Hi guys, Pikachu main here to help out and give some input for you. :)

For one thing ESAM believes Pikachu's better stages are Battlefield and Lylat so I would avoid those (mostly for the crazy QAC shenanigans lol).

Two, Pikachu's T-Jolt is equally annoying as needles imo and their movement options are about equal. I suggest playing whichever play-style you are more comfortable with (aggressive or defensive) because neither character can really force the other to approach.

Three, really avoid that up-tilt of Pikachu. It usually can combo for 30ish% or more if follow ups connect. Also d-tilt to trip to grab then whatever is another combo you might see. The d-tilt has good range and helps Pikachu's footsie game.

Four, always DI the throws away from Pikachu if possible. Up throw to sweet spot thunder is potent but avoidable.

Five, do not expect to see many down smashes or normal skull bashes from good Pikachu players. Those moves are too slow and conditional.

Six, your recovery is good enough to make Pikachu's edge guard game on you very difficult. If you recover well, Pikachu will not have much of a chance to gimp you, and you will survive very long against him as Pikachu has a hard time getting KO's too.

Seven, beware the thunder and n-air as combo breakers.

Eight, if Pikachu is under you, he has the advantage because Sheik's d-air is not very good compared to the mad juggler that is Pikachu's u-air.

Lastly, that picture is pretty hilarious but misses out on the awesome adorableness that is Pikachu! See! :laugh:

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Jun 5, 2015
New Zealand
Combo Percentages:
- Fthrow > BF -
DI away - 0% to 40%
DI up and away (optimal DI) - 0% to 5%

- Bair > BF -
No DI - 50% to 100%
- Weak Nair > BF -
DI away (optimal DI) - 90% to 130%
- Ftilt > Ftilt -
No DI - Starts at 15%
- Ftilt > Fair -
No DI - Starts at 29%
- Ftilt > UpSmash -
No DI - 45% to 55%
- Tipper Dtilt > Upair -
Raw - 99% + (kills)
From Ledge - 103% + (kills)
From jab 1-2 - 94% + (kills)

Can Crouch Under:
Thunder Jolt - Certain Distances

If you buffer side b when the thunder jolt hits you the nade shell will drop at your feet.
See this thread for nade shell stuff:

All combo percents are from these threads:
Credit where it's due.