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My friend started playing Sheik, and I can't figure out how counter Needles and F-air. I'd like more general advice than character specific advice. Thanks.
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Feb 18, 2016
-Shield and you won't get killed.
-Run too far in and her areals won't be safe.
2 frame her... She gives you a perfect countdown with her hop and the first explosion.
-Get rage and kill her at 40%
-Play her yourself to understand her flaws.


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Jul 28, 2015
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Use superior range to your advantage, her fair outspaced rather easily, it also pretty darn unsafe out of just a plain old short hop, she also gets juggled rather easily if you can read her bouncing fish and plan accordingly, and she also has outright terrible kill power, Captain Sack vs Void at civil war proved this, Bayonetta was living up to 170% and Sheik was losing stocks like crazy.


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Apr 13, 2017
Her fair is extremely fast but the range got nerfed pretty severely with 1.1.5 (from 3.5 units to 2.5 iirc) so there are lots of moves that outspace it. For example Mewtwo's fair is 1 frame slower but greatly out ranges it (3.5 units iirc). Fair is simply put beaten by out spacing it or just shielding it.
Needles are very fast. Trying to beat needles with a projectile of your own often doesn't work bc of the lack of endlag/startup lag on throwing needles again. Again the 1.1.5 nerf to Sheik cut her needle range down a good chunk so some projectiles can outspace the needles. If the stages isn't FD you can use platforms to mix up your approach to avoid needles but giving Sheik the ground below can be dangerous. Shielding is very effective against needles. They don't do a lot of damage to shields. Watch out for Sheik needle to needle combo. Often times someone will charge needles then throw them and if you get hit they will immediately throw out another needle. When you are at a high percent needles will send you into the air so needles will be used to stuff out your ground approach. Aerial needle into bouncing fish is one of Sheik's best KO options so watch if Sheik is positioning herself slightly above you to the side.
It's not a lot of damage still so keep that in mind in general when it comes to trading. Sheik struggles to KO and her moves deal very little damage so trading is almost always in Sheik's opponents favor.
Sheik's recovery is super good. It's very hard to punish so don't go too crazy trying to edge guard her. This too means watch out for Sheik edge guards. If you play a character with a poor recovery i.e. Roy, Cloud, Little Mac, chances are Sheik is going off stage to hit you.
Sheik has amazing frame data so just know it's likely you will get hit a bunch and things like taking several fairs or several tilts in a row can be annoying. But remember Sheik struggles to KO so even if you take 50% damage it's very easy to close the gap in the stock. Don't go crazy fishing for KO's because Sheik is fast enough to dodge and punish. It pains me to say it but RAGE is your friend, and it probably benefits you more than it benefits Sheik. Hope this helps some. =)