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SFU Tri-Smash 3 Results


Smash Lord
Jun 4, 2005
Vancouver, BC
Tournament was held at Simon Fraser University on May 2nd and 3rd. Hosted by Meta.

I'll post up the second day results as soon as I hear back from worldjem7 who has the brackets on his laptop. After that, I will compile all results so Meta can upload to AllisBrawl which will have a full breakdown of who beat who in all events. That will be located here:

Melee Doubles
1: Nam Scam (dieslow + CowEar)
2: Patooty + Hitsugaya (Patooty + Hitsugaya)
3: Mang0 (FalseFalco + ManLi)
4: Brown Town (Blunted_Object10 + xXx-Noobking-xXx)
5: Sion + Daltsy (Sion + Daltsy)
5: Third Place (SuPeRbOoM + Meta)
7: Kage + KA Master (Koskinator + Dynamism)
7: KongZilla (Rusty_Shacklefurd + Bwmat)
9: Mr. Magoo and McBarker (jugfingers + Mr. Ogopogo and the Rocking Seals of Labrador)
9: Our characters suck (Rampage + AIDS)
9: AlphaThunder (Alphican + chocolate_thunda)
9: Chicken Cordon Bleu (Blue Yoshi + talking_chicken)
13: Last Place (Byuusan + Guts)

Melee Singles
1: dieslow
2: Blunted_Object10
3: Diakonos
4: CowEar
5: xXx-NoobKing-xXx
5: Daltsy
7: Patooty
7: SuPeRbOoM
9: Meta
9: Rampage
9: Bwmat
9: Hitsugaya
13: Alphicans
13: Sion
13: Blue Yoshi
13: FalseFalco
17: Dynamism
17: Gutz
17: liverymen
17: Koskinator
17: Worldjem7
17: chocolate_thunda
17: Byuusan
17: Walri
25: Broken
25: rustedfencepost
25: Taffy
25: Mr Ogopogo and the Rocking seals of Labador
25: talking_chicken

64 Singles
1: SuPeRbOoM
2: Blue Yoshi
3: Sean
4: ImNub
5: Bwmat
5: Meta
7: D0tz Walker and the Time Travelling Munchkins of also Labrador
7: Jerry
9: Samit
9: Shane
9: Sam
9: talking_chicken
13: Mr Ogopogo and the Rocking seals of Labador

Brawl Singles
1: SuPeRbOoM
2: Alphicans
3: Koskinator
4: Worldjem7
5: Clouderz
5: Mytea
7: Cnile
7: Dotz walker
9: Gannonspetmoblin
9: Dynamism
9: Kokeh
9: Blue Yoshi
13: Enkou
13: Byte
13: JB
13: Aish


Smash Apprentice
Feb 16, 2008
Victoria/Abbotsford, BC
w00t! GGs guys.


Victoria: Well, I won't say much because I spam our facebook group anyway, but good seeing you guys again. Tony, you always looked so serious though. I know you really want to get better, but sometimes it looks like you'll kill someone for it. I know smash is awesome, but it's also a game as well. Have fun, or at least look like it. :p

Manli+FalseFalco: lol car breakdown. Thanks for putting up with it. Good games and good job, both of you.

Lib: Good games, including 3S and all that. Also, I got the stick done Sunday night. Pics are here:


Sion: I don't know what you were so worried about with getting ***** at 3S or GG. You're pretty good at both.

Tim: Holy crap, good job in Melee singles. Have a cookie.


Smash Lord
Jun 4, 2005
Vancouver, BC
I don't have many shoutouts... I didn't play a single match XD Ironic for the last tournament I plan on attending. I really want to thank all the people who brought TVs though! Never had matches finish so fast! Except for the times where you people did not say anything after finishing your matches. Jeez.


Smash Champion
Mar 25, 2008
BC, Canaaaanada
lol weegee sucks
dayum so many shoutziez to makez

Kage, <3
Kosk and I destroy harder with more warrior and magic by the day and the Ka power shall guide us down the path of absolute victory very soon. <3
Who knew that switching to Falco+Marth would destroy the team so hard... We are ready now, to destroy back AGAIN

Mytea, those punches almost made me enjoy a brawl set so i might actually take it seriously some day if people keep running into them like that <3
Keep your good DI and don't get monkey pawnched so much next time we play or I'll laugh at the game AGAIN XD

carl - I learned way more from you than anyone this weekend from not standing still cause I’ll get tippered to learning how to play Marth so watch out I’m coming for you and will beat you so bad you’ll think weegee>entire cast ggs and don’t choke hahaha <3
tony - nice work in singles and doubles, spend your billions of monniez wisely cause I’ll win our MM whenever we finaly have the freakin thing man I really wanted to play you and totally thought Sunday I was gonna get the chance to **** you with weegee :[
eric - wow you’re freakin fun to watch play and combo and move and all that crap it’s like you ARE Falco like wtf I’m gonna beat you with weegee next time we play NO JOHNS and I’m glad you made Tim so beast keep ****** we love you big flacojerk <3
adam - ggs dayum your Ganon is scary and your Falcon is fun to play I learned tonnes again and I’m glad you like Luigi LOLOLOLOL cause I know what I need to do and you’re gonna get ***** a LOT by me from now on so enjoy the rum while it lasts! :p
sion - I think you had a bad day and I heard you’re a lot better than I got to see so hopefully we can play again soon the brackets matches were hella close and that was a good choice with Falcon but I want **** that Falco and Young Link > Link next time
tim - ZOMG it’s Daltsy and he’s super cute ggs so glad I got to see you play other peeps in such close sets so I could see in general where you’re at now and it’s freakin awesome stoked to smash you all summer by the end of it you’re sooooooooo going down!!!
aj - keep at it your Samusy is pretty cool but you still need to get off that auto pilot and start making crap up as you go ggs and better luck next tourney your snoring is top tier like seriously it’s incredible now smash that good and then you’re good to go OK? lulz
kaelen - YAYUHZ my Marth could beat you in December and my Marth is WAY better now but now you beat my Marth so that just shows how much you’ve improved it’s ridiculous this summer we’re gonna have some epic 8 hour MMs too much tech skill!
tiep - you ***** me SO hard in doubles I’m glad we had some friendlies so I could learn to NOT get ***** by Peach so much but she’s still almost too sexy for me to handle... almost ;D
ryan - nice work in doubles and fun 64ing with you lets play melee next time k?
john - laughs and mindgames and good times and ggs I really would love to play you more next time
yakal - dude that MM was some fun stuff you ***** my Marth harder than Daltsy and Carl but apparently Luigi is too manly for you lulz Corneria campfest ftw that was so awesome and close you jerk with the gay cp ggs man you ****ing **** DO IT <3
jack - I didn’t even get to play you much but awesome as ever wubz and a half for having the smash partay at your place btw thanks for the pizza pops and watching that dota porn lol oh you should’ve seen how many facials I gave people with weegee missfires
dan - way too good at everything as usual except having not swelling lips you kinda fail at that hope your mom likes me we got pretty intimate there like when we slept in the same room and ggs you’re too good with fsmash and sexchanges no homo but I’m scurred
manuel - you’re good but you never played me so I’ll win when we play and you know it <3
max - glad you came along and got a good taste of some of that smash stuff now keep learning and moving and shiz like that or just get ***** like how you carry tvs or something looking forward to some good 64 after your jack and dan training good work nub :p
dave - your Ganon got some skills in melee and the doubles was way too hax ggs and epic Norfairsplosion matches that was actually fun Barlwing stuff keep your game up and get a wii and move to Kelowna and all that crap CYPHER GRAB ME no homo
evan - nice tourney and fun bracket matches that was a good weekend and freakin thousands amounts of fun I hope you do one again so more Okanagan can come visit lulz at Brawl melee ***** double Ness is too good and hope everything went as smoothly as you’d hoped
kenny - fun smashing at your house on Friday and ggs in Brawl ROB is gay your vid posting is waaaaaay too good it doesn’t even make sense like seriously turn that super sayan tierness thing into your Pit cause it ***** and you gimp crazy in melee with Marth
Victoria - Francis, since when did you start knowing how to play melee good like that? Robyoshi, go faster with Fox and use shine or you’ll get grabbed. Taffy, your Falcon has some good reads keep at it.

shiek - I’m gonna **** her so ****ing hard that she’ll turn into Zelda and I’ll **** the magic right out of her cause of ****** her so hard ****ing annoying *** match up she’s so sexy I’m gonna **** her to pieces
ganon - ****ing gayest match up it’s the gayest ****ing **** can’t even punish any of the **** he does that ****ing massive aerial and jab **** then wiz kicks I’m gonna **** him so hard that he’ll turn into Zelda wtf
marth - ****ing range and sword fair fsmash fair fsmash fair fsmash **** off gay *** **** I’m gonna **** him until he admits he’s a her and **** some more until she realizes she’s Zelda and I **** her some more yeah



the best mindgame
it ***** max, francis, john, dan and I for 30 freakin minutes omg

the best facial
the worst possible way with witnesses in the car in front of us ****

the best combo
my 0-death on FD against Daltsy with a tech chase missfire or his 0-death on me later that MM on dreamland with some weirdass waveland drop through uair hax

the best moment
facial and sex change are very difficult to explain it would seem

I have the best shoutouts, more still to come maaaaybe

yeah, ggs


Smash Ace
Sep 30, 2007
Coquitlam, B.C. Canada
lol falco sucks
edit: k shouts
tonyDSLO: **** man gg and no re god **** you ***** my face in those 2 friendlies...
eric: I think our set in bracket was the most fun falco ditto I ever had, Good **** eric and better **** next time
manuel: crews suck
ryab: q.q
adam: falcon...is a terrible character :D
tim: god ****it tim and thanks for the rides best time ever stuck in that vortex
tiep: Next time tiep...next time
evan: darkrainnnn
matt: lol MM
nathan: lol need some tea?
alphicans: gg @ beating kosk and gg at the few games we did have in melee
sion: I barely talked to you : (
blue yoshi: mad tight gaw
carl: maaan really wish I played you even MOAR but I had to go home...gg and can'twait to play you again later
james: lol weegee
Francis:good **** man you've gotten sooo much better I had to turn super saiyan just to beat you **** son
worldjem: yo dawg ssuuuuuppp
byuu: holy crap have recording **** up before tourney even ended ****
KAELEN: man you're so technical, doubleshine wavedash out to grab combos wtf and lol @ our thunders combo on each other back and forth, mad cool
brokennhitbawks: GANON GET *****
taffy: hey man, had fun friendlies but you gotta start taking it easy, you're good man and have lots of potential, but try and simmer down a bit k? and your gentlemen to knee ***** me all day sonn GGs :D
lib: libliblibliblib
Jack: thanks for housing all of us you crazy mother ****er watching you play dan is the funniest thing I've ever seen! gimpgimpgimpgimpgimpgimp


crystal skies
Jan 20, 2007
Wow, luke is pretty homo. Like moreso than usual.
GG carl.
Good **** tim.
Aish ):


Smash Ace
Jan 2, 2007
wow 64 singles was gg. get ***** evan. and lol @ me > sean > imnub > me

superboom:falcon dittos were fun as hell, but playing against your falcon in 64 considerably less so >_>

Worldjem7: you remind me of smash mash, with the uncannily accurate f-smashes, our match was too close

liverymen: wtf, since when was your melee fox good?

alphicans: gannon dittos ftw

rampage & liberate: both of you backing out of the falcon vs shiek mm's made me sad :(

rusty: I don't care what you say, shiek has a large advantage vs gannon LOL

cowear: ****** me with ****


Smash Rookie
Sep 9, 2008
Vancouver B.C
i would like to say thanks for hosting that tourny because it gave me some experience about actual competitive play. but more importantly... I WENT PAST TRUONG AND CHRISTIAN, luckily reneil wasnt around.

Also, those were some nice steaming monkey punches.. that was only move that killed me


Smash Champion
Mar 25, 2008
BC, Canaaaanada
clouderz sucks

seriously though, he left and never played his matches. there were a few people that pretty much forfeited cause of leaving, brawl boringness or just laziness. Brawl is so lame. lolool
He probs would've gotten 2nd if he stayed... ish :\


Smash Ace
Sep 30, 2007
Coquitlam, B.C. Canada
clouderz had to leave, dad was like gotta do homework/getready for something that I can't remember lmao

I think he would've taken it if he stayed, oh well no more barlw for him now :)

melee alll daaayyy sonnn

Chi's Finest

Smash Lord
Dec 18, 2005
Personally, I'd rather go with the story of getting 5th place than "my daddy dragged me out to do my homework" story.

Go Kosk! Have my babies.


Smash Ace
Mar 21, 2008
lululululululul @ davids litttle noob friends cheerring him on
shoulda went on saturday


Smash Rookie
May 5, 2009
i got too KOKEH ( COCKY )

shoutout to Mytea ( joey ) ...you got lucky in passing me =)

first tournament ever and got 9th place =) even though i won only 3 matches the whole tournament but i didnt even expect to win one, im just that horrible...

getting pwned at the tournament so hard made me emo and quit brawl..........for the rest of May...but ill be back


Smash Ace
Sep 30, 2007
Coquitlam, B.C. Canada
shoutout to Mytea ( joey ) ...you got lucky in passing me =)

first tournament ever and got 9th place =) even though i won only 3 matches the whole tournament but i didnt even expect to win one, im just that horrible...

getting pwned at the tournament so hard made me emo and quit brawl..........for the rest of May...but ill be back
I have a better idea, why not quit brawl, get good at melee, and **** at it? :)


Smash Lord
Oct 14, 2007
Kelowna, BC Canada
**** son, good tourney. good **** evan, host brawl again dont be a *****. well, i dont care, brawl is making me sadface more and more every day, but i have no melee community so i has to play it. o wait no wii so i cant practice cryingface. anyway shoutouts

jamesies- ty and <3 for errything, sadface at no brawl teams donkeydorf would have *****
dan- ****in guy too good at smash im gonna need to like, think of some new ganonmindgames to trick your snake more, and more snake gimps. 64 is hax, watching you and jack play is the funniest **** ever, yelling facial/sex change/where you at at people in van was too good.
yakal- you sexy ****er, nohomo. you need to get ***** by ganon less and dont get falcon punched/facialed by your mom again lmao
carl- ****in beast
clouderz- nice braces
aj- ganon space **** > tech skill
kaelen- ive never seen some1 ****in bake bread @ random ppls houses and have like a ****in tropcial jungle of fruits in a back pack. your healthy lifestyle is raptor jesus tier
alphicans- **** chainspike makes me cryingface next time i wont be 3 months rusty and ill tech that ****
aish- female smashers? wtf
eric- crew battle was sadface i did like 60% to you your 2 hax @ melee way 2 good sex change facial
tim- good **** beating carl and john too good also how the **** did me and james beat you and sion in teams first round like wtf
kenny- your pit too good MM was gg get that **** on youtube i wanna see the ganoncide
manli- 2 smart man you should be a rocket surgeon or some ****
tiep- man your like 8 feet tall wtf your marth is crazy too gg
mytea- ggs you almost had me, you prob woulda won if you didn't taunt me so much ololol
blue yoshi- you play 64 ****in weirdly man hold that controller normal and ull beat boom
evan- jiggs is 2 hax we gotta play again ill win + gg at hosting turney (sadfacethatyoursisterdidntcome)
tony- good **** winning melee AGAIN ****in hax man you gotta play smash against youeself in the mirror you'll laugh i promise
adam- dude your like ****in, top tier. i blaze with u all day and ur hax falcon. ****in guy wavelanding and moonwalking on platforms like wtf i cant do that **** on normal ground
francis- you got ****in pro at melee in like a week and a half wtf
worldjem- gg at coming from EC less dsmash spam though lol
max- play melee more i did and my ganon keeps up with james learn 2 l cancel and your brawl falco is hax ggs
JACK- man your so ****ing hilarious i could watch you play 64 all ****ing day. gimpgimpgimpgimgp facial sex change **** man 2 good dont get banned from sfu again and come to the next 1 ****in bland there without you man

**** man gg i might come for next tourney even if it is melee only ****in you guys are top tier no johns gg no re facial sex change


Smash Master
Feb 20, 2006
Coquitlam (Vancouver), BC
Thanks to everyone for coming to this, especially those who brought set-ups. We had 15 Melee set-ups on Saturday, which is probably the most I've ever seen at a BC tournament.

Quick shout-outs:

Rushan: Thanks for helping manage brackets. I can't even remember the last time I played you, but you've been a great help at these tournaments.
Kenny: EPIC UPLOADING, you're top tier for recording. We had people lined up to play matches on your TV cause your set-up is so awesome. Thanks for everything you did for this tournament.
3r!x: I wish I got our friendlies recorded, we had some really funny games, especially our low tier fights, lol. You probably should have played some of our better players more, though. Sorry again for the seeding, we're terrible at that. >_>
Tim: Nice work in Melee singles, grats on beating Carl and John, that was impressive
Carl: Good games at the end there, the money match was fun. Sorry to hear you didn't make it further in singles, and I hope your set vs Daltsy got recorded.
Dan: We didn't get to play 64 at all, for some reason, but gg's in Melee. lol @ our team name
Luke: Good stuff in Brawl, it's too bad so few people showed up. I was really hoping more people would, even though I don't play the game myself.
Rob: You've definitely gotten better at 64. GG's
Kaelan: Double Ness teams was one of the highlights of the entire tournament for me. Your Fox was pretty tight too, GG's
Yakal: darkrain lost to sliq
Ryan: I either have to change the way I play Puff, or stop playing Puff against you, because what I'm doing now is really dumb. You pretty much put me in my place by ****** my campy Puff all over the place.
John: Holy **** I got *****, I don't even know what to say, lol. Awesome Peach and Sheik as usual, gg's
Manuel: Ahhh, mindgames with the name change, lol
Tony: Grats on 1st place melee singles, grand finals was amazing
Kosk: Tight ganondorf in Melee, and good **** in Brawl, but I didn't see your ganondorf much there
Clouderz: sorry the tournament took too long for you to stay, that really sucked. Nice falcon in melee though, keep using X/Y
Francis, Tony, Rob: Thank you guys SO MUCH for bringing those TV's all the way from the island, I can't believe you actually did that without a car. Awesome dedication, keep it up.
Matt G: Wow, car crashing in the rain at the bottom of the mountain, talk about bad luck, lol. Glad you made it back alright.
Washington: get your **** together lol
Jack: sadface
Everyone else: GG's thanks for coming. This is probably my last SFU tournament I'm hosting, and with Jack gone we may not have another one for a long time, but it was fun while it lasted.


Smash Hero
Jul 11, 2007
Edmonton, AB
I really don't have many shout outs but here are the ones I have.

Evan: At least melee was a success, too bad Brawl flopped. You ***** my Y.link ****. I swear he counters jiggs! If we play again we have to do a money match.

Rampage(yakal?): We were supposed to do a MM, but we didn't. We played a couple of games, you probably would've beat me anyways so whatevs.

Carl: Ummm.... The night before you were like "lets **** these *****es," or something like that. What happened dude? **** happens I suppose.

Daltsy: Don't really know you but you deserve a shoutout. Good job causing two upsets.

Dan: Your epic MK counter plan couldn't be used... LOL. Good job on beating Clouderz in a MM. Also we had some close matches wtf. I'll take you you.three >.>

Koskinator: Sorry dude it had to be done. Pick up a character that can deal with falco, that's all I can say. No johns though :p

Dynamism: You're insane... Also okanogan will get ***** in a crew battle vs edmonton.

Clouderz: Your MK is pretty beastly. We only had two matches though which was disappointing. Too bad you had to leave, but i am not complaining :)

Chocolate Thundah: We teamed and we got owned.

Byuusan: You remind me of my friend Jim lol. You're so fast at uploading vids wtf. Your pit was pretty cool too.

Matt: Ganon dittos ftw!

Dotz: Good job maining falco. Our dittos were good, gotta love the cg.

Mytea: I bet if you practice more, taunt less, and use tornado you could be really good. Keep playing brawl.

Rustyshacklfurd: We played a lot of melee, wow... It was fun though.

Dieslow: Gratz on winning. We also played a few matches; you're definitely **** enough.

GG's to everyone and thanks again for hosting Evan.


Smash Champion
Jun 25, 2007
this tournament was definitely mad sexy though barrels of props to evan for hosting this, team ness was amazing, I wish I lived in van so we could master team yoyoglitch combos.

Adam: good to see you again dude, your falcon ***** way too hard im gonna have to learn to block out your psychic powers the next time I play you, your tech chasing is effing wild. your money match with carl was very entertaining as well.

Yakal: good to meet and play you, your falco/fox/falcon are really good, your set against eric was hella tight also. I was thinking what you said about how there are no yellow cars and then suddenly I was like ahhhh taxi cabs!

Eric: it was a treat to watch you play in tournament grandfinals were amazing.

kenny: your awesome.

Carl: thanks for playing me so much on sunday I definitely learned a lot from your, your marth is hella gay, in a good way.... uhh no homo. it was definitely a pleasure to watch you play though your movement and spacing etc are pretty sexy, you probably could have won if not for the copious amounts of choking.


**** was mad scary. Im glad everyone made it through

no seriously though it was too much fun watching your matches against carl and john I was on the edge of my seat the whole time,

Time Vortex: **** you Time Vortex

Manli: those link dittos with sion were of fun to watch I didn't know link could do cool ****, our link ness matches were also pretty fun,

Francisco: your fox is really good, it was fun playing fox dittos with you sorry I didn't STD but im an old man and stuff, hope to play you again soon though.

Taffy: your falcon was surpisingly good, **** other characters just stick to captain jay douglas.

David: your ganon ***** you should play melee more and eat more tropical jungle fruit.

James: good **** ****** with luigi

Max: you should also play melee more and try some of that bread out! Holla

AJ: you are officially a snorlax type pokemon!

Blue Yoshi: Good G-watch dude your gW is definitely my ness's kryptonite.
and good **** against dan in 64 your claw technique is awesome lol.

Clouderz: don't listen to the haters they just don't like losing to young'uns, you should play melee more though your falcon *****. dash attack to knee!! what!


Smash Champion
Mar 25, 2008
BC, Canaaaanada
I think he would've taken it if he stayed, oh well no more barlw for him now :)
Dan > him in MM so Dan wins AGAIN

I have a better idea, why not quit brawl, get good at melee, and **** at it? :)
this, so previously stated matters 0%

nam scams holding it down

Where you at!?

jamesies- ty and <3 for errything, sadface at no brawl teams donkeydorf would have *****

tim- good **** beating carl and john too good also how the **** did me and james beat you and sion in teams first round like wtf

max- play melee more i did and my ganon keeps up with james learn 2 l cancel and your brawl falco is hax ggs
Donkeydorf will **** next time. I'll have to not be bored of Brawl though. Norfair kept me entertained but I need to find something to intrigue me to take that game seriously again XD

It's called Kage and Ka Master for a reason. We **** ****, they're just ****ing Tim and Sion...aka TOO GOOD

Ganon > Luigi
**** you lmao <3

but it was fun while it lasted.
Oh it ain't ovah till it's ovah!
I have to beat your Shiek with weegee...THEN it's ovah

Dynamism: You're insane... Also okanogan will get ***** in a crew battle vs edmonton.
Not if I'm ready for it. scaryface
I never got to play you. sadface
I'll beat Dan and you. winkyface
nub, nice work
Yes!?!? I am insane....

Time Vortex: **** you Time Vortex

James: good **** ****** with luigi
time vortex wtf?

thanks man
Good **** ****** my Marth with epic spacietechskill. It'll get you in time my good sir. Like next weekend! MUAHHAHAHA

Yoyo glitch is hax and pika is weird to play. ewww cakes wubz cakes
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