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SCSYN: 3 Results


Smash Lord
Mar 20, 2005
Results =). (Imma do shoutouts and stuff later)

1: M2K :shiek: :marth:
2: Cosmo :zelda:
3: Kels :fox: :falco:
4: MattR :shiek: :falco:
5: Tink :fox: :falco:
5: Dart :marth: :ganondorf:
7: Bigy :falcon:
7: TomR :falcon:
9: Moose :falco:
9: KirkQ :falco:
9: Trail :popo:
9: Velynn :jigglypuff:
13: BigD :falcon:
13: Sveet :marth: :fox:
13: Chexr :jigglypuff: :falco:
13: Vro :bandit:
17: Jayford :jigglypuff:
17: iamthemicrowave :fox:
17: Rat :samus2:
17: Duck :samus2:
17: Meta :falco:
17: Scythe :mario: :falco:
17: Juggleguy :falcon:
17: John9Blue :peach:
25: Shade
25: Flux :fox:
25: Mundungu :fox: :ganondorf:
25: BlackPanther :fox:
25: ORLY :falcon:
25: DonPiano :falco:
25: 18spikes :drmario:
25: Kail :falco:

Pools Cutoff:
33: Captain Pron :falcon:
33: Hore :marth: :fox:
33: Gooey
33: Pnut :fox:
33: RamenNoodles :peach:
33: KZEZ
33: Cykofox :fox:
33: Lance :falco:
41: Brian :bowser:
41: BigA
41: RzlDzl :shiek:
41: Looshkin :ganondorf:
41: Arty :samus:

(if I don't have your character or it is incorrect just post and i'll change it.)


Double Results
1: Tink+Kels
2: Cosmo+chexr
3: R bros
4: Big D+Trail
5: vorheese+m2k
5: Sveet+meta
7: bigy+velynn
7: moose+duck
9: kirkQ+Mundunguuuu
9: Orly+Dart
9: Rat+vro
9: Fluxyy+DonPiano



Smash Champion
Oct 19, 2009
Ann Arbor, MI
switch mundungu and captain pron, that was a mistake.
also tink used falco against me
definitely fun tournament, ill do shoutouts later


Smash Master
Sep 10, 2007
Central IL
awesome results guys. Cosmo is going to be the best player in the world by 2011
Really wish I could have come!!! I have missed every tournament of this series =\
I gotta say I'm pretty unhappy with the attendance, but who am I to say that because I'm one of the johners

Dart beat some really good players. Chris got bracket ****ed rofl


Smash Grimer
Aug 16, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI
Good **** Rat for remembering all those characters.

Awesome tourney guys. Shoutouts when I'm not so sleepy.


Smash Champion
Jan 13, 2009
capt pron used for and ganon? He's a falcon main from what i'm aware

Grats Josh on getting fifth.


Smash Master
Dec 5, 2004
1: M2K You're a beast, wish you would've went Fox or Marth against Cosmo! oh and thanks for that slice of pizza! u da bess
2: Cosmo Dude lol, stop doing so well with Zelda!
3: Kels My Mario wants revenge! and ggs!
5: Tink Dude you're Fox is way cooler than Kels' but unclutch to the max
5: Dart We must Mario ditto more and nice placement!!!!
7: TomR GGs dude. Next time we face, my Mario will be better! Those friendlies were fun stuff
13: Sveet Nice seeing you again,friendlies were fun as hell and you are pretty crazy when you are hungry wtf lol
13: Chexr Had some fun friendlies! Come back down to Chicago, you're a cool guy!
13: Vro Thanks for running the tourney!
17: Rat Thanks for housing me and hosting the tourney! You are awesome.
17: Meta Stop hating on Mario! Minnesota is pretty cool though.
17: Scythe From now on I'm maining Mario, secondary Fox!
17: Juggleguy You got your revenge! ggs
17: John9Blue Dude you need to lighten up and not talk so loud. U MAD
25: Mundungu Keep up that Ganon! no one plays him!
25: ORLY Bracket ****ed lol Thanks for picking me up and driving me through ******** traffic. You are one of the funniest people I know.
25: DonPiano ggs lol that set-up was so ****ed up.
25: 18spikes You must heal so my Mario can face your Puff at FULL POWER.

Pools Cutoff:
33: Hore ggs!!!
33: RamenNoodles omg from out of nowhere he appears again! keep coming to tournies!
41: Looshkin nice seeing you again!
41: Arty We need to train. You had a pretty hard pool and you could have made it out if you crouch-canceled at all.

Tourney was a lot of fun, i hope more of these happen in the future!


nerf zelda's dsmash
Feb 5, 2008
Chicago, Illinois
great tourney guys

m2k- thanks for playing me in fox vs zelda for all those matches, the practice definitely helped. playing you makes me feel like a ******** baby cause you completely destroy me and make it look so easy. lol good job winning singles, you earned it. ps zelda > roy!!!

kels- good games, I finally gotcha :) good job in teams too, you and tink are unstoppable

tink- you're wrong when you said "i should have camped you;" failing an edgeguard has nothing to do with how aggressive you play onstage. your aggressive style is awesome and it was working really well. you're a gentleman too for letting me change my controller port. good games and goods hit in teams

chexr- thanks for teaming, zelda+jiggs is too powerful, you were clutch in the set with tom and matt. no shame in losing to tink+kels double fox nightmare

kirkq- once again I have to thank you for the help. the games against your falco prepared me for my final match with kels

rat- thanks for your support in my set vs kels, it's a morale booster when you say something i did is smart because i think you're a very smart player

bigy- wow you are amazing, i was shaking in my boots after game 1, what a great set and you're a beast

everybody else: ggs

zelda *****


Smash Ace
Jul 25, 2004
Kouts/West Lafayette, Indiana
I had a blast at this tournament, I hope everyone else did too. Midwest is too good; it was awesome to chill again.

M2K planked me by request after the tournament was over. I couldn't see any way around it that didn't involve risking an entire stock for 15% damage. I now think planking is broken against certain characters until someone can prove otherwise.

Vro, Rat: Great tournament, great venue, good **** with the concessions.

Mundungu: Good **** in teams, we messed some kids up by the end. Ganon vs Kels in teams was too hilarious. Fun stuff.

Tom R: You're definitely better than me, and you probably should've killed my last stock off multiple times at the end of our set. I thought we had a really close set regardless though, but luck was on my side.

Dart: You're welcome for me sucking terribly against you in general all the time, securing you 5th place.

Bigy: Your falcon is scary ****.

Trail: Young smashers everywhere will learn from the great words of wisdom provided in the midwest's finest commentary.

Jayford: You play dumb. Why did I drive you home?

Cosmo: You're too good. Our zelda vs falco friendlies were intense.

cya guys tomorrow when i lose to 2 falcons and get 9th!!!
Cool story bro.


Smash Ace
Jun 11, 2005
Peoria, Illinois
Eh wasn't too happy about this tourney. I'm tired of losin to people I know I can whoop, hopefully the doctor has good news when Tuesday rolls around. I guess the best thing comin out of this was gettin high lolz, Oh and one of my crew members gettin 5th good **** Josh someone had to do it. No shoutouts, too lazy, I will say gg's though to all those I played.


Smash Lord
Mar 20, 2008
East Peoria, Illinois
Usually I'd do shoutouts but this tourney was a ginormous letdown for me so I'll do the same as Black Panther and just say GG's and good **** to Dart. This tournament quite possibly will be the reason for me quitting Captain Falcon =/


Smash Master
May 12, 2010
East Peoria, IL
1: M2K: Jason, please keep playing melee. it's for one a better game, more fun barring jigglypuff and wobbling, and plus has a better community. don't quit because you're in dire need of money...find something that isn't video games that you're good at like the rest of us and continue to take our money. GG's at ****** me in marth dittos...i just don't have the experience that you do.

2: Cosmo: Little do people know that my ganon is 1-0 all time vs your zelda in tournament. we need to play again so i can actually learn this matchup XD good **** at beating KELS and TINK...midwest guardians fall to the princess.

3: Kels: Kelly what happened? everytime i've ever watched you play him you've destroyed cosmo...step it up

4: Matt R: you got fourth right? well i can't beat good sheiks yet and you proved it. sheik > marth for now

5: Tink: It's more than camping dude, it's focus and determination. better luck next time :/

5: Dart: Can't beat m2k and can't beat Matt R, wtf? good **** at getting 5th somehow. Learn the two most boring top tier matchups and maybe you'll win someday, which will in turn make vro happy because that means i will have to get high with him -_-;

7: TomR: I need to play you. you're falcon is pretty hot and i love the matchup. i'm going for the title "MW falcon slayer"

13: Sveet: One of three other marth mains, myself included...repping the metrosexual is hard ****. good stuff and the mm was pretty boring :/

13: Chexr: Double Rainbow! pools and brackets? who ****ed the bracket up? tink...>:O

13: Vro: TOing is hard ****...thank you for the housing and believing in me...maybe next time i won't be a ***** and take a drag aight? :p

17: Rat: I didn't have to play any samus' ^_^ thanks for the food and hosting as well

17: Meta: Camping is ********, but playing to win isn't

17: Scythe: Mario dittos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 better luck next time ;)

17: Juggleguy: dude, upload the videos NAO!!!!! :)

17: John9Blue: didn't talk to you at all...did you get better? stop johning and that will happen for you

25: Mundungu: Thanks for recording all my mm's and repping ganon with me ^_^

25: ORLY: dude...**** happens :/ MM's were tight, better luck next time :/

25: DonPiano: played you in teams only i believe ggs

25: 18spikes: dude, get that cast off come straight to me and we'll settle the score. gg's

?: Flux/Kyle: thanks for riding with us, you're hella chill.
?:Microwave: George, next time Fox dittos MM. he's in my pocket...waiting for you
?: Moose: Dude get at me, see when i'm on my game i'm ****ing good...MI watch out.
?: Duck: I need to play you again, MI was a fluke and i'm calling it here and now
?KirkQ: thanks man, no johns though...gotta improve your game. old school doesn't work :3

1. Tomacawk: thanks for giving up your spot for kyle, you should have came anyway
2. Anthony: Goddammit, why weren't you here to show people that peoria doesn't **** around???
3. ********: I wish you could have entered singles, how was the concert?

Ptown: Thanks for coming guys, i repped Peoria this time, next time i hope you guys can too...the drive was ****ty and when i got home all i got was a salty girlfriend that might break up with me and no gas to get to school tomorrow but i had fun

everyone else GG's


Smash Lord
Mar 20, 2008
East Peoria, Illinois
Yeah, I'd feel like a total *** if I didn't give shoutouts to a few peepz.

Vro, thanks a ****load for the housing. I'll definitely take your advice and start hitting people from here on out xD And your roommates(I think they were roommates?) are pretty awesome. VOLCANOOOOOOOO

Rat, thanks for being a dang good host ^_^


Smash Master
Jan 27, 2006
GGs to everyone!

Props to BigY and TomR for repping Falcon better than I did. Hopefully I won't choke against M2K next time. :D

Thanks to Rat for housing so many of us and making us egg mcmuffins in the morning. <3

@Dart: who shouts out to themselves? Rofl


Smash Lord
Mar 20, 2008
East Peoria, Illinois
"Is it just me or does it smell like...hamster bedding in here?"

LMAO, Chris, I don't know how you thought that description up but I'm still rofl'ing at that xD


Smash Hero
Nov 19, 2006
The Garden of Earthly Delights
Time for shoutouts I guess...

1: M2K What can I say, nice job. And don't quit Melee, you're amazing and we all know you love the game. Getting 3rd at Apex is something we can only dream about...
2: Cosmo Just proved what we've all known for a while now, you're the best Zelda ever. Outstanding showing, keep it up man.
3: Kels Better step it up if you want to stay the best in the Midwest! You still **** though.
4: MattR Almost beat ya in pools :p but you were probably sandbagging and would have dominated in bracket anyway. GGs
5: Tink Nice seeing you again, keep repping Chicago.
5: Dart Peoria's skills continue to impress me... great performance.
7: Bigy falcon paunch
7: TomR falcon kyick
9: KirkQ GGs man, those "3rd game last stock last hit" sets are always a thrill. My fault for picking IC's the first game lol, I got wrecked. Definitely look forward to playing you again.
9: Trail Nice friendlies, you're a chill guy as usual.
9: Velynn I thought I could pull through because of pools, but you beat me straight up. You almost beat Kels too, which was impressive. GGs.
13: Sveet Clutch win against Rat! Nice friendlies and good placing. Sorry if I interrupted that MM you had going, I feel kinda bad about that.
13: Chexr Also nice friendlies, and good job in teams too.
13: Vro Thanks for hosting this and all dem Vro Zones, you're probably the single biggest reason I've improved at this game.
17: iamthemicrowave Nice to see you again man.
17: Rat Thanks a million for housing us and hosting the tourney!
17: Meta All the way from Canada, dang son. GGs at Rat's, and your piano skills are awesome.
17: Scythe "UMAD" Was I mad? I think it would be accurate to conclude that yes, I was indeed mad. How perceptive of you to notice. :p GGs as well.
17: Juggleguy Great friendlies and thanks for recording. I need as much Falcon practice as possible, seeing as I live in the Midwest.
17: John9Blue Who's John9blue? There is no player with that screen name. At least he repped Peach well at this tourney.
25: Mundungu Nice to see you again, I'll probably see you again soon after school starts.
25: ORLY I'M USING MY INSIDE VOICE lol I may have been a bit loud in retrospect. GGs, too bad you had a tough bracket.
25: 18spikes Pretty **** good considering you could hardly use one of your hands. GGs, and nice seeing you again.
25: Kail Having to face Tom R first round must have sucked lol. Nice set.
33: Captain Pron Nice playing ya in friendlies.
33: RamenNoodles The only other Peach main yeaaaa son. lol
33: Cykofox GGs, you're fun to smash with as always.
41: Brian A Bowser main came to this? Goods hit lol.
41: BigA If I become BigB, then the Midwest will have the first 4 letters covered. Wow we ****.
41: Looshkin GGs in pools, nice to see you again.

Fortress | Sveet

Dec 21, 2005
Northern IL
1: M2K :shiek: :marth: - GL @ MLG Raleigh
2: Cosmo :zelda: - O_O
3: Kels :fox: :falco: - Bring back the mortal kombat theme next time
5: Dart :marth: :ganondorf: - Good **** repping the marth, and yeah that MM was pretty bad ^_^;;
7: Bigy :falcon:- GGs, im definitely putting more confidence in my fox next time.
13: Vro :bandit: nuff said
17: Jayford :jigglypuff: - That brinstar match was the first time i left that stage not salty as ****
17: Rat :samus2: - Thanks for the housing and running a great tournament. Your computer password gives me new light onto your personality
17: Duck :samus2: - GG i like your samus a lot. The teams matches were too close all around.
17: Meta :falco: - U rep'd B.C. well. Was a ton of fun teaming with you
17: Scythe :mario: :falco: - That traffic was brutal man. Keeping a fat man from his food is like swimming in a pool of paranas
17: Juggleguy :falcon: - Nice meeting you man, GL sorting thru all the vids
17: John9Blue :peach: - holy **** dude learn to use an inside voice at 2am. also, dont worry about that MM i'm over it
25: ORLY :falcon: - U da **** bro thx for the ride.
25: DonPiano :falco: - Nice meeting you instead of ****** ur UD online. U playing Sc2 now?
25: 18spikes :drmario: - Pull up MM when ur cast is off
25: Kail :falco: - ur falco has nice style, keep it up

Pools Cutoff:
33: Hore :marth: :fox: - HOLY **** WHERE HAVE U BEEN DUDE?
41: RzlDzl :shiek: - Best player that doesn't play the game
41: Looshkin :ganondorf: - Best player that never makes it out of pools
41: Arty :samus: - Its funny how one top brawl player gets first while another gets last. Always root for you, though, that samus is as tricky as they come


Smash Master
Feb 20, 2006
Coquitlam (Vancouver), BC
MIDWEST IS TOO F*CKING GOOD. Seriously you guys are the best. I had so much fun at this tournament. my only regret was choking against vro but NO JOHNS i'll keep playing falco and fox and **** you all next time i'm there <3

oh and why no crew battles : (


1: M2K - money match me with falcon next time you scrub. j/k, 'grats on taking first. your marth blows me away.
2: Cosmo - MELEE HISTORY IN THE MAKING!!! you are my hero. maybe one day i'll be good enough to take a single game off your zelda : )
3: Kels - you and tink are f*cking hilarious man, i'm glad i got to meet you. i wish i had played more friendlies with you, but good sh*t in doubles.
4: MattR - gg's in doubles, your sheik is so good! i never played you in singles but i'm really impressed at your chemistry in teams. good work
5: Tink - lmao johnsjohnsjohns stop losing to zelda!! hahahaha j/k man you're such a cool guy, it was fun hanging out with you for the day.
5: Dart - camping ftw. i have no shame lol
7: Bigy - wow your falcon is so legit. idk how i managed to beat you in pools lol my falco was just on fire. gg's
7: TomR - you're so much fun to play against in friendlies! your falcon is so cool. i love how you were killing me more with u-airs than knees, that is so legit
9: Moose - i was really hoping to face you in singles but it never happened : ( gg's in doubles though. your falco is impressive
9: KirkQ - never played you but good commentary lol
9: Trail - thanks for sharing a beer with me man! you're a really chill guy and i hope to see you again if i visit the midwest next year. gg's in singles that was a tight set. also good job on commentary, can't wait to see the videos
9: Velynn - good games in doubles. if i had beaten vro i'd have faced you in singles which would have been tight. but no johns lol
13: BigD - i was surprised to not see you playing falcon more. i don't think i ever played your falcon this tournament. your falco is pretty tight though, good games
13: Sveet - good sh*t in doubles!! thanks for teaming with me man, that was a lot of fun. also, last night was AMAZING holy sh*t. item battles on banned stages ftw lmao
13: Chexr - good job in doubles. wtf why is zelda + puff so good lol
13: Vro - good games. i'll get you next time grrr, $20 money match when i return next year? no pressure though i just want another set with you lol
17: Jayford - so jealous of the pink controller lol!
17: iamthemicrowave - wow way to ditch me in teams and then beat me in pools, haha. it's alright though, good games
17: Rat - thank you SO much for everything you did this weekend. your parents are awesome too, tell them i said thanks for the hospitality and tournament support! i hope to see you again next year, this was way too much fun. MAD props for running this sh*t, you're the best
17: Duck - pretty nice samus. good games
17: Scythe - lol mario sucks. that was one of the best edge-guards i've ever seen though, and i think you know which one i'm talking about. the one on kels lol. too good
17: Juggleguy - good games man, and i'm looking forward to seeing the videos soon. you're so awesome for doing all this recording at tournaments, i'm a big fan =D
25: Flux - i don't think i played you like, at all this tournament lol. come to my smashfest this week though, let me know if you can make it
25: Mundungu - you're too cool man, i love my fox dittos with you, haha. good games
25: BlackPanther - wow those friendlies at the end of the day were soooo good man, good sh*t. i like your fox, you're really good with shine tricks and gimps. keep it up
25: ORLY - sh*t man, you're one of the coolest people i met this whole tournament. makes me sad i won't see you for another year, possibly more : ( sorry about the camping in singles, lol! i only do that when i'm really desperate though, you were really stepping it up. good games
25: DonPiano - was that your audio set-up in the corner? if so, you have good taste in music. also lol@ the bag game. crew battles would have been hilarious
25: 18spikes - man, i can't believe how well you did without your right thumb. good sh*t man, it was nice seeing you again and playing some matches against you. hope to see you again sometime soon : )


Smash Master
Feb 7, 2006
Purdue/Woodridge, IL
This tournament was so fun, it was great to see all you guys!

vro - thanks for hosting, ur the bomb.

rat - thanks for hosting, tell your parents thank you from me.

meta - sorry i couldnt team with you dude, and thanks for the good set in pools. you would have won if you hadn't sd'd so much.

matt - your sheik is very evasive and slippery. i like your use of dairs to cover platform techs. ggs.

duck - I like your samus. Next time ban rainbow cruise! ggs

moose - nice to meet you ggs. your falco is hot stuff

drew - thanks for the compliment about how i played against matt. I wish we would have played some friendlies you are a really chill dude.

josh - im gonna own in you in multiple ways. good job on 5th. i believe we are 2-2 in fox dittos XD

juggle guy - good friendlies, i enjoy your falcon.

black panther - good to see you again, ggs

mundungu - really fun fox dittos, i know ill see you around. ggs

hore - get back into this game!

brian - ggs in pools. you always go falcon against me first game in tournament. i enjoyed your sublime shirt also

loosh - we didnt play but nice to see you.

sveet - money match?

rzl dzl - you are my hero.

roy - is a scrub

john - you john

flux - nice to finally meet you man! you are cool as hell, hopefully see ya soon.

cosmo - i dont get it. gj getting 2nd and only losing to m2k.

kels - dont give up on the fox. gj in teams.

wayne - step it up. gj in teams.

purdue - you guys are the ****.

and lastly...

****ing voorheese!


Smash Journeyman
May 14, 2009
Ann Arbor/West Bloomfield, Michigan
Cosmo - i'm sad we didn't get to play, good **** with zelda

Kels - you keep beating moose in falco dittos haha

Tink - so... close... i can feel it, i'll do it next time

Dart - haha if you're that salty we can MM next time we meet if we don't play in bracket

Bigy - best of MI, thanks for housing your pets are beasts. falcon is hard

Moose - lol MI

Trail - quarter MM's are too good :p don't quit, you're still too good

Velynn - MI, ggs in friendlies, learning the puff matchup

BigD - ggs in doubles, and reminding me not to always jump haha

Sveet - really close MM and doubles games, gg

Vro - good **** with hosting, didn't get to play this time though

Jayford - yo you play wack as **** >.> gj though

iamthemicrowave - argh rainbow cruise

Rat - samus da bess, good job hosting and awesome samus dittos. I think i'll steal some stuff from your playstyle

Duck - T.T

Meta - ggs in our 1 friendly and in doubles

Juggleguy - MI

Shade - peach puff is hard lol

Flux - ggs in pools

BlackPanther - ggs in bracket

ORLY - i'm really salty about our pools match >.>

DonPiano - ggs in doubles

18spikes - ggs in doubles, sucks you had a cast

Kail - MI, 41% from a laser lol

shoutouts to $0.25 food and drinks, pretty good hotdogs, and bags at a smash tourney lol


Smash Master
Jan 27, 2006
Lol Duck if you're that salty, come on back to a Chicago tournament and we'll do another set.
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