[S. Korea] How to Use Naver/Daum Maps to Find the Fastest Route to Arcade Stream (or Anywhere)


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Jan 2, 2013
Seoul, South Korea
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Hello everyone, just making a quick guide here for any of you who want to check out the FGC/Smash scene in South Korea. For more information, here is the South Korean Smash Facebook Group (I don't know the FGC Korean Social Hub though unfortunately).

The South Korean Smash scene essentially revolves around Arcade Stream/Dart Stream. Google Maps doesn't exactly work very well in South Korea for a variety of reasons. So what's the best way to find your way around the big city of Seoul, and more importantly, Arcade Stream?

If you want to find this place, usually you'd refer to this video:

This is probably the most consistent method you can find since it's pretty easy to use subway stations in Korea since everything's in English (English subway map for reference). Plus, it goes into detail how to use the 7612 bus as well as how to use taxis.

The problem with this is that walking to the subway, taking it to Hongdae Station, getting off, waiting for the 7612 bus, and then traveling to AS can be a pain, plus it can go as far as double your travel time depending on where you are (and if you're a cheapskate, it uses an extra 1200 won or so). For example: I was staying at Yonsei University briefly. Using this guide to reach AS (Arcade Stream) increased travel times to about an hour. By simply taking a bus, it took a short 20 minutes, almost less than that to reach AS.

And you probably don't want to get into the habit of taking the taxi. It's about four or five times more expensive than just taking a bus or a subway. Plus, most Korean taxi drivers are **** heads, especially to foreigners.

So how do you find the fastest route to Arcade Stream? Unlike the subway system, for some strange reason, there isn't a dedicated bus map. If there is, there isn't one available in English. Like I said, Google Maps doesn't work here. The best solution is to use one of Korea's local map applications, Naver Maps. With proper usage, Naver Maps can find the most optimal route to your destination, including bus routes, train routes, and etc. The problem? It's all in Korean! That's what this guide is for, showing you how to use the basics of this map application for those of you who only speak English.

Note: There is Daum Maps, which some people prefer over Naver Maps. That'll be a bit of WIP if I ever get to it. It functionally works similar, so if you can match the Korean on this guide with that on Daum maps, then you should be good.

Naver Maps:

So Naver Maps comes in two forms: a website and a mobile application (compatible with both Apple and Android devices). I'll be showing screenshots for both.

Step 1: Finding the App and the Website

Website: http://map.naver.com/

Mobile App:
Search Naver Map on the App Store/Google Play. It should look like this:

Step 2: WHAT IS THIS?! How do I find the routes?!

I'll be using the Apple app over the android version at this point. Not that it's any better, just more convenient for me at the moment.

Step 3: From here to there

Because I don't really want to give my own address in a public forum, I'll be using Seoul University's address as a sample departure point.

*Dart Stream and Arcade Stream are the same place. The place is legally known as Dart Stream.


Step 4: Choosing a route


And there you have it! Step by step instruction on how to use Naver Maps to find Arcade Stream. Daum is a WIP and I'll add some more images for clarification.
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