Rosters if SSB Began Today


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Mar 30, 2020
Have you wondered what SSB started today instead if 21 years ago? If you have, you can post your rosters for this situation.
If you want a challenge, make rosters sizes for 12, 20, 26 (both with and w/o 6 echoes), 30, 35, 39, 45, and 50 characters.
If you want, you can explain why you added the characters you chose.
Additional challenge, this is the number of secret characters you must have in each roster:
4 in the 12 character roster
7 in the 20 character roster
11 in the 26 character roster
12 in the 30 character roster
14 in the 35 character roster
16 in the 39 character roster
18 in the 45 character roster
20 in the 50 character roster
Here are mine:
*=secret character
Empty Roster.png

Reasons: I feel that the original 8 and :ultluigi: are iconic enough to keep in the game, and :ultluigi: can represent his own franchise. As FE, AC, and Splatoon are the other really important franchises as of now, they would get a rep. For FE and AC, I went with :ultike: and :ultvillager: since the former is the most popular lord, and the latter is the main character of AC.
Empty Roster.png

Reasons: For the roster of 20, I feel that I should represent other franchises, so I chose add Pikmin, Xenoblade, Arms, and Ring Fit Adventurer(Wii Fit Symbol) characters. Additionally, I feel that Pokemon needs a second rep, which would be represented by the newest generation (Cinderace). As they’re the avatar, :ultmiifighters: stays. I’ll add :ultness: as my first retro rep for the series. Since I can add another Mario character, I’ll add :ultbowser:.
Empty Roster.png

Reasons: I already have 18 franchises, I am going to prioritize adding characters to franchises already represented. Since Mario, Pokemon, and LoZ are the best selling franchises, I’ll add :ultpeach::ultgreninja::ultzelda: . I chose :ultgreninja: as a popular pokemon outside gen I. Since I want to add a 2nd AC and FE character, I’ll choose :ultisabelle: and :ultrobin: for being a mage from Awakening. My final choice will be a 2nd retro pick (:ulticeclimbers:).
:ultike::ultchrom::ultmiifighters::ultshulk::ultinkling: Octoling* Ribbon Girl Ring Fit Adventurer
Since I must add 6 echoes, I’ll try to add the ones that would make the most sense from the 20 character roster. From these fighters, I feel that :ulttoonlink::ultdarksamus::ultwolf::ultpichu::ultchrom:Octoling make the most sense. I went with :ultwolf: over :ultfalco: since some people have prioritized the villain/rival over the deuteragonist.
Empty Roster.png

Reasons: I only have 4 slots to add, and these slots will go to :ultganondorf::ultkingdedede::ultwario: for additional rivals and villains, and I’ll introduce 3rd parties with :ultsonic:.
Empty Roster.png

Reasons: For the next 5 slots, I feel that DK needs a rep, so :ultdiddy:is in. Also, since Pokemon is a very large franchise, I’ll add a legendary :ultmewtwo:. I added another Mario character with Toad, who’s the most important. Since I want to represent an additional franchises, I’ll add Officer Howard (2nd Wii Fit) and :ultmegaman:.
Empty Roster.png

Reasons: For the next 4 fighters, I’ll just add more characters from franchises already represented, which will be LoZ, Metroid, and Star Fox. For LoZ, I picked :ulttoonlink:, who could a alternate moveset for the same character. For Metroid, I went with :ultridley:for bring the most recurring character in the series. For Star Fox, I went with :ultwolf: as an extra rival. For an additional series, I’ll go with :ultpit: since it’s assumed KIU exists in this situation
Empty Roster.png

For the next 6 slots, I’ll pick a 3rd Kirby pick, a Rhythm Haven character, a 5th Mario rep, a 3rd FE rep, a 3rd party, and a 3rd AC Rep. For the Mario pick, I’ll choose :ultrosalina: to represent a fun mechanic. For FE and AC, I’ll pick :ultmarth: and Tom Nook as :ultmarth: is the original protagonist, and Tom Nook is a major character in AC. For my Kirby pick, I’ll choose :ultmetaknight:. For the Rhythm Haven character, I’ll pick Chorus Kids, and my 3rd part pick will be :ultpacman: as an icon of classic gaming.
Empty Roster.png

For my final 5 picks, I’m adding a 3rd DK pic, a 5th Pokemon, a 6th Mario rep, a retro pick, and another 3rd party. For my DK and Pokemon reps, I choose Dixie and :ultlucario: for being notable characters. For my retro picks, I choose Isaac for the GBA era. For my last 3rd party, I choose Tidus for FF bias.

From this exercise, I had to exclude a lot of characters that I would have liked to keep or add like :ultjigglypuff: and :ultfalcon: for Original 12,:ultkrool:, (Bandana) Waddle Dee, :ultbyleth:, :ultgnw:, :ultryu:, :ultsnake:.
Edits: I cut some fighters (Rillaboom, Koopa Troopa, :ultzss:, :ultwolf:, :ultrob:, :ultlittlemac:, :ultduckhunt:, :ultcharizard:) for others (Cinderace, Toad, :ultridley:,:ultfalco:, Isaac, :ultlucario:, :ultbowserjr:, Dixie)
Note: I’ll Upload photos of the roster later, and Include the Random slot.

For Fun, I’m giving a realistic expectation of who from Ultimate would eventually make it to an 80 character roster
Near Guarantee: :ultmario::ultluigi::ultdk::ultyoshi::ultlink::ultkirby::ultpikachu::ultvillager::ultinkling::ultsamus::ultfox::ultpeach::ultbowser::ultzelda::ultyounglink::ultmetaknight::ultwario::ultdiddy::ultsonic::ultkingdedede::ultmegaman::ultrosalina::ultgreninja::ultmiifighters::ultpacman::ultshulk::ultbowserjr::ultisabelle::ultdaisy:
The first 7 have a legacy and are still relevant. The next two represent newer franchises with a lot of popularity. The next two are long lasting but less popular. The next three are major characters in their franchise. I’m sure a child Link clone would make it.
Very Unlikely::ultjigglypuff::ultpalutena::ultsheik::ultgnw::ultwiifittrainer::ultdoc::ultdarkpit::ultlucas::ultrobin:
The first has to compete with too many pokemon. KI:U probably wouldn’t exist without SSB. Metal Mario would most oikely be the Mario clone. Idk if transformations would be a thing, and there is also Tetra and other LoZ reps to compete with. For the last two,
12: :ultmario::ultluigi::ultdk::ultyoshi::ultlink::ultsamus::ultike::ultkirby::ultpikachu::ultgreninja::ultvillager::ultinkling:
25: :ultmario::ultluigi::ultpeach::ultbowser::ultdk::ultyoshi::ultlink::ulttoonlink::ultganondorf::ultsamus::ultike::ultchrom::ultsonic::ultkirby::ultfox::ultness::ultpikachu::ultpichu::ultmewtwo::ultgreninja::ultvillager::ultolimar::ultmiifighters::ultshulk::ultinkling: (I’m accounting for clones since they’re a thing).
40: :ultmario::ultluigi::ultpeach::ultbowser:Toad:ultdk::ultdiddy::ultyoshi::ultwario:(:ulticeclimbers:/Karate Joe):ultlink::ulttoonlink::ultzelda::ultganondorf::ultsamus::ultmegaman:(Tidus/:ultcloud:):ultmarth::ultike::ultchrom::ultsonic::ultkirby::ultkingdedede::ultmetaknight::ultfox::ultness::ultpikachu::ultpichu::ultmewtwo::ultlucario::ultgreninja:Isaac:ultvillager::ultisabelle:Tom Nook:ultolimar::ultmiifighters::ultshulk::ultinkling:Octoling
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Dec 17, 2014
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Would the grass starter meme even exist if there was no Smash let alone one with fire and water starters playable?


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Mar 30, 2020
That’s a great point. Maybe Cinderance would be the better pick.


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Feb 16, 2019
I'll start with the 12 group


Now for 20

Newcomers: :ultpeach::ultlucario::ultzelda::ultkingdedede::ultness::ultfalcon::ultgnw: and Issac

Now for 26

Newcomers: :ultganondorf::ultmetaknight::ultridley::ultdiddy::ultcorrinf::ultyoshi:
26 with Echoes: Dark Bowser, :ultdaisy::ultpichu::ultfalco::ultlucas::ultdarksamus:

Now for 30 (unfortunately ignoring echoes): :ultsonic::ultpit::ultkrool: and Fawful

35: :ultincineroar::ultwolf::ultmarth::ultmegaman::ultluigi:

39: :ultfalco::ultlucas::ultpichu: (all promoted from echoes to semi echoes) and Midna

45: :ultrosalina::ultsnake::ultike::ulticeclimbers: Adeleine and Spring-Man

50: :ultgreninja::ultdaisy::ultduckhunt: Steve and Shantae
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Sep 15, 2018
I'll forget about third parties for this

1. :ultmario: 2. :ultluigi: 3. :ultbowser: 4. :ultdk: 5. :ultlink: 6. Ganon 7. :ultkirby: 8. :ultkingdedede: 9. :ultpikachu: 8. :ultmewtwo: 9. :ultinkling: 10. :ultness: 11. :ultsamus: 12. :ultfox:

1. :ultmario: 2. :ultluigi: 3. :ultbowser: 4. :ultpeach: 5. :ultwario: 6. :ultdk: 7. :ultlink: 8. Ganon 9. :ultzelda: 10. :ultkirby: 11. :ultkingdedede: 12. :ultpikachu: 13. :ultmewtwo: 14. :ultcharizard: 15. :ultinkling: 16. :ultness: 17. :ultsamus: 18. :ultfox: 19. :ultmarth: 20. :ultbyleth:

(I forgot about 26. Oops)

1. :ultmario: 2. :ultluigi: 3. :ultbowser: 4. :ultpeach: 5. :ultdaisy: 6. Toad 7. :ultyoshi: 8. :ultwario: 9. :ultdk: 10. :ultdiddy: 11. :ultlink: 12. Ganon 13. :ultzelda: 14. :ultganondorf: 15. :ultkirby: 16. :ultkingdedede: 17. :ultpikachu: 18. :ultmewtwo: 19. :ultcharizard: 20. Corviknight 21. :ultinkling: 22. :ultness: 23. :ultsamus: 24. :ultfox: 25. :ultwolf: 26. :ultmarth: 27. :ultbyleth: 28. :ultpit: 29. :ultlittlemac: 30. Rex

1. :ultmario: 2. :ultluigi: 3. :ultbowser: 4. :ultpeach: 5. :ultdaisy: 6. Toad 7. :ultyoshi: 8. :ultwario: 9. Waluigi 10. :ultdk: 11. :ultdiddy: 12. :ultkrool: 13. :ultlink: 14. Ganon 15. :ultzelda: 14. :ultganondorf: 15. :ultkirby: 16. :ultkingdedede: 16. :ultpikachu: 17. :ultmewtwo: 18. :ultcharizard: 19. Corviknight 20. :ultlucario: 21. :ultinkling: 22. :ultness: 23. :ultsamus: 24. :ultdarksamus: 25. :ultfox: 26. :ultwolf: 27. :ultmarth: 28. :ultbyleth: 29. :ultpit: 30. :ultlittlemac: 31. Rex 32. Balloon Fighter 33. :ultvillager: 34. Mike Jones 35. Isaac

I also forgot about 39

1. :ultmario: 2. :ultluigi: 3. :ultbowser: 4. :ultpeach: 5. :ultdaisy: 6. Toad 7. :ultyoshi: 8. Paper Mario 9. :ultwario: 10. Waluigi 11. :ultdk: 12. :ultdiddy: 13. :ultkrool: 14. :ultlink: 15. Ganon 16. :ultzelda: 17. :ultganondorf: 18. Tingle 19. :ultkirby: 20. :ultkingdedede: 21. :ultmetaknight: 22. :ultpikachu: 23. :ultmewtwo: 24. Corviknight 25. :ultlucario: 26. Sableye 27. :ultinkling: 28. :ultness: 29. :ultsamus: 30. :ultdarksamus: 31. :ultfox: 32. :ultwolf: 33. :ultmarth: 34. :ultrobin: 35. :ultbyleth: 36. :ultpit: 37. :ultlittlemac: 38. Rex 39. Balloon Fighter 40. :ultvillager: 41. Mike Jones 42. Isaac 43. :ultfalcon: 44. Chibi-Robo 45. Mach Rider


I'm just saying who I'm adding this time:
1. Spring Man 2. King Hippo 3. Goomba 4. Bandana Dee 5. Urban Champion


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Mar 30, 2020
This is an edit, but I’m doing rosters of the sizes 12(64), 20(original Melee), 30(between Melee and Brawl), and 40(Brawl+1)


No changes from the original post

Replaced Cinderace and Ribbon girl with more popular characters, and I replaced ring fit adventurer with a 3rd party.

Since :ultgreninja: was in, I added :ultmewtwo: to represent legendaries, and added :ultdiddy: since :ultsonic: was in earlier.
Empty Roster.png

Star Fox loses its 2nd rep, added :ultlucario: and put Tidus as an earlier 3rd party. Also added a Rhythm Haven Fighter. The 3rd FE fighter is :ultbyleth:. Added Isaac as a fighter.
Empty Roster.png

I felt like Mario, DK, Splatoon, and AC could have more reps and went with the biggest ones as of today (sorry :ultkrool: fans). I went with:ulttoonlink: since there are many reincarnations of Link.:ultgnw::ultlittlemac: are historical reps. :ultpacman: has a huge legacy, and :ultpokemontrainer: would fight by themselves.
Empty Roster.png

Officer Howard is a placeholder for new games. I decided to give Star Fox, FE, Xenoblade, DK, and Kirby another rep, who is mostly the largest rep not in (:ultchrom: could have an arguably larger legacy than :ultmarth: however). Street Fighter is a notable franchise. Impa is the most recurring LoZ fighter (Skull Kid/Midna/ Zelda alter ego also make sense). They probably wouldn’t happen, but I just wanted to add :ultjigglypuff::ultfalcon: (it’d probably be something like the new pokemon and Waluigi/:ultdaisy: instead). For those two, I guess you could argue the former is kind of like :ultpiranha: and the latter has his own series that still gets acknowledged through things like MK8
Stage list
Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser’s Castle, Peach’s Castle, Rainbow Road, Starship Mario, New Donk City, Spiny Dessert, Delfino Plaza
Luigi’s Mansion
Jungle Japes, Gangplank Galleon
Hyrule Castle, Dark World
Palutenta’ Temple
Castle Willy
Crimea Castle, Arena Ferox, Gronder Field
Green Hill Zone, Egg Carrier
Green Greens,
Great Fox, Krazoa Pallace
Diamond City, Wario’s Castle
Pokemon Stadium, Luminose City, Indigo Plateau, Mt. Silver
Town and City, Tortimer Island
Garden of Hope
Wuhu Island
Bionis’ Leg
Arowall Mall
Ramen Bowl
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