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ROM 4 Results thread


Smash Hero
Jan 16, 2007

1: Mango
2: Dr. Pee Pee
3: M2K
4: J Man
5: Hax$
5: Kage
7: Azen
7: TecZero
9: DOH
9: Cactuar
9: Big **** Darrell
9: Silent Swag
13: Tope
13: Niko
13: Chillindude
13: RED
17: DJN
17: Kevin M
17: HBK
17: MattDottZeb
17: Swiftbass
17: th0rn
17: Spawn
17: Cyrain
25: Over Triforce
25: Zoso
25: Kwan
25: Ambix
25: Reno
25: Yedi
25: Banks
25: Velocity
33: DJ Talent
33: Black Chris
33: Benny
33: VuduJin
33: Mahone
33: Light Syde
33: Fatuik
33: G Dollaz
33: Mafia
33: PacMan
33: mogwai
33: T.Webb
33: Codi
33: OTG
33: Phi****
33: Lefty
49: Mofo
49: Hailey M
49: Nakamaru
49: Crush
49: Aber
49: ILM
49: Sneak
49: J$3X
49: Animal
49: Andy
49: Bolt
49: Nando
49: Palpi
49: Spife
49: The Crimson Blur
65: PB&J
65: Winston
65: Valo
65: Tommy
65: No Ca$h
65: Ultima Scout
65: Siilver
65: Oorah


1: Kage + M2K
2: G Dollaz + Mango
3: J Man + Hax $
4: Tope + Cyrain
5: Yayuhzzz + Dr. Pee Pee
5: Cactuar + Reno
7: azen + chillin
7: Teczer0 + Alukard
9: Nakamaru + DJ Talent
9: Ambix + Silent Swag
9: Mafia + Zoso
9: th0rn + Banks
13: PacMan + Mogwai
13: Velocity + Vex
13: OTG + HBK
13: VuduJin + Swiftbass
17: Papa + Tommy
17: DOH + RED
17: Blue Dogs (Pro Skater + Spawn)
17: Codi + Animal
17: We love milktea and spain (PB&J + Overtriforce)
17: Skinhoff + Bolt
17: Pikalex + Fatuik
17: Ultima Sout + SOLAR
25: Oorah + T.Webb
25: DJ Nintendo + Nando
25: benteezy + d1
25: Captain Smuckers + Smokey Bluntz

so just post up shoutouts and stuff ... sorry!!! i just really didn't want to wait another night without reading some shoutouts !!!


Smash Journeyman
Sep 5, 2011
I'm so excited!! ^_^


Smash Hero
Apr 25, 2007
lawrenceville, GA
had fun @ this tourny,even though i choked extra hard in teams, Good to see Mango play again(not scorp) Hax vs Kage was mad hype,cant wait to see those vids and any vid of silent swag

Dr Peepee

Ancient Light
Sep 29, 2007
Raleigh, North Carolina

Once again, thanks to Alukard for putting RoM together! Mad tight tournament as always.

Kage- Good stuff. I'm mad tight about teams. See me in them soon ya jerk. Keep up the good work.

Overtriforce- GGs man. Mad cool seeing you show up out of the blue haha. Work on that Fox game.

PBnJ- surprise? cool you showed up man.

Darrell- Yooooo we got games in! **** haha. Thanks for the seriousness, it really helped me learn. Also your grabs are nuts LOL. Let's play again really soon. =)

Also great job gettin off man!

Alex and Crismas- Mad cool you guys showed up. Wish I talked to you more and thanked you both more for Apex since I doubt we'll have time during the event itself haha. see you then!

Silent Swag- Yo you got 9th, good stuff. GGs in our friendlies too man. People were surprised by how good you were and I said just as I expected after playing you haha.

Cactuar- Lookin kinda nerdy with braces guy. =p

Nah but for real good talk out at the diner and maybe we'll play at Apex if you're in better playing shape haha.

Tec0- LOL awful Marth omfg why do people hype you so much???


lmao man GGs those Marth dittos were too fun. you're a smart guy.

Niko- We have finally played again our one time quota for the year haha. GGs in the dittos man. More games at Apex imo. <3 Marth dittos

Reno- GGs in bracket man. SICK MARTH BTW

DoH- Play me more! I learned a little when we played so I think you could teach me stuff. Lemme know if you can come to NC for a tourney or even chill at my place sometime during winter before apex. I'd help front you for gas if need be.

Prog- Lol dude you are seriously one of my favorite NY people. I dunno why I never tell you that. You're mad fun and goofy in the most reserved way possible it makes me grin thinkin about it haha. RPS was mad fun with you and I can't wait for the epic rematch I will totally also be practicing for!

Jman- GGs in bracket. Heard you trash talkin me when I played Mango. Mad odd but I approve. **** me next time then because I'm mad cheap against Fox lol.

Velocity- GGs in our MM man. Such an old school strategy you used but interesting to play against.

Tope- GGs in teams and our MM. Expect an epic teams rematch. =p

Cyrain- Same except just teams lol. Sorry I never play you btw I didn't play many people this tourney =(

Mahone- I saw that MM with the fruit. Good shiz boy.

Redd- GGs in teams friendlies maaaanye

HBK and OTG- GGs in teams pools guys.

Spife- Mad cool talkin to you a lot before day 2. So sorry about your wallet though. =((((


KevinM- YEEEEE MAN yo real talk we owned that tournament. Get at our big swag swag

ultimascout- lol wtf we played in pools and didn't MM XD GGs though man.

Hax- Good stuff in teams.

G$- I don't even know what to say LOL but yeah **** you're silly.

Josh- Thanks for the laffs and stories on the ride. Continue clockin in. Booties.

Chris- Stay on that fast track to beastin dude. You got this. =)

Sneak- You're mad funny for no reason LOL it's not fair. Also good stuff beating Vudujin.

Yay- Thanks fa drivin me d00d. Sorry I super mega squandered in teams but if we ever team again I won't do that badly anymore haha. Thanks for makin the ride funnnn

Milktea- Sorry I didn't say much, I was kind of on one track the entire time I was at that tournament. I'll be a little more social on that free day of apex I'm sure. =)

Mew2king- GGs man. Lol @ you asking me about the stuff you text me about in person. xD

Mango- Good work. Expect a better rematch.

People I played and didn't shoutout- GGs you definitely helped me stay warm and that's legit.

Everyone who showed- <333 keeping Melee alive!

I'm still so tired can't wait to sleep tonight.

Strong Badam

Super Elite
Feb 27, 2008
this thread trolled me so hard LOL. waiting on results still :/


Smash Legend
Aug 6, 2006
Montreal, Quebec
PP, I honestly don't even remember myself what happened in teams, being in the moment too much does that lol. I guess we'll see soon.. but ya let's battle again. =D


Smash Ace
May 21, 2007
Mur-mur-murder Capital Awesome Level: 9000+
shoutouts woo woo swag

big shoutouts to proskater and spawn for going to this. had a blast to the maximum

HaB - you da bess.
prog - <3 it was amazing seeing you again.
spife - <3 sorry for your wallet :[ big ****s omw<333
hax - thanks for the shoes. and for stepping on my unkles lol. you're mad beast at mvc3.
vudujin - you're the ****! you're mad godly. luigi planking skills are a hundred thousand trillion
hailey - work on that marth MU. and i'll always got gum for you lol
jose<333 - you're a *** for not going day 2, but it was still nice to see you. dat coffee
lilian! - it was nice seeing you again, CT traitor </3.
over triforce - beast! i wish i knew spanish, i would have loved to talk to you about stuff.
diner crew - WE ROLL DEEP. MONEY TEAM!
d1 - exposing me in umvc LOL. i'm mad free. always nice to see you
alu - thanks for running this! been to all 4 RoMs :p
alex - thanks for helping with the streams and recording with me. i'm more than down to do that at apex.
the guy video taping things (I FORGOT YOUR NAME I AM SORRY) - good luck with the project. i hope things go well with the final production.
PA (i think) crew at the hotel in the morning, and from the diner - you guys are awesome lol.
dj talent (thelake) - gdlk skill crane skills
roman - you weren't here and i miss you
darkdragoon - you weren't here either >:
yedi - **** falco
sneak (from NC) - **** falco, too. but nice meeting you lol
$mike - :[
CT Crew - represent~!

everyone else - /thumbsup


Banned via Warnings
Feb 22, 2009
the sticky bottom, NC ©Dorsey combo
West coast has the best smash player in the world.... WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Throw your hands up, take off all your clothes!!! I am so glad there's a ****** like mango to give me a sense of purpose and to make west coast the best ever.


Smash Legend
Aug 31, 2005
Jarrettsville, MD
West coast has the best smash player in the world.... WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Throw your hands up, take off all your clothes!!! I am so glad there's a ****** like mango to give me a sense of purpose and to make west coast the best ever.
u mad ?


Smash Master
Jan 22, 2007
203 nuggaaaaaaah
Alright, alright... lets take twenty minutes and do the shoutouts... Deep Breaths.

Shouts first to Alu for doing a ****-*** job at hosting this amazing tourney. I want to be able to run tournies and smooth as you some day, and definitely can dig the megaphone. Get at that, son!

Dionis - Get at yourself for being the ROM4 Bouncer. Swagg.

Daphney - Thanks for the phone!

Benteezy - Good looks at being ROM4 accountant, and good stuff in singles. Also very much enjoyed your subdued, calm and collected commentary with me. ****.

Special shouts to Papa John for hosting me the night before and being a generally swag-*** nugguh. Shouts should also extend to Kenny (GOOF) because he's downright the funniest dude you'll ever meet. Who else could make three hours of getting rung out repeatedly in Soul Calibur 2 so amazing?

Alex - Thanks for being as patient as you were with trying to get the stream set up, and with me trying to butt in and offer my own advice. It happened in the end, and it was great, so that's really all that you need to worry about.

Crismas - <3 We didn't get to pay any friendlies and that makes me upset, but its always good to see you.

Man, this is getting difficult...

AxelSlam - My bestest homie. Glad you so much dig the Grum and thanks for turning me on to Ourvais. ****'s ****. You the best.

Prog - Even though you're the biggest homie, you hog the covers and that is just unforgivable.

JoeSkater - Thank you SO MUCH for letting me borrow the awful controller, and even moreso for letting me crash at the room. Such a chill dude. Must be Dat Juana.

Aber - Mad fun hanging out with you, man. Glad you enjoyed that hotel pool.

Spawn - So seldom do I see you, and its always worth it. Shouts to the electricity monster anally ****** the scientists in Scooby Doo.

G$ - Thanks again for the White Castle, homie, I was just joking. Moneyteam swag.

Mango - Yo, son. MM me at being a nerd. THE CALL OUT.

Milktea - Not like you're gonna read this, but DotA > LoL. Not that either one is better than Melee but... whatevs.

DJ Nintendo - Thanks for letting me crash in the room when I got locked out. Shouts to being belligerent and doing 99-stock matches against the CPU on the projector screen.

PB&J - Thanks for letting me chill in the room. Really would have dug a hat but I have a rather large head.

MDZ - You gotta learn to **** with G&W like I do. Get *****. Your Mario's coming along, too.

Mofo - Nice finally meeting you. That Ness continues to amaze.

Cactuar - Swag. You get up early. Fox still ***** so hard.

Crush & Doppelganger Crush (Expand?) - I was perhaps more hype for you two playing than any other match. Two Jack Falcons on Yoshi's. Swag.


OTG - No Catan = Mad Fake. Also, don't worry about that dollar, just give it to G$ since I owe him a dollar for White Castle. Also, don't sweat not doing friendlies, I have a feeling when you move we'll be doing PLENTY.

White Mike - Not showing up Day 1 is not cool, but I got to see you anyway. And that's amazing since I never see you, homie.

CK Fuller - Thanks for the controller. It worked meh, but better than others. Still wouldn't enter singles because of it. Thanks for the meal... kinda. Also, you're the campiest mother****er I know. Holy ****.

PYN - Good isht on using that spot in pools.

M2K - Saw you, said hi, you said nothing. Swag.

Kage - Good stuff talking to you for a bit. You're so funny and you don't even seem to try. Don't know how you do it, but you balance that very well with being the rapest Ganon ever.

DOH - Said hi, that was about it. Good stuff in pools, I was rooting for you.

KevinM - So much for Five Guys, but I ended up going the next day with Spife. You're still really funking good. Keep it up, homie. Also, come to the next SWAGG plz.

Hailey - Good stuff!

Bolt - Homie is TOO GOOD. You can't mess with this dude. I need to break out my janky jungle bird on you.

Overtriforce - Te amo! Su Sheik es divino. Gracias a Babelfish. Swagg. [scientology]

Xivk - Thanks for watching over my stuff. Apparently you're pretty godly at UMVC3. TEACH ME.

Darrell - You are mad chill, dude. I'm so glad I got to meet you and hang out with you. West Coast is so chill.

Billy & Bobby - Didn't get to really see you guys, but swag.

The Lake - Yo. Homie. I'm looking you up whenever I'm in Penn. My new favorite smasher. Chilling at the diner was hilarious and hyping up PP MMs was too good. I laughed my *** off.

Diesel - Part 2 of the HYPE TEAM. We can make any Dr. PP MM amazingly hype.

PPMD - Sorry about making so much hype out of your MMs. If we distracted you, my bad.

Nakamaru - Gotta check out that artist you mentioned. Who was that again?

TecZero - Thanks for coming with me to Taco Bell / KFC. Mad fun catching up with you, and your Sheik is as HOMO AS EVER MY DUDE.

Carroll - Swag. Nice meeting you.

Taki - Swag. Nice meeting you. Too good at Pokemaaaaans.

Vudujin - Yo. DAT WEEGEE. I'm super impressed. You're also funny as ****. Luigi Planking could have been the best thing I saw all weekend.

MooseEatsBear - Well, as I was watching you play Sheik after Sheik in pools, it looked more like MooseEatsBair. A HE HE HE HE I'm sure I'm the first to make that joke.

Zoso - Good to formally meet you. Ginger.

Black Steve - Playing with you is too good.

Cam - YL/G&W = Best matchup ever. For me, at least.

Mafia - Falcon's getting better!

T-Nigg - Thanks for recording.

Pakman - Nice saying hi. Weegee still so good.

Mogwai - Swag.

Azen - Good stuff homie.

Chillin - Good **** talk, homie.

Swift - You were SO GOOD in teams. You were getting hype too.


Reno - Still looking so cute. As is that Sheik. Pause.

Spife - My homie. So much good conversation in the somewhere-between-one-and-infinity miles to and from Five Guys. Definitely one my favorite people to talk to.

Yedi - Thanks for basically listening to Spife and I go back and forth at Five Guys. Swag.

DBLOC - We really need to play some more friendlies next time. Marth dittos are not the most fun, are they?

Silent Swag - Great name, great placing. Apparently you're campy as FUUUUCK though. So no shouts for that.

Jesus - Good stuff in teams. Mad fun to watch.

Aziz - Glad to chill with you for a bit. You were getting AWFF in teams. It was sick to watch.

Nando - You against DoH got me SOOOO HYPE. Your Falcon is looking so much better these days.

SOLAR - Still wearing that same beater. Swag.

Jinjo - Hope you used that GCN for good use.

HBK - Looking TOO GOOD in teams. Still got the sexiest Marth around. Also, shouts for entering as Hazz.


Just redefined the shoutout metagame. STEP IT UP, SONS!

I think that was everyone? If I missed anyone, let me know, but I was just so happy to see all these amazing people in the community. What a great weekend.


Mar 15, 2005
Norfolk, VA
Congrats to Tec0 and DoH! Both of you guys beat me for the first time in tournament so good ****. I won't underestimate next time ^_^

I won every single MM except the one against DrPP's Marth. LOL

Shoutouts to Kage for beating Hax, something I never thought possible.

Shoutouts to Cyrain for doing all the work in teams. XD

Fun tournament! Thanks Alukard.

Also defeating Mang0's CF in a MM solidifies in my mind that CF vs Sheik is impossible.


Mar 15, 2005
Norfolk, VA
Tope $20 sounds good. Livestream?? ****. cyrain can watch his boy get whooped ^_^


I think my favorite part of the tournament was playing this guy in pools while not knowing who he was, 4 stocking him, and then later asking him for a MM to which he politely declined.


Smash Lord
Jan 27, 2008
Butler, PA
I wish I didn't have to leave in the middle of bracket, but regardless it was one of the most hype tourneys I've ever been to.

Thanks Alu, Prog, D1, and company for running this amazing event

SwiftBass: "HELP!!!! HEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLP!!!!!!" *jab hype ensues. . . . Your the best teammate a guy could ask for. We gotta do this again.
TheLake: Thank you for being the best hype machine. You give that extra crisco for Luigi's shoes.
J$EX: Amazing friendlies. You were one of the most fun people I played the whole weekend. Very smart smasher.
Hax: Great set, man. I'll be working hard to take that Falcon down next time.
Solar: Superb Fox and Peach, sir. you certainly kept me on my toes.
Naka: THANK YOU FOR DRIVING. . . . . . and not destroying your gas tank :D teehee
SilentSwag: I know I was salty at you, but you did what you had to. Congrats on 9th. ****ing needles.
DoH: 4 chops in a row. . . "Vudu, get the **** away from me". Love the Peach!
PB&J: It was cool getting to know you, dude. I had a great time chillin' with ya. Thanks for the hat!!
Overtriforce: Your sheik is unreal at edge guarding. Great set in teams. I hope to play you again soon.
Jman: Thanks for the new butthole after our teams match. You and Hax *****.
Luc: I think we were playing teams with Milktea and Spawn. You are awesome!!!!
Milosh: Very fun friendlies sir. I loved the variety.
Pyro: ROY DITTOS!!!!!!!!!
Carroll: Keep it up with Fox; Marth is a choad.
Milktea: It was a pleasure meeting you. Hella cool team friendlies. Your beauty is unrivaled.
Spawn: Really fun team friendlies!!!!
Ultima Scout: Dude you are so freaking cool!!!! I had a blast playing you!!! Hope to see you again.
Niko: Lovin' dat Marth.
Crush: Your voice is so high pitched it makes me laugh. Keep up the good work.
Tope: We still need to get that MM
Kage: Sorry I missed our MM
Taki: That guy in the pizza shop kept calling you boss, hahahaha. You should've entered.
Mogwai: Nice to see you came out.
Darrel: Awesome Samus, dude!!!!
Mofo: I heard your Ness in the venue, but I never actually saw you :(

Shoutouts to anyone else I played but failed to mention. . . it was a big tourney.

Smash Brothers
Awesome Game
Great Friends!!!!


Smash Legend
Aug 6, 2006
Montreal, Quebec
Congrats to Tec0 and DoH! Both of you guys beat me for the first time in tournament so good ****. I won't underestimate next time ^_^

I won every single MM except the one against DrPP's Marth. LOL

Shoutouts to Kage for beating Hax, something I never thought possible.

Shoutouts to Cyrain for doing all the work in teams. XD

Fun tournament! Thanks Alukard.

Also defeating Mang0's CF in a MM solidifies in my mind that CF vs Sheik is impossible.
Ah yes you said to me that I will get humiliated but apparently I turned that around. =D
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