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Rob tactix and executions?

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Mar 15, 2009
I got a couple questions that I really could use second opinion in:

1st- when it comes to projectiles and camping / distance, have any of ya'll had noticed / come upon interesting observations regarding the laser recharge. I can never really decide if i want to charge gyro or just go for another laser if i have the opportunity. Or when the best time / place to shoot such projectiles. of course in the midst of closer spacing rob has a decent moveset to work with but in conjuction with gyro / laser baiting it can be very effective. Im wondering if laser is a good idea to use in midst of close combat (since it has aite kb with close range laser to face) or it is just a distance sniper. kills offstage using laser is common but at the same time we have such excellent moves to chase and gimp so idk if maybe we should first try to go out and gimp (maybe according to MU's but that should be clarified then eventually) or to chill on stage and edgeguard / snipe and gimp relatively in teh shallow waters near the stage before the players eventually reset / die. fully charged gyro is a great way to gimp offstage atm with its speed and path / bouncability aswell. perhaps give me some input on this?

2nd- can reading a spotdodge grant a bair punish everytime? bair lasts a while but at the same time i think some chars can shield / punish bair much easier but it works on other chars at times idk i kinda wanna know more / if someone can test cuz i dont have anything rly to do that.

3rd- spotdodging, bad habit to do it near the edge as we know. But when is it a good time to do it? fear with snake sometimes grants us a spotdodge room for air and punish but if the snake is smart he will wait for that. also i know our spotdodge goes in the z axis? when is that most helpful it looks like z axis for upper half of body so what kinda common approaches / attacks could affect such an exclusive area? I was thinking maybe reading metaknights glide attack with a spotdodge kinda depends id rather smack em in the face but if i aint got the time n i needa react idk if powershield / spotdodge is better his glide attack is hella effective on rob with it's mindgames.
also, double spotdodge? yes? no? hmmm it's an alright mixup but for what kindd of situation ?

4th- we need better ways to gain back control of the stage lol if only gyro / laser can shoot downwards lol. rob has awkward falling speed, and sometimes a very aggro person can catch rob and juggle him for a chunk of damage while caught in the air. it makes itdifficult when you are killing jumps and trying to just get back on stage and some breathing room. There are ways to get around this but in general its difficult and a tricky gimmick book to get back and nair gets really damn overdone maybe trying to shoot laser right before instead of fair? mixup? side b?

5th- does anyone have any early dair setups for rob? such as an early read / airdodge after blahblahblah attack can put rob in a perfect spot to dair and read the tech etc. Idk dair interests me i want to know if theres more effectiveness than i know of out there i seen some interesting dair maneuvers but its only once in awhile it has a really good bounce to it.

6th- Up b, can someone please test and see if double fair out with up b is faster than double fair normal jump? ex. Up b-> fair--upbcanceled>Fair

that's it for now though ^_^
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