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ROB or Ancient Minister?

Is this just a normal ROB or his own character "Ancient Minister"?

  • Just another ROB.

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  • His own character.

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Smash Lord
Sep 27, 2013
Subspace Emissary is a canon Smash Bros story, The first time ROB ever appeared in Smash Bros was in that sad Subspace Emissary scene. But it made me think... Is this a real ROB or a different character?

I know the enemies you fight in Subspace Emissary are real ROBs that were made for Tabuu's use, But what about Anicent Minister? Was it a fake ROB named Ancient Minister than snuck into the system by disguising himself? If the Subspace Factory made Ancient Minister to lead and plant the Subspace Bombs, Why would they build a ROB inside of him and give him all these feelings? (Not saying it's too unlikely)

What do you think?
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Smash Lord
Aug 21, 2013
The story is that the R.O.B.s existed before the factory. The R.O.B.s lived peacefully on Isle of the Ancients under the leadership of the playable R.O.B. But then the real villains came and forced the R.O.B.s to build the Subspace Factory and plant those bombs.
The playable R.O.B. felt ashamed for being forced to help the Subspace Emissary and disguised himself out of shame as the Ancient Minister.

So the R.O.B.s are not made for Tabuu, nor did the Subspace Emissary made the Ancient Minister. The Subspace Emissary just attacked the R.O.B.s and forced them to help Tabuu. And the leader disguised himself as the Ancient Minister because he felt ashamed of helping Tabuu.
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