Road To Apex: L.I.R.R 2 Results Thread *VIDEOS ARE UP*


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Sep 8, 2008
1: ANTi :metaknight: ($185.00)
2: Fatal :snake: ($92.00)
3: Nairo :metaknight: ($39.00)
4: Keitaro :falco: ($20.00)
5: NAKAT :fox::popo: ($10.00)
5: Will :dk: ($10.00)
7: Delta cod :yoshi:
7: Pelca :falco:
9: Apex | Vinnie :popo:
9: vVv Cheese :popo::metaknight:
9: Luigi-sama :luigi:
9: Bloodcross :falco:
13: Pane
13: Kirinblaze
13: Raptor
13: Punishment Divine
17: Ghost
17: Nuke
17: CT Chibo
17: Mr. Eric
17: Dcold
17: JP
17: Viva
17: Lucipher

1: ANTi & Vinnie ($120.00)
2: NAKAT & Nairo ($60.00)
3: Fatal & Pelca ($20.00)
4: Bloodcross & Chibo
5: Raptor & Delta
5: Kirinbraze & Will
7: Sama & Thunderstorm
7: Pane & Lucipher
9: Ghost & Nuke
9: Illmatic

Mid-Tiers (Autism-Awareness)

1/2: Will (A New White Gamecube Controller)
1/2: Vinnie (A New White Gamecube Controller)
3: Delta cod
5: CT Chibo
5: Luigi-sama
7: x-0
7: Kirinblaze
9: vVv Rapture
9: Dul0r
9: Lucipher
9: Dcold
13: Jamie
13: Chris
13: Mr. E
13: vVv Cheese

Thanks for coming out.

Winners Bracket Round 2
Keitaro vs Fatal :
Chibo vs Pelca :

Winners Bracket Round 3
Apex | Vinnie vs Fatal :

Winners Semis
ANTi vs Nairo :
Fatal vs Will :

Winners Finals
ANTi vs Fatal :

Losers Bracket
Loser Gets 9th
Keitaro vs Bloodcross :

Losers Pre-Quarter Finals
Keitaro vs Pelca :

Losers Quarter Finals
Keitaro vs Will :

Losers Semi-Finals
Keitaro vs Nairo :

Losers Finals
Fatal vs Nairo :

Grand Finals
ANTi vs Fatal :

Thank Chibo for the videos.

Heres a link to ALL the videos :


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Dec 3, 2005
Funny results.

Good stuff Anti, Nairo, Nakat, Keit and Fatal(for appearing to have gotten even better).

Nairo, is this your first loss to Fatal in singles?



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Jul 17, 2012
Uhm, pardon my asking, but I thought they said on stream that Mid Tier would be giving away controllers for top 2 and that the proceeds would be going to Autism Awareness?

Sorry if this wasn't the case.


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Sep 8, 2008
Uhm, pardon my asking, but I thought they said on stream that Mid Tier would be giving away controllers for top 2 and that the proceeds would be going to Autism Awareness?

Sorry if this wasn't the case.
Tio put the payouts on by accident, nobody got prize money, let me fix that right now, thanks for letting me know.


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Sep 14, 2006
Piscataway, NJ
Yeah, I got $20 for 4th and Nakat/Will got $10 each for 5th. Vinnie probably didn't set payment amounts on tio. Update that when you can here please Anti.

Fun tourney. Spoke to like 4 parents, played a bunch, and commentated like crazy but had an awesome time doing all of that.


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Jun 25, 2010
New york
1: ANTi :metaknight: ($185.00)
2: Fatal :snake: ($92.00)
3: Nairo :metaknight: ($39.00)
4: Keitaro :falco:
5: NAKAT :fox::popo:
5: Will :dk:
7: Delta cod :yoshi:
7: Pelca :falco::metaknight::snake:
9: Apex | Vinnie :popo:
9: vVv Cheese :popo::metaknight:
9: Luigi-sama :luigi:
9: Bloodcross :falco:
13: Pane:wolf:
13: Kirinblaze:link2:
13: Raptor:yoshi2:
13: Punishment Divine:metaknight:
17: Ghost:metaknight:
17: Nuke:diddy:
17: CT Chibo:rob:
17: Mr. Eric:marth:
17: Dcold:sheik:
17: JP:diddy:
17: Viva:gw:
17: Lucipher:fox: :metaknight:

1: ANTi & Vinnie:metaknight::metaknight: ($120.00)
2: NAKAT:fox: & Nairo:metaknight: ($60.00)
3: Fatal:snake: & Pelca:metaknight: ($20.00)
4: Bloodcross:metaknight: & Chibo:rob:
5: Raptor:yoshi2: & Delta:yoshi2:
5: Kirinbraze:metaknight: & Will:dk2:
7: Sama:luigi2: & Thunderstorm:luigi2:
7: Pane:wolf: & Lucipher:metaknight:
9: Ghost:metaknight: & Nuke:diddy:
9: Illmatic(mafia & and solo):olimar::fox:


1/2: Will:dk2: ($56.00)
1/2: Vinnie:rob::luigi2: ($16.00)
3: Delta cod:yoshi2: ($8.00)
4: NAKAT:fox:
5: CT Chibo:rob:
5: Luigi-sama:luigi2:
7: x-0
7: Kirinblaze:mario2:
9: vVv Rapture:kirby:
9: Dul0r:pit:
9: Lucipher:fox:
9: Dcold:sheik:
13: Jamie:lucas:
13: Chris
13: Mr. E
13: vVv Cheese

Thanks for coming out.
Thanks for the results page anti. Filling in for the rest of the characters from what I remember.

TAYF you all did good in my eyes. sucks ghost, nuke, and dul0r were in the same bracket pool

Anti ggs in doubles. I had no clue double mk was allowed

Vinnie ggs in doubles. Glad you ran this and even if the turnout didn't beat the last LIRR it was just as hype if not more hype.

X-o wow lol you were playing kirin in friendlies and then you get him in your bracket pool. Thanks for helping me open the japanese soda bottle

Dul0r your the best as always with your setups and for driving me and raptor. I think one of your wiis was having a DRE or something. The one at the far end of the venue near the freezers with drinks. Also that Capture card.

Thunderstorm so sorry dude. imo I made you lose since I was playing Nex in friendlies. Other than that don't worry you just got back into the swing of things. Especially since you're co maining sheik. Things will come together soon like learning mus. Also sucks you had to give up you're controller. :( so glad you came out. Hanging out with you is fun. :)

Remix ggs in our mm I think I'm starting to understand the TL v.s luigi mu.

Nakat ggs in our mm and set in mid tiers. that fox mu hmm ;) :luigi2:

Luciper ggs in our pool match and mid tiers. I knew I was going to lose to you in pools

Pelca ggs I almost missed out on a chance to play you. I expected falco lol and not snake and mk.

Fatal ggs dat apex rematch lol snake is so good I only got you to 20%/ 140%. Also gj in singles now it's time for NE to run rampant in Florida lol jk.

Raptor those almost jiggz dittos. Can't believe we had to play each other oh well. I think you probably would have had a better chance against pelca than me.

Dcold dude that sheik aka THE AMERICAN RED CROSS. I figured out a way to combat you're shield spam :p jk but yeah I figured it out. Wifi secondaries

Delta ggs in doubles and mid tiers. Note my luigi is brainless so he could running at you just to run at you lol. Luigi so scary and clutch match in mid tiers against vinnie

Mafia and solo ggs in doubles. Mafia? from aib?

Rapture nice seeing you again. best troll

Pane lol #1 mario party player. Esam knows :troll:

Kirinblaze ggs in mid tiers.

Will I love it when you rage. It's so funny, but yeah playing the same people in friendlies is dumb.

Mr. Eric 17th? dang I thought you would place higher. oh well nice job against cheese

sisquo ggs in pools. if your controller is still broken have Dulor look at it.

Kami ggs I'm sure you'll figure me out soon.

JPiscrazy ggs dude. Stay diddy kong no more freeknight. Keep coming out wifi can only do so much for practice and getting better.

Bloodcross nice controller cover. Glad you came out

Jaime ggs in mid tiers. DRE lol

Nex ggs in friendlies.

PD you're not mikehaze


Nuke those crew bracket matches.

Tony T That marth v.s meta logic. I agree as well.

Chibo CHIIIIIIIIIIIIBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LAS VEGAS Nice stream and thanks for always setting up the stream. imo you should be top 3 Rob for the hype stuff you do. Most entertaing robs to watch

Viva yuigioh nerd jk. Sr. Rebello was nice seeing you. I wish minty wasn't scared of ice crimers and came.

Hippiedude HOOD

Keitaro lol you're commentary during doubles luigi was hilarious.

everyone glad you came and support smash and the venue.

Yoshi is fat, So much freeknight at this, and lol 3 mks in pools. First time I've faced more than one mk.


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Sep 8, 2008
Thanks BSP & Jimmy :)

I'll put the videos in the thread tomorrow when Chibo uploads them all.

big bad wolf

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May 7, 2010
: ANTi congrats on taking everything
2: Fatal gg and lol at the sound effects during pelca vs keitaro
3: Nairo ($39.00) get some sleep next time
4: Keitaro ($20.00)good showing hope you consider the business opportunity
5: NAKAT ($10.00)also a very good showing practice mashing the new way
5: Will ($10.00)gj winning the controller
7: Delta cod the campiest yoshi alive lol
7: Pelca fun friendlies and ggs
9: Apex | Vinnie dont sweat this just get back on your feet at japan gl btw
9: vVv Cheese I dnt get why this guy went mk most of this event
9: Luigi-sama pulling many upsets good stuff and yea I'm kinda mp2 champ
9: Bloodcross at least you didn't have to play vinnie for the millionth time
13: Pane stop choking when you have the win with stupid small errors, o right you don't practice .... get better
13: Kirinblaze fun friendlies and gas in teams
13: Raptor dammit should of had both sets played like an idiot game1+3 set 2 esp on last stock
13: Punishment Divine good seeing you again
17: Ghost ggs in teams
17: Nuke ggs honestly if i couldnt di this matchup would be mush harder
17: CT Chibo funny stream
17: Mr. Eric ggs mr aggro lol sry bout your pops getting you down last stock game 3
17: Dcold yeah i didn't have to play this gay character
17: JP not expected this low placing
17: Viva^
17: Lucipher dude we had that game 3 just learn patients lol and don't rush into suicides

CT Chia

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Sep 4, 2007
I don't feel so good from this event even though it was fun. -_- ............. Chibo I will get my revenge next time I see you!

Even though you didn't win vs Anti (I mean hell, same applies to 99% of players lol) you did a lot of neat tech skill stuff with Lucario which was good. Great b reversals, you punished landing alright, etc. Keep it up man


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Apr 8, 2009
College Park, MD
Good stuff to anti, best mk coming back to his prime. Super great stuff to fatal, knew you were amazing dude. Also good **** to my boy luigisama and will, nakat, keitaro.


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Jul 24, 2011
Long Island, NY
ANTi - GOOD **** TO YOU BRO!!! Always doing LI proud! Let's start ANTi's ARMy!!
Fatal - Good job causing all those upsets! Keep it up man
Nairo - Maybe you should've slept more
Keitaro - Great job in Bracket and on commentary! UDA MAN
NAKAT - Still owe me friendlies with your Fox. And stop telling people the cheeseburger story bro :104:
Will - Dat Pit in mid tiers :094:
Apex | Vinnie - Always holding fun amazing tournies, GOOD LUCK IN JAPAN!
vVv Cheese - Even though you hate Lucario, I still less than 3 you
Luigi-sama - Great job in brackets...TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS
Pane - That Wolf/Lucario friendly teams doing work. Team in the future maybe?
Kirinblaze - Always hyped to see you at events when you can come thru!
Raptor - Stupid Dinosaur...TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!
Punishment Divine - So glad we have another tournament setting to hang out!
Ghost - BS Pools...Hated having it come down to us to knock one of us out. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!
Nuke - BS Pools...3 of us in the same pool??? Sigh...TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!
CT Chibo - GGs in Pools. I honestly just don't know the ROB match up. I don't think I did that bad for not knowing lol. And like always, "GRRRRRRRRREEEEAAT!! job on stream!
Mr. Eric - Keep improving! Dat Marth!
Dcold - Still mad you didn't make it to SKTAR!
Viva - So happy you played in Singles Brackets!! :092:
Lucipher - Awesome meeting you, hope to see you around more often dude!!
TonyT - GGs in that hyped Lucario Ditto :troll: Please don't disappear until APEX! I really wanna learn more of those tech skills such has the double reverse aura and that ExtremeSpeed cancel you did during your MM with ANTi.

Mid/Borderline Tier Singles (for Autism-Awareness):
It really meant a great deal to me!!! We raised close to $100 for Autism Awareness!! And most of all, we had fun doing it!!
Sorry for anyone who wanted to do this and didn't get to participate. We will be doing more side events like this in future LI tournies!! If anyone would prefer a different side event besides Mid Tier Singles, let us know!!


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Dec 14, 2008
good **** fatal ! I love your flashy snake and your nikita usages haha

also funny how nairo beat fatal with DK but lost with MK


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Jan 19, 2011
Bay Shore, New York
1: ANTi ($185.00) Good ****!
2: Fatal ($92.00) :( .... GJ. I coulda had you but Snakes uptilt too good
3: Nairo ($39.00) Sleep more
4: Keitaro ($20.00) HES GREEEEEEEAT
5: NAKAT ($10.00) >.>
5: Will ($10.00) :D GJ. ALways fun watching you play
7: Delta cod GJ at this and it was fun teaming. were getting better at it
7: Pelca Good job
9: Apex | Vinnie :( Maybe next time. Good luck in Japan
9: vVv Cheese Good job :3
9: Luigi-sama I believe 3 tournaments in a row that were both at that we had to play each other? Good job winning this one
9: Bloodcross Fun friendlies bro :) You react very quickly.
13: Pane We tie AGAIN.
13: Kirinblaze Yo my Yoshi was dancing on your Mario :) lol ggs and your Link is still as scary as ever
13: Raptor Learn Fox.
13: Punishment Divine Nice placing
17: Ghost Good job making bracket :) Youre getting better
17: Nuke Same as ghost :)
17: CT Chibo WHY WARIO?
17: Mr. Eric Look at how much youre improving. I see you becoming a threat soon.
17: Dcold WHat happened? D:
17: JP Its always so stressful playing you. Your Diddy is legit
17: Viva You actually entered singles? xD
17: Lucipher I hate fox :C

vVv Rapture

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Sep 20, 2009
I just want to say that I'm so glad I came to this; I missed the Smash community and going to tournaments. I will definitely be here to stay. I'm looking to continue commentating and getting my Kirby up. I call myself Long Island's best Kirby, but now I want to get some real results and prove it. And I want to keep providing some stellar commentary!

Thanks so much to Keitaro for being an amazing commentary partner, Chibo for the stream and being legit, Vinnie for having an amazing weekend and running a legit tournament, Anti and Fatal for their performances (and further for Anti for more awesomeness, being mad chill, more practice time, and having a sick-as-**** whip), the Directional Influence carpool for being the DI carpool, all the LI Smashers for seeing them again and being legit, Tony T for becoming Tony Trela, and everyone else! I missed all of you!

It's safe to say that I'm back in the game and here to stay. I'm going to work hard to get better results and always provide solid entertainment on the stream. :)
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