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Road to Apex 2013: Revival of Melee 5 Results + Shoutouts Thread | 11/17-11/18/2012


Smash Hero
Apr 27, 2007
Melee Singles (114 Entrants)

1: Mew2King :marthmelee: :sheikmelee: :foxmelee: (1024 Qualifier Points)
2: Unknown522 :foxmelee: :falcomelee: :falconmelee: (512 Qualifier Points)
3: KirbyKaze :sheikmelee: :foxmelee: (128 Qualifier Points)
4: Eggm :foxmelee: (64 Qualifier Points)
5: Hax :falconmelee: (16 Qualifier Points)
5: Chillindude829 :foxmelee: (16 Qualifier Points)
7: Scar :falconmelee: (8 Qualifier Points)
7: DJ Nintendo :foxmelee: :bowsermelee: :samusmelee: (8 Qualifier Points)
9: Ether :marthmelee: (2 Qualifier Points)
9: Swift :foxmelee: :marthmelee: (2 Qualifier Points)
9: Nintendude :icsmelee: (2 Qualifier Points)
9: Cactuar :foxmelee: (2 Qualifier Points)
13: Teczero :sheikmelee: :marthmelee: (1 Qualifier Points)
13: ZoSo :marthmelee: (1 Qualifier Points)
13: Sol :foxmelee: :sheikmelee: (1 Qualifier Points)
13: DoH :peachmelee: (1 Qualifier Points)
17: Weon-X :foxmelee:
17: Mafia :falconmelee:
17: Cyrain :foxmelee:
17: G$ :marthmelee: :foxmelee: :falcomelee:
17: Ben Grimm :peachmelee:
17: Reno :sheikmelee:
17: Nando :falconmelee:
17: T.Webb :foxmelee:
25: JesiahTEG :marthmelee:
25: Phish-it :dkmelee:
25: Slox :foxmelee:
25: Mr. F :jigglypuffmelee:
25: WarriorKnight :foxmelee: :bowsermelee:
25: The Moon :marthmelee:
25: HazZ :marthmelee:
25: Strong Bad :dkmelee:
33: Spawn :foxmelee:
33: ILM :marthmelee:
33: Bolt :falcomelee:
33: Sorto :icsmelee:
33: Gravy
33: Dkuo
33: UltimaScout :marthmelee:
33: Ryobeat :peachmelee:
33: Mark :sheikmelee:
33: Europhoria :marthmelee:
33: Aber
33: PB&J :foxmelee:
33: Benteezy :foxmelee: :falcomelee:
33: Wenbo :foxmelee:
33: Milkman :foxmelee:
33: Knut :samusmelee:
49: StriCNYN3 :falcomelee:
49: Chain-Ace :falcomelee:
49: Inui :sheikmelee:
49: Kwan :dkmelee:
49: Vist :luigimelee:
49: NitroGlycerne :falcomelee:
49: BigWenz
49: Dan :falcomelee:
49: Sneaky Dave :falcomelee:
49: Ju4n
49: Brookman :falcomelee:
49: Hailey :peachmelee:
49: Handsome Joe
49: Veda
49: Boney
49: JSex :foxmelee: [Forfeit]
--------------------------Pools Cut Off
64: DekuNut
64: Windrose
64: Captain Smuckers
64: TheCrimsonBlur
64: Smashjin
64: Dobs
64: Pyro
64: Zydin
64: Toero
64: Smokey Bluntz
64: Ayala
64: Quet
64: Crush
64: Odin
64: Gravy
64: Deez
80: GimR
80: Dirty Deeds
80: A Nub
80: Pyn
80: Morning Thunder
80: MasterKush
80: GOTM
80: Blue
80: Zeonix
80: Blue Dream
80: Bio
80: OB1 Jabroney
80: Will
80: Luc [Forfeit]
80: Republican of Heaven
80: Paramedic
96: Andres
96: Adam D
96: BurtBusDriver
96: CMac
96: Pie Guy
96: PapaSpitFire
96: Bred
96: EnV [Forfeit]
96: Spike
96: Boat Mode
96: Metapod
96: Chris. R
96: Mike I.
96: Ham [Forfeit]
96: Sled
96: Puck
113: Grape Ape
113: Run

Melee Doubles

1: Mew2King + Chillin
2: Scar + Hax
3: KirbyKaze + Cactuar
4: Weon-X + Unknown522
5: T.Webb + SwiftBass
5: Cyrain + Ether
7: Alukard + DJ Nintendo
7: Vist + Wenbo
9: Benteezy + Hazz
9: Reno + G$
9: Eggm + Nando
9: Mafia + Diesel
13: Crismas + Teczero
13: StriCNYN3 + UltimaScout
13: Warriorknight + Dan
13: Sol + Phish-it

Distribution of qualifier points to Apex 2013 for this event are postponed.


Smash Hero
Apr 27, 2007
Thanks Alukard, Toy Wiz, and RoM 5 Staff for making this one incredible tournament.

Will edit my shoutouts here soon/

Strong Badam

Super Vegeta
Feb 27, 2008
tourney was godlike til finals
shoutouts when i get home


Smash Lord
Mar 5, 2011
Ether at 9th?

Damn, good **** dude. You're like my favorite Marth to watch outside m2k or ppu

-random fan

S l o X

Smash Champion
Aug 17, 2009
bridgeport, ct
sol: i got *****, ggs keep coming out to these so i can eventually beat you. ^^
cyrain: gg real fun matches. hope to play you again at apex.

the homies/family, i love you guys. let's keep playing this game and getting better. 25th is not even CLOSE to good enough.

i feel like you guys should just be in new england, lol. keep stalking us at tournaments its kind of awesome. you guys are super cool, ggs to wenbo and dkuo.

kk: :<


Smash Lord
Apr 21, 2010
San Jose, CA
Such a fun weekend. Going all Pika at a big tournament was a blast. Wish I played more people, but it was great nevertheless.


Alukard, TO's, and all the other people who made Rom5 possible: Props for a well-run tournament and a great experience.
GIMR/VGBC: Incredible job with the streaming and recording, and the real talk at the end of grand finals was a nice touch. You're doing Melee a great deed with your work.
Prog, D1, etc.: Always great to see you guys commentate. Good work, keep it up.

Hazz: Your fox gave me so much trouble! :( I'm surprised that I did better vs your Marth, usually I do much better vs spacies. Good games. I'll get you next time!
S l o X: Good **** taking me out twice lol. You played much better in bracket than in pools vs me. Thanks for your edgehog advice vs Shiek, btw :)
Smuckers: I wish I played more characters vs you to get a feel for matchups from the other side. Maybe at Apex!
TheCrimsonBlur: Good seeing you again after all this time. Shame we didn't play at all though. Thanks for the encouraging words after the hotel crew battle.
KK: It was nice to play you in tournament. I wish I played you more, you're so knowledgable about Melee. You'll be missed on the boards.
M2K: I heard you were going to take my coat :glare: jokes aside, congrats on winning but step it up man. If everything is as unintentional as you made it out to be, don't let it happen again and people will start seeing you in a good light. You're a good player, just work on your psyche.
Various people involved in the incident: Sorry if I said anything ignorant on the boards, I got caught up in the moment for a bit.

Holmdel guys: Good seeing all of you again. See you again at Apex. Frank, play against more Foxes lol. Or pick up Falco ~_^
CT: Dat crew battle. It was fun playing you guys at the hotel.

MDVA in general: I like how I never play with others, even in my own region. Good seeing all of you again, wish I played everyone though.

Everyone I played in general: GGs overall.

Dkuo: 33rd again? Step it up.


Priest of the Temple of Syrinx
Mar 11, 2008
Brooklyn, NY
Mew2King, Unknown522, KirbyKaze - you guys are under a lot of unneeded and misguided heat right now. love and respect to all 3, hope to see you all again in a month and a half.
Eggm - would have gotten top 3 if you had qdoba, you played like a monster
Hax - always fun to watch and learn from
Chillindude829 - beast sets, involved in two of the most hype singles sets i've seen in ages
Scar - the homie, now, always, forever, good to see you again.
DJ Nintendo - that bowser was so disgusting, haters are forced to respect
Ether - good seeing you again for the first time, great showing!
Swift - amazing job man, i wish i got to listen to your commentary
Nintendude - always a strong showing, people need to wake up because you catch too many sleeping
Cactuar - you are dumb, i miss you
Teczero - the big haley homie, good seeing you
ZoSo - the great white hope <3
Sol - really nice job, great performance
DoH - arms peach, nothing more, nothing less. always love hanging out with you and getting jealous at the amount of blue on your grindr.
Weon-X - good job, always a pleasure
Mafia - continue to step it up little homie
Cyrain - 11 inches, uncut, shiny purple head
G$ - "he looks like sandy just came and took everything"
Ben Grimm - I have no shame admitting that I've hated on you in the past, even on stream, but your performance here was stellar. Keep working hard, you have to learn to live and die by more than the downsmash. I can argue move choice, but I can't argue results. Very nice placement.
Reno - smac?
Nando - good job, didn't watch you play much, but i love how reckless you are
JesiahTEG - young sephiroth, give my love to all of the upstate crew, and keep teaching lefty. bring honeybadger out of retirement, you need some more competition.
Phish-it - that dk/ganon/everything is so angry, i love it
Slox - look at you! keep striving.
Mr. F - for british eyes only
WarriorKnight - welcome back.
The Moon - keep striving, i expect you to be top 10 soon.
HazZ - hot pocket story still has me laughing at work
Strong Bad - good seeing you, my dude. best car ride ever.
Spawn - i miss you buddy, gotta see you at more of these.
ILM - you beat stric9, i heard. you've come a long way since the days of those no johns when you were just working to not get last. this is where taking your lumps gets you and i expect this to be a huge feather in your cap.
Bolt - good seeing you!
Sorto - hi
Gravy - we didn't play, but i'll be glad to teach you some falcon stuff.
Dkuo - see you on /r/smashbros
UltimaScout - we have to find the rest of the beatles
Ryobeat - good seeing you finally after months in the facebook group
Mark - drive safely.
Europhoria - haven't seen you in years, miss you mothercanuckers.
Aber - keep it up.
PB&J - I'll hate on you all day, but you've got a good heart.
Benteezy - fun commentary
Wenbo - great job in teams.
Milkman - you should have warned me about 2%
Knut - my disciple, keep it up, you've got a way to go but you'll learn more.
StriCNYN3 - i am disappointed, fresh prince. don't make me come back to show you how to play falco.
Chain-Ace - get at my nova
Inui - I hated on you a ton, but, you've probably got a good heart.
Kwan - that DK that people forget about, good seeing you
Vist - great job in teams man, you had us at the edge of our seats
NitroGlycerne - good seeing you again, see you on /r/smashbros
BigWenz - we didn't hang out at all
Dan - that falco needs to be unleashed, get back into practice again.
Sneaky Dave - i don't know you, which means your name is accurate
Ju4n - long island, keep working at it!
Brookman - hi hi hi
Hailey - awaiting that anklet
Handsome Joe - meditation, homie. AP Yi.
Veda - keep it up.
Boney - hi hi hi
JSex [Forfeit] - don't know why you forfeit :(

Alukard, D1, all of staff - could have been better, but we will be better when all is said and done.

gimr/bionic - great job with the stream, your quality is just about unparalleled in the smash community.

gotm/dobs - good to see PA again

LI - all of you guys are my heart, always a pleasure.

i'm forgetting a lot of people, but yeah.

players - work hard to be the best, remember those days when you wanted to get there and how long its taken you to get to where you are and how much further you need to go. keep that fire and that hunger alive.

community - we will strive, will will get better, we will die on our own terms.



Smash Hero
Feb 23, 2006
San Francisco
Alukard and staff - Despite all the nonsense with the hurricane, splitting drama, etc. this event was still a big success. Thanks for putting it all together!

VGBC guys - thanks for all you guys do for these tournaments and the scene.

Sol / Phish-it - good seeing you guys again. Long live AE haha

Vist / Wenbo - solid teams performance. Come with me to NEC!

Jesse - I'm glad you and the other upstate guys were able to show up for this.

Kirbykaze - I really learn a lot whenever I talk to / play you.

Unknown - despite all the weird circumstances, good **** beating m2k. You're so close to breaking through that barrier to the top tier of players. Sorry for all the hate you've had to put up with from the boards and other ppl. I just hope that we can all learn something from this and move on.

Weon-X - I'm glad we got a bunch of games in this time. I'm really sad you lost to DJ Nintendo like that. Next time just stick with Fox!

Mew2King - ggs. You beat me but I think I have you figured out now. Can't wait for our next meetup in the bracket.

Strong Bad - it's cool you made the trip out to NY for this one. See you at Apex?

CrimsonBlur - ggs and it was cool meeting you finally.

Ben Grimm - ggs in bracket and it was nice chatting with you for a bit even if you forgot who I was lolol

other Tristate / NY people (CT guys, T-Webb, Chain-Ace, prog, Kwan, Frank, Eggm, Hax, etc etc) - good to see everyone again. It's weird not living in your region anymore.


Smash Apprentice
Jan 7, 2011
First of all - Thank you Alu and staff for making this happen. It was a great time and I will definitely attend RoM 6 (assuming there will be a RoM6).

1: Mew2King - Good job winning, forget about the bs and just go win more tournies.
2: Unknown522 - I had a ridiculous amount of fun playing friendlies with you. That Mario Ness matchup.
3: KirbyKaze - Your Sheik is graceful yet destructive. See you at Apex if you're going!
5: Hax - Destroyed me in friendlies. You are too fast. It was cool chilling with you again though.
5: Chillindude829 - I thoroughly enjoy watching your fox. You are so clutch.
7: Scar - I don't know you but I enjoy the lengths you go to with Falcon.
7: DJ Nintendo - those get up attack from the ledge ledge guards.
9: Swift - Swift at 9th! Good ****!
9: Nintendude - Congrats on top 10, those ICs are looking scary.
9: Cactuar - We played friendlies for a while. I guess you're pretty good. It makes me sad when you jab my sheild then run away.
13: ZoSo - Hi Dave <3
13: DoH - Good to see you again, I'm glad this tourney went better for you than TBH2
17: Weon-X - Impressively fast and accurate Fox. Not sure why you're at 17th.
17: Mafia - Get that Falcon in the lab, you need top 10.
17: Cyrain - You were a little too fast for me to handle, but soon I will put up the good fight.
17: G$ - carrots
17: Reno - GGs in friendlies even though I didn't get to play your Sheik.
17: Nando - Good matches, thanks for complimenting my improvment. Keep up the good work.
17: T.Webb - Good job getting 17th, see you at locals.
25: Phish-it - We didn't play at all, but I'll see you around.
25: Slox - Watch out for this guy
25: HazZ - GGs in pools, your Marth is powerful.
33: Spawn - 33 wtf?
33: Bolt - You and Kaz making music in the hotel was the highlight of my trip.
33: Mark - I think you were in my pool. GG and I won't lose to you again.
33: Europhoria - You beat me pretty soundly in our friendlies. You're also pretty hilarious. GGs.
33: Aber - Marf
33: PB&J - You're a cool guy, it was good to see you again.
33: Wenbo - GGs in the hotel, you took me out in the crew battle, but I got you in our friendly matches :D
49: StriCNYN3 - Good friendlies, your Falco is smooth. I would have liked to get a few more matches in though.
49: Kwan - That crazy DK. I enjoyed watching your matches and playing friendlies.
49: Brookman - lol
49: Hailey - We didn't play at all, but good job making bracket!
49: Handsome Joe - Goal was to make bracked. Made bracket.
49: Boney - GGs in the friendlies we played, you seem really smart, just not fluid enough.

Jeff - You'll get bracket next time, you just need to play more.
Kaz - Just practice more then enter tourney. I'm glad you went though you made it way more fun. That sleeping bag full of Doritos was clutch.
Stephen - You are mighty fun to have around. I am glad we kept the rom tradition going <3
Diesel Dan - We didn't play at all, but it was good to see you. See you around local tournies.
Crush - GGs in friendlies, you're getting really technical. I won't be surprised when I see you doing more damage at tournies. You should work on tech chasing.
Prog - Meditation is too good. Good to see you again, always a pleasure.

Getting the last hotel room available...twice - GG
Hotel breakfasts - Shout outs to frozen milk. The bagels were legit. Coffee cake muffins brought me to orgasm at least 3 times.
Shout outs to the parking lot across the street.
Weed - You change my brain and the way I perceive Melee. It helps me learn things. <3

Good tourney guys.


Smash Ace
Jan 22, 2012
Fairview, NJ
4: Eggm - EGGGMASTERRRRRRRRRRR. I'm not get tired of that for a while.
7: DJ Nintendo- You are among the funniest of people.Ever. And your bowser is SEX.
9: Swift- GGs in pools! I will try to approach less!
9: Nintendude - GGs, i need to play you more, i havent played other ics before :p
9: Cactuar - next time, we shall play. Good job on your placing though! :D
13: DoH - If I ever said ANYTHING bad about you or that you just down smash. I APOLOGIZE. It just seemed so , but i was noobier back then. Your peach is awesome. AND THAT SHINE SPIKE VS CHILLEN SHOULDNT HAVE HAPPENED.
17: G$- you are so funny, its ridiculous.
17: Ben Grimm - I STILL DIDNT PLAY YOU, but it was really fun talking/hanging out with you this tournament.
17: T.Webb - Nice placing, dude. Wish i played you!
25: Mr. F - GGs, must learn to play JIGGZ.
25: The Moon - I FINALLY PLAYED YOU. your mad good<3 But not TOO much of a threat ;) LOL, i'll beat you sometime soon.
33: Ryobeat - You blow.
33: Mark - I love fighting your shiek, we go even in like, every tourney. XD
33: Europhoria - I played you all this tournament, thanks for advice and giving more marth experience. STITCH FACES ON YO FALCON.
33: PB&J - GGs in pools, im surprised I made it.
33: Knut - YO. your mad cool, we really have to play more sometime soon.
49: Chain-Ace - Always a pleasure seeing you, next time we have to play ALOT more.
49: Inui- Why did you you have to beat me at the last tournament XD i want revenge.
49: Kwan - Best.DK TEAM. EVER. that was fun.
49: Sneaky Dave - We must play more friendlies, you are very cool.
49: Hailey- We just need to play loads of Peach dittos, I dont know what I'm doing there XD DOWNSMASH, ggs. c:
64: Captain Smuckers- F- DAT CREW BATTLE. LOLOLOL, goodgames, that was fun. We need to play alot more Pika/Peach
64: TheCrimsonBlur- Cool seeing your face XD I never knew what you looked like lololol.
64: Pyro- That pizza place was awesome, it was cool hanging out and talking all tournament. But we need more matches!
64: Smokey Bluntz- I HAVE YOUR MELEE, ****KK lol.
64: Ayala- Step it up, ma boi.<3
64: Crush- Your gonna be SOMETHING, i thought you made it out of pools?! D: GGs though
80: Luc [Forfeit]- You are the coolest guy in town ;) your fox is technical as balls.
96: Bred- DAT HAT. your so funny XD
96: EnV [Forfeit] - We must play more :p
96: Sled- Your still mad cool.
96: Puck- BEST STAGE STRIKE EVER, lololol good**** in pools.

THANK YOU ALUKARD, you are awesome for what you bring to the community . i will be at the next one for sure. MAKE THIS VENUE THE NO JOHNS VENUE, PLEASE


Smash Hero
Apr 25, 2006
Thunder Whales Picnic
Shoutouts to all of the out of the region people that came. And good stuff using challonge.

Good job Eggm very impressed at your resilience.
Good job T Webb for stepping up big time in teams with me.
Scar and GOTM and Steve good seeing dat old PA swag.
Nice job in our set Cactuar
Good seeing you Crimson as usual
JesiahTEG beasted me in casuals
Dave Zoso is the homie
GJ SLOX and Hailey
Good job DJ with dem rockets and dat cannon

Till next time


Some guy
Aug 17, 2005
Toronto, Ontario
1: Mew2King :marthmelee: :sheikmelee: :foxmelee: congrats on the win. If we meet in tourney again. No splitting. No complaining. Etc. this has caused way too many problems. Still the chances of meeting up in bracket again are kind of low anyway.
2: Unknown522 :foxmelee: :falcomelee: :falconmelee: good work to self
3: KirbyKaze :sheikmelee: :foxmelee: good work on 3rd and destroying your bracket. No one but me was cheering for you.
4: Eggm :foxmelee: good **** on 4th. Nice comeback vs hax
5: Hax :falconmelee: we didn't get to play aside from doubles. Hopefully no SDs next time.
5: Chillindude829 :foxmelee: good work. Good stuff vs DJ's samus. The bowser made for some entertainment though. 'till next time.
7: Scar :falconmelee: omg scar! We didn't do that MM damnit. Also good work in doubles.
7: DJ Nintendo :foxmelee: :bowsermelee: :samusmelee: good work on 7th. Also great talking with you man. We didn't get to play this time.
9: Ether :marthmelee: damn you're mad good. Looking forward to seeing you improve more.
9: Swift :foxmelee: :marthmelee: GGs in doubles! It was great to see that you were pumped when trying to make that comeback. It got me fired up as well. Such a great feeling man. I'll definitely see you around.
9: Nintendude :icsmelee: omg highlight of the tourney was timing out DJN. I don't think I've seen thy happen before. Especially with ICs, though it's come close. Great talking with you as usual. I'm sorry that I ruined your friendlies with David btw. I didn't think that would happen if I came.
9: Cactuar :foxmelee: this guy! Thanks so much for lending the controller. This all may have not have been possible without it. Great talking and hanging with you. Also thanks for the support through all the trouble that happened and escalated.
13: Teczero :sheikmelee: :marthmelee: aww man. Once again didn't get to play. I did enjoy talking with you though man. See you next time.*
13: ZoSo :marthmelee: aww man. After all that time, we only got one game. Sorry I was mad busy playing bracket matches and stuff. Next time man.
13: Sol :foxmelee: :sheikmelee: GGs in doubles dude. You're still really good. Keep practicing.
13: DoH :peachmelee: sorry I couldn't drop camilo man. But we didn't get 13th. Lol
17: Weon-X :foxmelee: great weekend man. I'm glad we prepared a bit for the tourney. Good work in doubles. We started a bit shaky, but you learned really fast and also listened to my directions very well. I appreciate it man. Sorry I messed up WSF and LSF for us though. Any placing in the top 4 was up in the air and I'm glad we were one of the contenders for that. Good work almost beating DJN as well. It was mad close.
17: Mafia :falconmelee: we didn't talk at all. No peach?
17: Cyrain :foxmelee: great talking with you. Your GF is nice as well. We'll get some matches in next time man.
17: G$ :marthmelee: :foxmelee: :falcomelee: great talking with you man. I also think you were playing off in our bracket matches. I'm looking forward to some better games next time. Also lol @ your commentary :p
17: Ben Grimm :peachmelee: sorry I didn't get to play. I was busy most of the time.
17: Reno :sheikmelee: homie! Great talking with you and also thanks for helping organize the tourney.
17: Nando :falconmelee: GGs in pools. You're steadily improving. Pretty close games.
17: T.Webb :foxmelee: GGs in doubles. You're making it sound like weon-x like 4-stocked you in the bracket or something? Anyways always great talking with you and your wife is nice man.
25: JesiahTEG :marthmelee: great seeing you again! I missed you dude. Looks like you have improved quite a bit man since last year. Keep it up!
25: Phish-it :dkmelee: GGs in doubles. You did really well, but falco is gay. I also had a great time talking with you. You're a very cool dude.
25: Slox :foxmelee: we barely talked and didn't play. Next time man.
25: Mr. F :jigglypuffmelee: tbh, I severely underestimated you. I watched some of your matches and you are pretty good. You should keep practicing man. Also fun time at KFC/taco bell and I watched all you guys eat. Lol
25: WarriorKnight :foxmelee: :bowsermelee: great talking to you man. I'm sorry that I caved in on the split after telling you guys that I declined. I just felt bad and gave in. It was my mistake. Well, you know how it is. Looking forward to seeing you again though
25: The Moon :marthmelee: this guy. Copying my name! I had a great time talkin with you. You have some interesting viewpoints. Ggs in doubles as well. Sucks about the SD though. Until next time man.
25: HazZ :marthmelee: my ***** Hazz! Thanks for helping me out man. I think you should've been on the mic more. You have good commentary.
25: Strong Bad :dkmelee: great seeing you again man. I got ***** so bad in those DK dittos. but it was fun. I will practice the art of DK dittos and give a better challenge :p
33: Spawn :foxmelee: I don't think I was you the entire time.
33: ILM :marthmelee: GGs in bracket. I heard from weon-x that you were pretty good just before we played. So I didn't underestimate you at all.
33: Bolt :falcomelee: good to see you again. We didn't play iirc
33: Sorto :icsmelee: I didn't even know there was another ICs player at the tourney.
33: UltimaScout :marthmelee: sup. I watched you play and it looks like you're getting better. Sorry I didn't play you. Was busy
33: Ryobeat :peachmelee:I didn't give you that rematch yet. Next time.
33: Mark :sheikmelee: GGs in doubles. Also great talking with you man. You are getting better for sure.*
33: Europhoria :marthmelee: fun weekend. sucks about the bracket and doubles man. Hopefully next time you get to do better.
33: PB&J :foxmelee: great chatting man both at the hotel and venue. We didn't play at all. Next time man.
33: Benteezy :foxmelee: :falcomelee: good **** running the tourney. You put in a lot of work. Thanks a lot man.
33: Wenbo :foxmelee: nice to formally meet you in person. Need to get some games in. Instead of 3/4 of one match. Lol
33: Milkman :foxmelee: sorry I didn't play you man. Same story about being busy with the bracket. Next time man
49: StriCNYN3 :falcomelee: I hope those tips help you out some. I couldn't really display it in GFs cuz my tech skill sucks. Lol. Anyways lets play some next time.
49: Chain-Ace :falcomelee: GGs in pools. You almost had it and I think you played the matchup very well. Keep practicing man. Also a pleasure talking with you.
49: Inui :sheikmelee: so. This is the second time I've had the displeasure of meeting you. You were mad distracting yelling in my ear vs m2k and did not listen to the 2 times I told you to move away or shut up. If it happens again, watch yourself.
49: Kwan :dkmelee: good work
49: Vist :luigimelee: great talking to you and catching up man. Sucks we didn't get to play outside of teams.
49: NitroGlycerne :falcomelee: GGs dude. Also cool talkin with you
49: BigWenz next time we gotta play dude
49: Dan :falcomelee: crap. I think we met. But I have forgotten. Sorry
49: Brookman :falcomelee: no fox? What happened? Also we didn't get to play man.
49: Hailey :peachmelee: great talking to you! Next time we must play
49: Handsome Joe very cool dude. Great talking with you. Don't give in to KK's advances :p
49: JSex :foxmelee: [Forfeit] aww
64: Windrose Thanks so much for driving us man! You really came through for us. Fun chilling and stuff.

I was hoping you'd make bracket. Pretty close though. Maybe next time you'll get better vs falco or not face so many falcos. We'll train you up. Though you have improved already.
64: TheCrimsonBlur always a pleasure talking to you. Im glad we also got to play this time. You have some really interesting stories and I enjoyed listening. You also listen pretty well. Lol. Well t'ill next time
64: Zydin I think we met. Not sure though
64: Toero I think we also met. Not sure though
80: GimR dude thanks for letting me *commentate on some sets. Again, sorry about what happened to the end. It won't happen again.
80: Dirty Deeds = best name ever
80: Morning Thunder dude you improved quite a bit again! I was watching your matches. Fun chilling. I'll probably see you in Canada again at some point.
80: Luc [Forfeit] aww. We were looking for you in our pool
96: BurtBusDriver fun chillin with you man. I swear you look so much like toph. Different hair lengths though. Lol
96: PapaSpitFire I don't think I saw you at all this time.
96: Boat Mode I really enjoyed talking win you man.*

Alukard: thanks for hosting and thanks for sympathizing with us an helping us out. Sorry about all the trouble I caused though. It won't happen again

Alex strife: thanks for helping out with the tourney. You did a great job! I dunno if other people realized your efforts but you did a lot! Also sorry for ruining your qualifier and stuff. T'ill next time man

Crismas: great seeing you again! Sucks we didn't play this time. But there will e more chances.

Prog: homie! Thanks for everything. Great talking and chillin with you! I wanted I chill longer though...damn

D1: also homie! I wish we could've chilled more man. Next time. Also remember to bring the earphones at APEX. lol

Commentators and staff: thanks or hosting. Sorry about all the trouble. We'll all step it up

Edit: @ proskater. Oh yeah. GGs

Sorry about the bad grammar and spacing. Typed it on my phone while at work.

Anyone I missed: my bad



Smash Lord
Feb 16, 2005
Maine (NSG)
Good job to eggm for providing the best matches of the tourney. His last stock comebacks were so ****ing amazing...


Smash Lord
Nov 13, 2011
Atl North
Stream Quotes:

"How do you split at a National? Armada probably wouldn't understand the word split."

"If M2K forfeits I'm walking home."

"I never realized how tall Sheik was. She's like 7 ft. tall. She has a bigger build than Marth!"

"Is this ROM 5? ROM 5 is the most anticlimactic ROM I've ever been to in my life."


Knut - Beast Samus as always, close games with Twebb you'll get him next time!
Nintendude - You have a very unique style of play with the ICY's. A interesting spectate.
DJNintendo - God I wish you could play Samus all the time, biased Samus player here.
G$/Hazz/ or whoever else was acting out Hax's Falcon moves in person, I love you.

PK Webb

Smash Champion
Dec 24, 2007
the lab
1: Mew2King- ur my wife's favorite sheik so dont disappoint
2: Unknown522- mad chill always a pleasure. i need some fox advice next time tho and im very hard on myself in this game even though weon-x 2 stocked 1 stocked me its still a loss might as well been a 4 stock
3: KirbyKaze- didnt really chill or play but i like ur sheik alot
4: Eggm- im gettin there and i hate ur advice no matter how correct it is lol...good **** in bracket u look smooth
5: Hax- mr. aziz u r a monster, a monster that needs to break the prophecy. we need to train together a lil more if u dont mind
5: Chillindude829- im coming for u chillin... great matches i was nervous so i guess it wasnt my controller makin me back throw. thanks for the advice
7: Scar- nice to meet u and hope ur engagement will be less stressful then my own lol
7: DJ Nintendo- be proud of ur placing and happy to see u gettin up there man
9: Ether- never knew u were black. good ish in doubles
9: Swift- BEST PARTNER EVER...lets ride this momentum my dude
9: Nintendude-nice to see u but i will never $ match a ic lol
9: Cactuar- nice warm ups we need to play more as well
13: Teczero- always a pleasure to chill and play. come back so i have a marth to practice against
13: ZoSo- sorry u had to dip but ur *** anyways lol...
13: Sol- need more hyperbolic training
17: Weon-X- ur the homie. playing and talking with u was the highlight of my tourney experience. hope to see u at apex
17: Mafia- dat anti falcon tech lol
17: Cyrain- good ish in doubles
17: G$- ashy elbows
17: Reno- are u bio????? lol mad love 4 u man even tho i dont show it
17: T.Webb- zoso is right....ur ***
25: JesiahTEG- nice to play and meet u and no my fox isnt as good as u think its quite terrible ask zoso
25: Phish-it- too much ultimate marlin training
25: Slox- dude pick a main already lol
25: Mr. F- ggz and u got better i just had more nerves then u at the moment
25: The Moon- ur gettin there man
25: HazZ- OMG u r hilarious and i would had rock bottomed m2k for wasting food in my house especially if its my food
25: Strong Bad- ggz in tourney but i had alot of phish it practice
33: ILM- good job vs stric
33: Bolt- dude i wish i see what u see in my fox. i no u will break out soon ur falco is ridiculously technical
33: Ryobeat- experience is all u need and congratz on making it out of pools
33: Mark- u beat jesiah and did super well in teams AND u dont even play this game
33: Aber- ur fox got better
33: Benteezy- ur mad funny too. we need to chill more
33: Wenbo- gg in pools
33: Knut- i hate samus up b oos messes with me sooo much. ur good at settting the pace of the fight
49: StriCNYN3- what happened???well it doesnt matter now just brush this off and **** harder next time
49: Chain-Ace-see stric
49: Inui-nice to meet u and shine usmash been around forever but no1 uses it
49: Kwan-dat dk tho
49: Vist-thought u wud had placed higher seeing how u performed in doubles
64: TheCrimsonBlur-nice to meet u
64: Ayala- get that confidence and stay on fox or better yet play falco lol
96: PapaSpitFire-sry i didnt warm u up for ur pools more. u got this. next time we play ill sit down with u and talk about what ur game needs
96: EnV- let me train u
96: Sled- this is a level up tourney i expect more from u at the next local
THANK U ALUKARD: for keeping melee going in our area. even tho u get a bad rep sometimes u still put out events and make a effort that few are willing to give. u have my sincerest gratitude

Prog: she wanted to read in the car and said certain smashers b/o made her want to kick babies

d1,crismas: always awesome to have u in da building


Smash Champion
Jan 13, 2003
Pasadena, Maryland
Yo I had a good time this weekend. Thanks to Alukard & co for running this.
BTW I think the bracket is a little off- at the very least I lost to Cyrain in round 2 of the loser's bracket instead of Gravy in round 1 but it's not that big of a deal lol.

I didn't do so great in singles but ultimately I just have johns about not practicing. All my losses were 1-2 which left me salty as **** but at the same time all those sets were so intense. I got whooped back into shape by the end and now I'm ****ing pumped for all the big events coming up :) .

Anyway, shoutouts:

D1- Good seeing you again, as always. Your commentary is too good
Prog- same as for d1. Hope to see you guys at apex and/or nec!
Alex- Good seeing you again, also. I'll def be at apex so I'll see you there.

2: Unknown522 - Good stuff in teams and nice catching up with you. Hopefully you can make it down to MD/VA again sometime.
3: KirbyKaze - We barely got part of a match in lol. I'll see you at Apex, man
4: Eggm - Good stuff in teams.
5: Chillindude829 - Good stuff holding it down for MD/VA
7: Scar - Nice seeing you again, man! Next time, we'll have to get some games in.
7: DJ Nintendo - good stuff in teams
9: Ether - good stuff in teams
9: Nintendude - Good stuff man, it looks like you had a good run in singles.
13: ZoSo - Nice meeting you (kinda) at the hotel.
13: DoH - Sorry to see you not doing teams this time, man..
17: Weon-X - Good stuff in teams! Your fox is ****.
17: Mafia - Good stuff in teams
17: Cyrain - Good stuff in our teams/singles matches. It was lame that we had to play so early on but I would've been taken out eventually.
17: G$ - Good stuff in pools, man. I'll give you a better match next time hopefully lol..
17: Nando - Good stuff in teams!
25: JesiahTEG - Good stuff in teams/singles. Your marth is too legit.
25: Slox - Nice meeting you and getting some games in.
25: WarriorKnight - Nice seeing you as always, man.
25: Strong Bad - Good stuff in teams. Next time we'll have to get some friendlies in.
33: Gravy - GGs and nice talking with you. Hope you come out to more events.
33: Dkuo - Good stuff in all those friendlies.
33: PB&J - Good stuff in teams
33: Benteezy - Intense matches man
33: Wenbo - Yoo we did pretty well in teams. Thanks for driving us and everything; had a good time.
49: Chain-Ace - Nice seeing you again, man.
49: Inui - Good stuff in those random friendlies
49: Vist - poop
49: BigWenz - yo we gotta stop meeting up in badness grand finals
49: Ju4n - Good stuff in teams
49: Brookman - Nice talking with you, man. Hope you decide to come out to apex or something.
49: Hailey - I think we only played for part of match but good stuff nonetheless.
64: TheCrimsonBlur - Nice seeing you again, man. Hopefully we'll see you around while you're back visiting.
64: Crush - Good stuff in singles
80: GimR - GJ with the livestream as always. I'll see you back at xanadu sooner or later.

Sorry to anyone I missed- I'm not very good at doing shoutouts lol


Smash Master
Jan 30, 2007
Rochester, NY
Such a good tourney, learned a ton and definitely motivated me a lot. Shoutouts:

Unknown- I TOLD YOU YOU WERE PLAYING GOOD! lol, great freaking job dude. You know I've always thought you were godly though haha. Good seeing you, thanks for being like the happiest person I know LOL

KK- Not sure what was better, talking with you after years or getting 3 stocked by you on FD. Hmm. LOL nah good job in the tourney dude. Ridiculously, scarily good.

Hax- Good seein you dude.

Chillin- Sucks I didn't get to play you. Yo, post on my Facebook if you can ever when you put those streams up. Jesse Morse.

Scardoozie- Grats on the marriage dude. Grats on a sick placing too. Awesome seein you again. (he stinks, and I don't like him)

SWIFT! Mad fun playing with you, I feel like you and I kinda have the same type of respect for the game, or at least that's the vibe I get when we play friendlies. Either way, you're really smart and good, and can't wait to play you again.

Nintendude- we suck LOL good job on your placing though, and uhhh...yeahh...we definitely got rocked

Cactuar- Dude. Good to finally get to know you a little. We played a little at ROM2 with PP but not nearly enough. Sick teamin with you too, playing the game with you is fun because you just have mad fun with it haha.

Teczero- Really tough opponent. The way you beat me was awesome though. You stopped falling for my baits, and you were LIGHTNING quick getting your grabs off. I've literally never been punished by a Sheik so quickly for shielding like you punished me. It was like the second I shielded you were there.

Way to stay calm and make a 2 game comeback. Really thought I had you but you're definitely a step above me.

Zoso- Glad you remembered me dude haha. Good games, and you're mad humble. Even though I was winning most though, I feel like if we lived in the same region we'd be about even, since we'd get to play each other all the time. You're a sick training partner and a cool guy.

Landon do I even need to say anything? Wish we lived closer because you're hilarious and we practice really well together. (Will never forget the Texas smash sessions and the late night drunks)

G$- I got No Johns.

Nando- You're a cool dude and we always practice together at tournies haha. I did well against you for sure, but that doesn't mean you weren't literally death comboing me every game and many of our matches were 1 stocks. Craaazy good Falcon.

T Webb- Wow your Fox is so good. Threw me wayyy off because I just never heard about you being that good haha. Keep it up man.

Spawn- Sick comeback you had against me game 2 dude. Good ****.

Gravy- It's on baby.

ULTIMASCOUT! The best dude. The coolest man ever. Don't stop being cool.

Prog you're a crazy dude. Seriously. Also mad down to earth. Good chillin brah.

Mark - dude you're not supposed to beat me in tournament and then get 33rd same place as my disciple LOL you make me look bad...But seriously dude what happened? You looked mad solid when we played, who did you run into?

PB&J- Sorry I didn't remember you man but you're cool as hell. Can't wait to chill again.

Inui- Good playing/seeing you again dude. Your reaction to me picking Marth was HILARIOUS!

Vist- Great freakin games dude. Your Luigi is SO GOOD lol

Nitro- Dude you almost beat Scar. But you had to suck a ****ing **** and choke. Thanks dude. Thanks a lot.

Crimson Blur- I can't remember if it was you or not who asked me about my thread, but I just updated it. Good seein you man.


Smash Apprentice
May 7, 2011
New York City
Such a good tourney, learned a ton and definitely motivated me a lot. Shoutouts:

Mark - dude you're not supposed to beat me in tournament and then get 33rd same place as my disciple LOL you make me look bad...But seriously dude what happened? You looked mad solid when we played, who did you run into?
I got bored and didn't want to play anymore, so I kinda just gave up lol.
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