Rivals of Aether Side Event Announced for EVO 2018


The Rivals of Aether development team announced the Rivals of Aether EVO 2018 side event on June 29th during their developer podcast.

The event will take place on Friday, August 3rd. Pools will be at 9 AM PDT in the EVO BYOC area, and top four of the event will be at 2 PM on the EVO side stage. The latter will be streamed, featuring commentary from the game’s lead developer, Dan Fornace. The Rivals team will also provide a $1,000 pot bonus for the tournament.

Players can enter the Rivals of Aether side event on smash.gg. The event will be capped at 64 entrants due to the limited time frame, so interested players are encouraged to sign up quickly.


This is actually huge for the RoA community. Even as a side event, being put on one of the largest fighting game events of every year will boost it's competitive scene.

Still wondering what the PG has in store for SSB4 in the time in-between PGR v5's end (CEO 2018) and Smash Ultimate's release.
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