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Rising Ever Upward: Smash Wii U in New York State

Discussion in 'News' started by Scribe, Jun 28, 2017.

Blaise "Scribe" Camacho, Jun 28, 2017 at 9:05 PM
  1. Scribe

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    Discussing the state of New York's Super Smash Bros for Wii U scene is something of a complicated matter. Because of the state's sheer size, it's developed multiple scenes independent of each other, each with their own notable players and tournaments.

    New York City and Long Island
    Though New York City and Long Island have their own separate scenes, they have a large enough overlap that they share a PR. They're also home to several of Smash Wii U's strongest players, including Jason "ANTi" Bates, Samuel "Dabuz" Buzby and Eric "Mr. E" Weber, as well as Will "DKwill" Walsh, Carlos "Raptor" Vanegas, Vinnie Cannino and John "John Numbers" Goldberg.


    Overall, NYC and Long Island are quite stacked in comparison to other regions; even their less notable players are high-level threats. Though he doesn't travel much, Jon "dekillsage" Coello has proven himself as a name to look out for, placing 7th at Combo Breaker 2017. Ricardo "Sinji" Mathison is another established name within the region and the best Pac-Man main in the United States. The region is also home to Jonathan "Venia" Grullion, the best Greninja main in the United States and one of the best in the world, as well as Jake "Frozen" Somma, who, while perhaps better known for his Mewtwo in Project M, is quite skilled with Corrin.

    Not only do NYC and Long Island share a PR, they share many of their tournaments as well. Nebulous Gaming and Xenozero Gaming each host their own weeklies in New York City, while AON hosts Long Island's main weekly. New York City also has two monthlies, one hosted by Xenozero Gaming, the other by Smash Attack.

    Just north of New York City and at the southernmost end of the Hudson Valley, Westchester's Smash Wii U scene, while somewhat small, has a large overlap with the NYC and Mid-Hudson scenes. Many of its players regularly attend Mid-Hudson and NYC events, and its events often attract players from these regions.

    Westchester has three main tournaments: Undiscovered Realms' Smashed Out Mondays and Undiscovered Smash weeklies and the bi-weekly MollyWhop tournament series. The region is also home to Defend the North, one of the largest fighting game majors in the northeastern United States.


    Though not as visible as their neighbors to the south, Westchester has a few notable players of their own. Daniel "DK Dan" Padulo has consistently dominated within the region and holds a few wins over out-of-region threat, including Mr. E. Other strong players within the region include Tyler "Ice" Long, Jake "Jaku" Gomez and Vincent "King" Marchione, formerly known as Mr. L. Though Ice lacks out-of-region results due to an inability to travel, Jaku and King both performed decently well at Glitch 3, with the former beating MD/VA's Troy "Puppeh" Wells in singles bracket before finishing at 25th, and the latter placing 13th in the mid-tiers bracket.

    Mid-Hudson Valley
    Though it's rather young compared to other scenes, the Mid-Hudson Smash Wii U scene is both strong and dedicated. Prior to Smash Wii U's release, the Mid-Hudson region lacked a proper Smash scene of its own, with most of its players relying on events in neighboring regions.

    The Mid-Hudson Valley's two main tournaments are Equilibrium Gaming's weeklies and Requiem Gaming's bi-weeklies. Both of these tournament series began in response to the region's previous weekly series, run by ESE Gaming, would be put on indefinite hiatus. The region is also home to a monthly tournament series held at Dragon's Den, a game store in the region.


    The Mid-Hudson Valley is home to several strong players. Some, such as Rees "Oatmeal" De Tar and Zachary "Opana" Strenkert are fairly well-known outside of the region. Oatmeal has taken sets off both Mr. E and New England's Alexander "Pugwest" Martins and placed 25th at Shine 2017. Meanwhile, Opana is largely considered to be one of the best Ganondorf mains in the world. Though not as well-known outside of the Mid-Hudson Valley, Eric "Arch" Jaroszko and OFY have also been dominant forces within the region, both topping PRs at various points. The region is also home to Joe "Joe Silly" Ciliberto and Jefferson "LaZy" De La Rosa, two up-and-coming players who rose up the ranks in a rather short span of time, with the latter making his debut at 2nd.

    Capital Region
    Consisting of Albany, Troy, Schenectady, and their shared metropolitan area, the Capital Region is home to a strong, if small scene. Most notably, it's home to Rasheen "Dark Wizzy" Rose, who's not only one of the top Mario mains in the United States but completely undefeated in his home region, ranked 0 on the region's latest power ranking.


    Aside from Dark Wizzy, the region has several other notable players, including Michael "Omega Tyrant" Oliver, who's taken sets off Oatmeal in the past, as well as Robbie "Grunk" Deeb, who rose from 7th to 1st on the PR in the span of a few months, taking the spot previously held by Dark Wizzy. Though he lacks out-of-region results, Caleb "PrimeFighter" Tollicent has performed well within the region, as has Marcel Suncin.

    The Capital Region has two main tournament series for Smash Wii U. Flipside Gaming runs a weekly tournament series called Flipside Smash, which usually brings in about 15 to 20 entrants. Meanwhile Schenectady Smash runs a bi-weekly series called Massive Smash Mondays with an average of 25 to 30 players per tournament.

    Upstate New York

    Centered around Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse, the Upstate New York Smash Wii U scene is second only to New York City and Long Island in terms of both its size and the strength of its players. The Upstate scene is also spread out than others in New York, with some of its tournaments only attracting players from certain areas within the region.

    Despite the region's size, it has surprisingly few tournaments. The region's Smash it Out monthlies, hosted by A Gamer's Nostalgia and Smash the Roc, are among the few events that attract players from throughout the region. The region also has two bi-weeklies: SyrSmash in Syracuse, and Let's Build the Road in Buffalo.


    Most notably, Upstate New York is home to Kyle "K.I.D. Goggles" Flournoy, a high-level Sonic main with wins over Mr. E and Vinnie, as well as top 16 placings at both Pound 2016 and EGLX. Alongside K.I.D Goggles, the Upstate New York scene has players like Sanford "San" Johnson, an Ike main with 9th place finishes at both GOML 2016 and Canada Cup 2016 under his belt. Other strong players within the region include Dominic "Dom" Di Risio, Zander "iModerz" Cardona, and Hunter "Draxsel" Gallagher. Dom, while unable to travel outside of the region, has been a dominant force within it, with wins over every other player on the Upstate PR. iModerz and Draxsel, on the other hand, have strong out-of region results. iModerz placed 5th at Winter Brawl 11, while Draxsel took a set off DKwill at Pound 2016.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Scribe, Jun 28, 2017.

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