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PGH Carroll

Smash Master
Feb 6, 2010
Pittsburgh, PA aka #TipperCity
Welcome to the annual nostalgic SmashBoards shoutout thread!

Feel free to post your Riptide shootouts and memories here!

Doesn't matter if you have an account from 06 or you've never been on this site before in your life! Log on/sign up and send some good vibes!

First of all, big shouts to all the TOs and production that put me on and gave me a chance to do commentary this weekend.
Aaron, Chuck, nikki, juna and Polaroid.
You all rock and made the weekend so easy and fun. I don't take for granted the work you all put into these weekend just so us blabber mouths can yap on stream. I know it's a thankless job but I'll thank you everytime I can.

Jakesphere - surely we sold about 100 pizzas in our block. So great to really get to know each other through the most intimate matchmaking process there is. Commentary on the side stream lol
Whenever you call I will answer. Just like Papa Johns.

Blur - remarkable how from the second we saw each other that we knew we were gonna have a great weekend together on the mic. Your always such a good sport and a good conversation and you don't look a day over 32. Lol I forgot to give you your present that was a signed dollar bill won from you in a money match from years ago. Hopefully I can make it to big house and we kick it again.

Seal - good to meet you and talk shop. I feel like we worked very well together and look forward to any potential future gigs in the midwest baby.

HMW - just like the name on the back of the jersey. It's all love. Always a honor to chop it up on the mic with you.

Sp1nda - such a good role model for the younger generation and so happy that you were on the commentary team. I'll always be a fan and friend. Even though you gave everyone and hbox a shoutout but forgot me. I'm going to kill myself.

Juggleguy - always a pleasure. One of my favorite people to hangout with at events. Glad we got to see each other Sunday. You me and blur could monetize these conversations they're so outlandish.

Ghengis Connor - not to bad tbh. We can definitely team again and comeback stronger. Maybe ICs Peach was the better call all along lol. Good **** in dubs and singles. You are the most recent person to wobble and we should make sure history knows that lol

Ringler - I had a good feeling we'd get along and meeting you was everything I thought it would be. Never change.
Just know that should the stars align and we have to play in tourney, if I don't pull 4 stitches and 2 bombs then God is not real and kama is a joke after losing that credit card roulette.

Drephen - I want to mass produce air brushed drephen hats for the next event.
You gonna be a great dad. And you'll love that kid more than ult kids love hbox. Thank you for the pumpkin delight.

Timko - somehow seeing your **** 3 separate times is less than I thought I would. And I'm not talking about your friend ****, who is a homie. Lmao. Awesome to hang out with some old school PGH. Thanks for the beers and good times.

Hunter, Shaggy, X audio violet - so glad yinz guys came out and we got to chill. Hope to see you guys more often.

The NEOH homies - good to see you all out here. Got to watch some of the sets and was proud to see the performances you put on. So many NEOH players came I didn't even get to talk to everyone so shouts to Ben Snape, GGG, Drew, RealThing, EGJ, Jink, Eric, flossy, Bill, Mark, bann, Bodunga ect. NEOH <3

GGs -
Cake assault/trashjack?
Blitz and acid

Didn't get to talk to enough -
Free Palestine
Rox's dad

If I'm forgetting anyone I'm sorry my brain is fried and I'm old. Jog my memory and shot me out! Ggs only.
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