Ridley vs Pichu Matchup Advice


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Jan 30, 2019
Raleigh, North Carolina
Switch FC
I fought a Pichu player last night at a local for several rounds of friendlies, and want some advice on the matchup. I know it's one of Ridley's worst, and I know choosing a secondary would make things easier, but I'm sticking with Ridley and would like to improve my game against him in the future.

In neutral, he would often use those electricity projectile things to force me to shield, and then would approach, usually with a short hop aerial (fair, nair, I'm not sure which). I was really struggling in this regard with keeping him from getting to me, as any option I felt I had to block his projectiles yielded him punishing me or getting in my face, and I lacked the space to use plasma safely. Once there, he'd typically rack up enormous damage on me throughout either a true combo, or would just continue after my air dodge. What would be my best course of action in neutral to defend against this / how do you fight Pichu in neutral and end up in an advantaged scenario?

Also, off-stage, is it even possible to contest Pichu? I usually am very aggressive with my off-stage play, but against him it felt entirely futile. I'd nearly always end up being killed when I tried to contest him, even when he was off-stage and I approached to try and finish the job. Do you usually just stand back and fire away with plasma when Pichu is off-stage? How do you typically edge guard him?
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