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Revival Of Salt Results Thread

Toronto Joe

Smash Master
May 13, 2008
Gichan and T.O Joe Present:


1. Ally :snake: :metaknight: :rob:
2. Vinnie :popo:
3. MJG :toonlink: :metaknight:
4. Holynightmare :metaknight:
5. Toronto Joe :metaknight:
5. Bloodcross :falco:
7. Will :dk2:
7. [YRSF] Tin Man :olimar:
9. Logic :olimar:
9. Yoona (Sauc3) :metaknight: :samus2:
9. Mar1 :dk2:
9. GIMR :gw: :falco:
13. Pharaoh Brolic Allah Ackbar Jihad Burka (Cruxis) :snake:
13. Alphicans :gw:
13. Doom :falco: :metaknight:
13. Attila :dk2:
17. Nicole :peach:
17. Patches :gw:
17. Raziek :marth:
17. Buenob :rob:
17. Poke :falco:
17. V115 :zerosuitsamus:
17. Croi :wario:
17. Apostl :ashketchum:
25. Googs :diddy:
25. Fuddo :pit:
25. Zhao :luigi2:
25. Jessica (Phiddlesticks) :random:


1. I'M SORRY KING KONG (Ally & Holy)
2. Panty Droppin BBC (MJG & Nicole)
3. Tch Man ****** Ginguh (Blackanese & Will)
4. Team Peter (Vinnie & TO Joe)
5. Team Lightweights (Bloodcross & Doom)
5. Carlton and Taylor Hanson (Tin Man & Alphicans)
7. Where is NS? (Lamb & Zhao)
7. Team not Anti-Vagina (Logic & GIMR)
9. Team Sexy (Cruxis & Patches)
9. Be Creative (Poke & Fuddo)
9. Team Other (V115 & Red X)
9. Where is NS 2? (White & Croi)
13. Origin of AIDs (Raziek & Attila)
13. Daywalker Inc. (Mr. L & Rhyme)
13. Supersonic Hypertonic (Sauc3 & Phiddlesticks)
13. Weedcohol (Googs & MPrime)
17. Viet Cong Nicotine (Iliad & Raidos)
17. iRobotic (Leafshadow & Skyler)
17. KSST (Snowshard & Cr0wbar)
17. Fair cex (AvariceX & Ferre)
17. Team Bring Rainbow Cruise Back AKA Team Vaginas (Jen & Stef)


Canada vs USA Crew Battle 5v5
Matches all found here:

Game 1 Holy vs Will (Will wins with 1 stock left)
Game 2 Ally vs Will (Ally wins with 2 stocks left)
Game 3 Ally vs Vinnie (Vinnie wins with 3stocks left)
Game 4 T.O Joe vs Vinnie (Vinnie wins with 1 stock left)
Game 5 Alphicans vs Vinnie (Alphicans wins with 2stocks left)
Game 6 Alphicans vs Logic (Logic wins with 2 stocks left)
Game 7 Tinman vs Logic (Tinman wins with 1 stock left)
Game 8 Tinman vs MJG (MJG wins with 3 stocks left)

Highlights: USA: Vinnie takes 6 stocks,Will takes 4 stocks Canada: Holy,T.O Joe,Tinman and Alphicans take 2 stocks

Videos (coming soon)

Tournament Videos will be uploaded to www.youtube.com/videogamebootcamp and www.youtube.com/ssbbrevivalofsalt in the next coming days
Miscellaneous hype and post-tourney vids of the canadians and americans adventures will be up on the Revival of Salt youtube channel.


Ally vs Bloodcross winners semis best of 5

Holy vs Vinnie winners semis best of 5

Will vs Doom winners r2

Holy vs MJG winners r3

Ally vs Logic winners r2

T.O Joe vs Bloodcross winners r3

T.O Joe vs Will losers r4 winner gets 5th


Grandfinals Ally/Holy vs Nicole/MJG

Photos (coming soon)

at the bar getting nicole and bloodcross there first poutine

jumping on top of the guard rail in the cn tower, shortly before security told us to calm down

i for some reason thought it would be cool to take picture of Googs cat. Only a few people know the story behind it.

Lying down on the canadian flag downtown Toronto

Snow Shard

Smash Journeyman
Jun 18, 2011
Oakville Ontario Canada
WAS MAD HYPED FOR THIS TOURNY... actually i still am... i can't touch my homework cuz my mind is infected with brawl. Ill do shoutouts when im not swamped in homework- cuz there will be ALOT lol


Smash Lord
Aug 5, 2009
Will post up the bracket img soon ggs everyone had a lot of fun shout outs later but extra shoutouts to the mprimes house crew the ****en bestt



Smash Lord
Jun 28, 2008
London, Ontario
good **** to all the canadians that made it out. I'll do shoutouts once the full results are up.
pre-shoutout shoutout to ian patcheezy, did crazy good this tourney.

if only my sets got some hype, the only one people saw(other than my hamilton brethrens) was me getting 3 stocked by vinnie. Good times.


Smash Hero
Mar 9, 2008
Kissimmee, FL (Poinciana)
3 MKs in top 6? BAN HIM


Results don't look that far fetched and play on the stream looked really good when I was able to watch.

I don't think MK should be banned so it was good to see this tourney was mk legal. If you took my post that way, my bad. The jk was supposed to show that it was a joke but w/e.


Smash Journeyman
May 21, 2010
Fun tourney. I enjoyed watching Vinnie vs. Canada, was pretty hype.

Also I dunno what I liked more, sauc3 getting bodied by Vinnie or Cruxis getting beat my Will and finding out how to tech.


Smash Champion
Dec 10, 2009
I got Bodied by Alphicans, twice.
3 stocked twice.

He pulled some wizardry on me I say.


Smash Cadet
Sep 3, 2009
Canada vs USA proof that MK doesn't need to be banned>? :D no hate no hate that was still serious **** sooooooo much fun.


Smash Champion
May 23, 2008
shouts to the CN tower

shouts to canadians being awesome and not giving ****s about stupid stuff, unlike the american public

shouts to friday night

shouts to TOjoe for bein a fkn under-appreciated baller

shouts to the venue for having booze at it

shouts to mk, i miss him

shouts to never have i ever

shouts to karaoke

shouts to the mothafkn giants for beating the patriots, fk those guys

shouts to illiad, you are an amazingly generous dude who i shall repay this summer

shouts to averil for being a killer teammate

shouts to egypt LOL

shouts to working at 10am today!



Smash Journeyman
Jul 21, 2008
Scarberia, ON
Awesome tourny, shoutouts later

I forgot my gc controller when I packed away my wii. Did anyone pick it up? It would have been at the big TV in the corner to the right of where you walk in


R e d X

Smash Journeyman
Jun 29, 2011
Toronto, Ontario
Had an awesome time at this, congrats to Joe and Gi for an amazing tourney, things ran smoothly, venue was great and there was alot of opportunity for friendlies. Defs one of my best tourney experiences. And in case anyone's curious I was the guy running around in the Ness getup ;)

Shoutouts to come!


The Assault of Laughter ﷼
Apr 18, 2010
Interesting tournament.

Metaknight was definitely dominant throughout, and I'm glad he's banned down here in Texas.
Secondaries were practically arbitrary when it mattered most, large amount of games went to time, and he was obviously over-centralizing in both singles and doubles (see results). You guys can keep him.

Props to MJG and Nicole for doing extremely well in teams. There was some beautiful chemistry going on there, without a doubt. You guys could have even taken out Ally and Holy if you stepped it up a bit further. Definitely want to see more of that team in the future.

Good job to everyone, Brawl looked really hype and alive watching from the stream.

Tin Man outplacing Logic, Bloodcross's Falco looking sexy as hell, Ally going ROB, Vinnie's Peach, TO Joe being chill as ****, MJG's MK game five, Will and Blacka shining in teams, GIMR showing tons of improvement, and Patches causing those upsets.

Seemed like a really good tournament just watching from stream, wish I would have went.
Toronto chillest city in the world!


#stream monster

Toronto Joe

Smash Master
May 13, 2008
Videos will be up soon, VGBootcamp just got back into there country haha
If anyone has pictures from the event send them to my email joe-96-[at]hotmail.com


Smash Champion
Nov 30, 2007
London, Ontario, Canada
Shoutouts to:

-First of all me for being the best

-Joe for being amazing.

-Gi for also being amazing and being responsible for the most profit I have ever made at a tourney.

-Kurtis for getting grabbed. I told you not to get grabbed. Also for recognizing that I am the best.

-Ian the Patches for taking Logic to game 3 and being almost as good as me.

-Ally the terrorist for teaching me things on his birthday.

-Americans for being chill.
-Logic just for being Logic.
-Doom wanting to punch FlyingVe in the face.
-Nicole for bringing that shameless smacktalk in crews
-Bloodcross for being salty; this couldn't have been the Revival of Salt without you. Also for playing me a lot.

-Supreme_Flop for flopping.

-Croi for being from Atlantis or something.

-Raziek for not taking my money.

-Raidos for playing the worst video game on Earth.

-Kurtis again for listening to kpop but having poor taste in it. Phiddles too.

-V for also not taking my money.

-Tinaye for living beside a toll highway.

-Secret technology Sigilyph special sweeper

-Aposl having all natural level 100 EV-bred Pokemon. No rare candy cheats holding this ****er back.

-Alex not knowing what a bob-omb is.

-VGBC with dat stream.

-Me once again for bringing Logic to last hit after SD'ing my 2nd stock at 10% because I am a man and need no 2nd stock.

-Red X for graciously accepting the burden of the Ness crown.

-Stef ...uhh for being tall.

-Boram for being the best-looking girl on Earth.

-Ben making out of pools getting dat revenge.

-.exe teaming with me on the fly.

-Holy for wanting to spread whatever he was sick with.

-And finally me again for being too ****ing intelligent.

If I forgot you it's because you weren't worth remembering.


Charging Limit All Day
Oct 14, 2008
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Yo Ontario, I think we left with most of your salt on our ride. Except Bloodcross and Googs, them boys salty as hell. Full shout-outs when the results get posted.



Smash Hero
Nov 14, 2010
In the rain.
9. Logic - Thanks for the kind words, and the MMs. Those were very fun.
9. Yoona (Sauc3) - Damn man, you must have practiced your balls off. Beat both me and Alphi, and got 9th? Good ****. Now I don't feel bad for losing to you.
13. Pharaoh Brolic Allah Ackbar Jihad Burka (Cruxis) - GOD DAMMIT I SHOULDN'T HAVE REMATCHED YOU
13. Doom - I did NOT see that coming. Didn't know you were any good. XD
17. Patches - You beat Nicole, that's all that matters.
17. Poke - Best unintentional edgehog EVER
17. V115 - You disappoint me
25. Fuddo - Good **** on beating Iliad

Red X - I had SOO much fun teaming, dude. I think we have a lot of potential. We should do this again. How does IMPULSE sound? ;)

To all the MMs I dropped, I'm sorry. I wasn't in the mood for MMs, I was pretty much just turning into a giant salt shaker.

Ally/Holy/Joe, next tournament we're at, I want MK friendlies. I need MK practice :(

Toronto Joe

Smash Master
May 13, 2008
1. Ally :snake::metaknight::rob: congrats on 1st, you held it down for Canada, and you did a great job helping run the tournament and commentating. Im glad you figured everything out in time for bracket.

2. Vinnie :popo: Good job, it was fun teaming with you and hanging out.

3. MJG :toonlink::metaknight: This man was playing to win, good stuff repping the Midwest. I knew you were good but you deff leveled up from wifi to offline lmao glad you got here safely

4. Holynightmare :metaknight: Wish you coulda been in the top 3 but nonetheless awesome job. 3 canadians in the top 5 is awesome and you are just naturally really good at this game. I wish you cared enough to practice cause you can be as good as your brother if you try i think!

5. Bloodcross :falco: Friday night was rediculous haha, great times together. Great job beating me and taking Ally to game 5. Just gotta learn to have fun dude, you got this.

7. Will :dk2: Loved our set together regardless of how horrible the commentary was. Its so fun playing people that just play to **** you up and we definitely were going back and forth in our set. Awesome job, hope you enjoyed Canada

7. [YRSF] Tin Man :olimar:
9. Logic :olimar:

9. Yoona (Sauc3) :metaknight::samus2: Great job man, hope my advice helped you a bit. I really think you have the potential to be the next top player from the region. You already have the smarts you just need to learn more options and you'll be set.

9. Mar1 :dk2: Definitely wouldnt have expected to see you in top 10, MTL came strong. Great job, and thanks for coming out to this!

9. GIMR :falco: Already thanked you in person for the stream but just wanted to say again how great a job you did pulling it together.

13. Pharaoh Brolic Allah Ackbar Jihad Burka (Cruxis) :snake: Whats more to be said? So happy youre back in Canada

13. Alphicans :gw: Solid job in crews, thanks for coming all the way from WC.

13. Doom :falco::metaknight: Thanks for the help with everything. Glad you could make it out,good stuff in brackets too.

13. Attila :dk2: Nova Scotias best?

17. Nicole :peach: this weekend reinforced my beliefs that we should get married lmao

17. Patches :gw: my ****ing bro! look at this beast, practice pays off. So proud of you bud, youre the peoples champ now.

17. Raziek :marth: fun MM, thanks again for travelling all the way out to reach this, means a lot

17. Buenob(plus Margaret..you guys are 1 entity in my book) :rob: awesome job bud, without you and Margaret this tournament wouldnt have been half as good, youre an unsung hero of the tourney and i hope more people see how much you contributed to this

17. Poke :falco: Didnt really get to talk much but thanks for coming out, i know its a long bus ride for ya

17. V115 :zerosuitsamus: Was rooting for you vs Doom, good job getting 1st seed in pools. Keep practicing and youll crack top 10 in no time

17. Croi :wario: even though youre commentary is horrible and makes me want to puke, You and Nova Scotia are hella cool and your wario was super fun to watch. Cant wait to have you guys back if we decide to host another

17. Apostl :ashketchum: Master troll,beard owner and streammonster.

25. Googs :diddy: I already sent ya a text but we are the dream team

25. Fuddo :pit: great job beating Iliad, welcome to the bracket!

25. Zhao :luigi2: Thanks for being so nice and approachable when we spoke, sorry we werent able to play i was running around all day. Next time!

25. Jessica (Phiddlesticks) :random: Thanks for helping with everything, you trolled me maddd hard with your entry name haha

Off the top of my head

Gi: we did it bud!

Chris&Johnny: thanks for the support, it means a lot to have your best friends be there for you. You dont even use this site but its the thought that counts

Omega Collectibles: thanks for contributing to the pot and supporting the scene, it means a lot to have support from respected fgc businessmen, come back anytime
A&C Games: likewise with Omega, we really appreciate the contribution and hope we can build off this event to grow the scene in the future

Blacka: #IBC , was great havin my American boys come out to this. Mad jokess

Mprime: the bromance continues to develop, without you this tournament wouldnt have even happened..tell your parents im forever grateful

Nancy: you got me a glass of water, it was touching, thanks for helping with all the americans. I cant even be mad your dating Matt because of how nice you are. I guess ill just have to find another lover.

Mr.L: thankyou so much for housing all those people, i owe ya pal. Hope you got my text

Leafshadow: Hope i was able to teach you something, whenever you need advice or want to play you know im always willing to help. Hopefully i just wont be so busy so i can actually sit down lol

Red-x,Snowshard,Jen: thanks for coming out and i hope you all had a good time!
Pidge: ggs in pools, you had me game 1!

Camera crew: thanks for filming, hopefully we keep in touch in the future. It was refreshing talking with regular people outside of smash at a tournament.
Last edited:


Smash Hero
Nov 14, 2010
In the rain.
Lol thanks for cheering for me Joe. I think that was the first time I've ever been cheered for since SiD2. And even at that, it was everyone cheering for Poke but Tin cheering for me. XD


Smash Ace
May 5, 2008
I would like to shout out everyone from "aye" to zed but I'm still on the bus back home. So fo now I will shoutout the most important person of the trip. Finger cramp jaaagoooooooooooooooooooo

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