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Revival of Melee 3 "upsetting" results!!


Smash Hero
Jan 16, 2007
Ok so first off thanks to everyone for coming ... shoutouts to West Coast for having such a beast attendance and performance! .. ALSO CANADA! good **** to a fellow sheik player KirbyKaze for reppin the dynasty! Annnnnnnd last but not least Dr. PP for showing us that theres still hope for new names to take out legends not just mango taking them out LOL!

doubles bracket

Bracket Image

1: mango + lucky
2: hax + hungrybox
3: Dr. Pepee + yayuhzz
4: chillin + tope
5: jman + th0rn
5: darc + m2k
7: scar + waffles
7: tec0 + g$
9: unknown + roc croc
9: kirbykaze + macd
9: lovage + swift
9: VaNz + Alukard
13: eggm + nando
13: general + mimic
13: hazz + reno
13: chopz + pbnj
17: ultimascout + mattdotzebb
17: bamsey + sioh
17: 702 + mike$
17: solar + banks
17: ko kingpin + carroll
17: husband + wife
17: druggedfox + laijin
17: kage + tag
25: morgue + jinjo
25: sol + phish it
25: irishmafia + voodoojin
25: sneak + twebb
25: tuna + niko
25: zoso + arc
25: Mr.F + captain jamie
25: project + animal
33: pakman + mogwai
33: winston + wenbo
33: DooooooooYoung + PockyD
33: crismas + d1

Singles Bracket

Bracket Image

1: Dr. PeePee
2: m2k
3: kirbykaze
4: jesus
5: hbox
5: lucky
7: darc
7: kayle
9: mango
9: macD
9: eggm
9: hugs
13: chops
13: rockcroc
13: hax
13: G$
17: kage
17: chillin
17: waffles
17: sion
17: swift
17: unknown
17: darrell
17: ben
25: tope
25: tec0
25: g-reg
25: stricNYN3
25: DJ nintendo
25: banks
25: jesiahTEG
25: winston
33: lovage
33: sol
33: hazz
33: scar
33: druggedfox
33: Dooooooooooooooooooooo
33: $mike
33: thorn
33: husband
33: hugQ
33: everlasting yayuhz
33: pakman
33: ky
33: d1
33: nando
33: KevM

ok so i will update more later but i really have other things that i need to take care of! Thank you all for coming and making this an amazing experience!



Smash Master
Dec 13, 2005

This tournament was so stacked! Posting shout outs soon when I get home from work.

LOL "upsetting results" like I said "Revival of Upsets 3" XD


Smash Lord
Jan 23, 2009
Mango sandbagged.

Hbox didn't.

I'll post shout outs later. Super fun tournament.

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Mar 26, 2006
so many shoutouts to do.
i'll actually do them this time.

currently at a mcdonald's in NC on my way home

I have time for one shoutout:

4Loko: wtf you're so good and so bad at the same time


Banned via Administration
Mar 26, 2006
i ended up smashing with Cam for like 2 hours

i fell asleep on the road for about 2 minutes so i stopped at a gas station and took an hour nap lol


Smash Master
Feb 19, 2009
so many shoutouts to do.
i'll actually do them this time.

currently at a mcdonald's in NC on my way home

I have time for one shoutout:

4Loko: wtf you're so good and so bad at the same time
lol...this guy is too good.

Thnx for the advice man, i'll def. be playing more people. I actually played **** loads better yesterday than when you saw me playing on saturday. Life's weird like that at times.

PK Webb

Smash Champion
Dec 24, 2007
the lab
BEAST TOURNEY wish sneak would had came 2nd day so we could had did some damage in teams but whateva.
Shout outs:
Alukard: love u man for hosting this
PROG: OMG MAN DONT LEAVE ME. the ec needs u more than u think i understand y u wanna retire tho the stress of every1 constantly asking for vids and basically harassing u is too legit. we gotta chill eventually.
Sneaks: Being a beast teammate and helping me to get outta team brackets
MOP: GREAT SEEING U. it really was like 1o0 months since we last seen each other i like that falco
Animal: dude u r so good in a year or 2 you will be up there. keep it up
Codi: seems like u got my number in tourney lol i will neva underestimate u ever again
SmellyCat: liking ur marth its getting up there. you got combos dont be scared to land that dair
ky: my teacher is too good i need more hyperbolic time training lol
sol: same as ky...........MURT
thorn: nice friendlies i think i can take ur fox but falco is a different story
kevinm:i got that respect...good stuff love u man (no homo lol) ur fox is mad good
D1: u right fox players r mad beast but we mess up. great friendlies
yedi:fun matches i learned a few key things there ur falco *****
PB&J:that drive back was brutal man lets make sure that neva hapens again. nice fox by the way too technical
Kirbykaze:mad chill dude im happy 4 u
unknown: dont be upset we all no ur ****.pound 5 more hacked melee matches??
jpobs: mad fun playing u
swift:except that ur technical as hell and just be fast and smart
nando: doing his thing dont worry man i no u gonna be up there in no time
hax: thanks for losing that rock paper scissor made me a dollar richer
every1 in da hotel room was mad chill but yall shud had let prog sleep
brookman: i got u on the hack melee man. smart a$$ fox teach me the ways of a smart fox player

a nub

Smash Ace
Mar 28, 2009
Rochester, NY/ Yonkers, NY
aw man I was so mad I missed out on day 2, stupid *** bus doesn't run on sundays. Could've played a lot more ppl. also I was afraid my horrible choking in singles pools was gonna ruin the experience for me but it all ended up being good. Good **** prog for that play by play, **** was so hype

so here's some shoutouts I guess:

me- ****ing scrub *** falco stop comboing to 120% then sding in tourney looooool

armando and jose- loooooooool we're all making out of pools rom 4, right?

jesse - good **** making it into bracket. now help me do the same lulz

lulz the rest of upstate ny- next time we got this. also gj ****** LI in crews. shoutouts to minh and steven for 13th in teams

the livestream tv- so I guess everyone got to see husband and wife double dsmash ****
me in teams pools haha

m2k- when I was down after singles pools, I'm now wondering why the hell I thought playing you when my confidence was shot would help LOL. But it was actually really fun and I felt a lot better even though it was kinda ****, ggs and good **** on 2nd. keep it up

everyone in my pools - rom 4 ima *** **** all of you, even hugs. also ggs lol

wc trashtalk- **** you ima be ****** all of you someday *****es

kage- I've never been ***** so hard by ganon. keep it up, you got this next time, your bracket was just really **** hard this time

dj and warriorknight- lulz that double ganon vs double bowser mm was fun even though we got *****. ggs

alu- gj running this *****, roms are always legit. Can't wait for the next one


Smash Hero
Apr 27, 2007
1: Dr. PeePee - Good **** kevin. You have single handedly shown that falco has the power to win a a national. First time since mlg when pc beat ken.
2: m2k - Fun matches. I think they were all 3 stocks. Good stuff man. I'm glad that you came, and you also made it to grand finals. Don't sweat the loss. PP has reached a new level of efficiency with falco that no other falco has, even the ones more technical than him like shiz or chops, PP even distributes all skills of a falco into his gameplay, which I think is something that caught you off guard.
3: kirbykaze - Man, I never knew you were this good. I was sleeping on the kid lol. I still want that mm, no beef tho lol.
4: jesus - 4th place? I expected you to be mad rusty, good stuff.
5: hbox - Fun MM
5: lucky - I always slept on you and other, i knew you were good but playing you confirmed it.
9: mango - After seeing you play, I knew you could've won, easyily, but you chose to have fun. Good stuff
9: eggm - best fox. Thanks for the ride and support bro.
9: hugs - fun matches, you're an efficient samus
13: chops - nobody but me yeah and pb&j know how close your matches with Stricnyne were
13: rockcroc - good stuff in doubles man, gotta play me in singles, different story :0
13: hax - Your tech chases are getting more accurate, I have to get more falcon practice.
17: kage - Godo stuff man, we didn't play this tourney, but you *****.
17: waffles - yooo we didn't get to playy. Rom was crowded tho, I'll hit u up at genesis.
17: sion - yoo you're falco is mad nice. That was a great set against stric, close 1 stock high percent matches. Don't let it get to your head tho man, he'll give you more than juts a run for yo money next time.
17: unknown - nice fune teams, we need to play singles friendlies soon
25: tope - wow you really scraped me in pools, I'll get you next time. Don't judge me on this tourney alone. I was nervous as ****.
25: tec0 - fun friendlies, did i get better?
25: g-reg - I never got to play you, but I want to play you. You and $mike are two falcons I need to start watching.
25: StriCNYN3 - best falco, period.
25: DJ nintendo - u sandbagged, hard against darrell (no offense darrel) You could've made it very far had you actually put like... 10% into your gameplay, LOL
25: winston - nice luigi, i def slept on you until it was too late.
33: lovage - Fun matches, I'm harder than u thought?
33: hazz - good stuff in teams lol. Yo u cant be going fox on sion tho.
33: scar - yo sooon, I still think you're the best falco. Those combos are beast. consider rocking the ec tag next wc tourney, you'll get first :)
33: druggedfox - yo bro, you're just as a good as i thought you'd be. We should team next time you come to tristate.
33: $mike - good stuff in pools, I almost had you second game. I'll get you next time. falcon is the easiest matchup for falco imo. Thnx for letting me play on fd again.
33: thorn - You got a lot better than last time, I couldn't keep up. Next Time I'll 4 stock u with only up tilts :)
33: everlasting yayuhz - u funny crazy nigga lol U and g$ need to team up for a grand finals commentary that consists only of shit talk lol. that would be epic
33: d1 - tight we didn't get to play sing1les, at no johns
33: nando - up and coming best falcon

Strawhats - yo mice meeting you son, you have a nice marth and you're fun to be around. We gotta chill next tourney
Shoopman - we didn't really play this time, next tourney bro.
tect - fun matches man
axelslam - we didn't play skrub <3

Darkdragoon - Nice friendlies. And the player that I was playing with us that only spoke a little english, Shoutouts to him too. Nice falco.

to everyone i played only a few matches, i wasn't trying to leave to get away from you.don't take it personally. at a tourney like this I only like to play 2 or 3 friendlies with each person and move to the next to play as many people as possible. If it were a smaller tourney I would gladly sit and play friendlies for half an hour :)


Banned via Administration
Apr 30, 2008
*'~-East Coast/Quebec/Michigan-~'*
Falco is gay, picked him up in a car ride with Kage and he's mad good and combos are easy to do, I might start practice and enter melee tournaments. falcon sucks.

If I can do what I did vs Kage in friendlies and beating him sometimes, then with practice I may give this game a chance.


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Sep 4, 2006
since mango entered as mango, does that mean he used jiggs?


Smash Lord
Apr 1, 2010
I'm sad that PP beat Mew2kig even though he was playing so well. I feel like it's my fault for being a bad person or something :(
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