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Media Resident Of Maplecrest! Filia Moveset Idea


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Oct 9, 2020
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About Her Game: Filia Is From Skullgirls, A Tag Team Fighting Game With A Hand Drawn Dark Deco Art Style The Game Allows You To Play With Teams Of 1 To 3 Characters With Damage And Attack Stats Changed To Keep It Balanced

About Filia: Filia Is A 16 Year Girl From Maplecrest, Her Backstory Is That She Was A Normal Girl Intil The Medici Mafia Came And Killed Her Family And Almost Her Then A Parasite Named Samson Came And Took Over Filia's Hair She Lost Her Memory

Fighting Style: Her Moveset Will Mainly Involve Samson Turning Into Things

Character Stuff:
Weight Class: Lightweight
Additional Movement Options: None

Gimmick: Her Gimmick Is That Her Air Dodge Can Only Go Left And Right And Is Not Invincible, But Her Can Do An Air Attack And Then Cancel It Into An Air Dash

Ground Normals:
Jab: Her Jab Is A Three Hit Jab The First Hit Has Samson Turn Into Sizzors And Snip, The Second Hit Is A Left Leg Kick From Filia, And The Final Hit Has Filia Kick With Her Right Leg

Forward Tilt: Samson Bites Forwards
Up Tilt: Samson Turns Into Beetle Horns That Pinch Upward
Down Tilt: Filia Lies Down And Samson Warps Around Filia's Leg Creating A Drill That Hits 5 Times

Smash Attacks:
Forward Smash: Samson Lunges Filia Forward Then She Kicks With Both Legs
Up Smash: Samson Bites Upward
Down Smash: Filia Gets On The Ground And Samson Creates A Scorpion Tail And Stabs Forward

Other Ground Normals:
Dash Attack: Filia Slides
Get Up Attack: Samson Creates A Knife That Stabs The Ground
Ledge Attack: Same As Get Up Attack

Air Attacks:
Nair: She Bends Forward And Samson Creates A Bunch Of Sharp Things
Fair: Samson Creates A Buzzsaw That Hits 6 Times
Bair: Samson Creates A Pair Of Wings That Hits Behind Her (Like Corrins)
Up Air: Same As Up Smash
Dair: Like Down Tilt

Grabs And Throws:
Grab: Samson Turns Into An Octopus
Pummel: Squeezes The Opponent
Forward Throw: Samson Throws The Opponent Forward
Back Throw: Same As F-Throw But Backwards
Up Throw: Throws Them Upwards
Down Throw: Samson Slams Them Into The Ground Three Times

Natural B Ringlet Spike: Filia Gets Onto The Ground And Samson Creates A Spike That Hits Through The Ground
Side B Hairball: Samson Puts Filia Into A Hairball Then Rolls Forwards
Up B Updo: Samson Throws Filia Upwards And Samson Turns Into A Crocodile And Snaps Upwards
Down B Takeout Attack: In Skullgirls Every Character Has A Move Called The "Takeout Attack" That Forcefully Brings Out Another Character On The Opponents Team And That's Her Down Special Samson Slaps The Opponent

Final Smash:
Blockbuster: Filia Turns Into A Bug Person And Files Forward, Then Samson Tosses Up Filia Then Turns Into A Giant Crocodile, And Then Eats The Opponent And Spits Them Out

Evidence For Her Inclusion:
Skullgirls Is Pretty Popular
Skullgirls Is On Switch

Evidence For Her Not Being Included:
Her Design Might Be A Problem
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