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Republic of Fighters ft. Ice, Zgetto,... - September 14th, 2013 - Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, France


Smash Lord
Dec 21, 2005
Kourou, French Guiana
September 14th-15th
Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, France

TL;DR information :
September 14th-15th
Near Paris, France
64 players (or more)
First big FGC + Smash event
8 games !

What is Republic of Fighters?

Republic Of Fighters is one of the biggest fighting games event in France. This year they're back for a new season, with an impressive line up of 8 singles tournaments, including for the first time a 64 players melee tournament !
The venue is located in Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, direct south of Paris (Paris subway will bring you there in no time !) Here are the reasons why you should absolutely come to Republic Of Fighters :
  • A huge venue (the tournament takes place in a 500m² basement)
  • Your favorite game and others : You can play up to 2 singles tournaments and 1 team tournament. You are going to play melee of course, but you'll be able to see and play against good players from all across Europe in other fighting games, including :
    • Street Fighter IV : AE 2012
    • SoulCalibur 5 - King Of Fighters XIII
    • Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate
    • Injustice : God are among us
    • Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3
    • Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • Basically, you're in Paris. With the subway you're 10-15 minutes away from Paris center. You should take some time to visit one of the greatest cities in the world !
  • On Saturday night the venue will stay open and you'll be able to sleep there (with your sleeping bag) or play all night long if you want.
  • Entry free for one tournament is 10€ : That said, it means you get to play melee and 7 other games if you want for the whole week end, for only 10€. If I'm not mistaken, this is not expensive AT ALL !
We need you to make this event as big for melee as it is for other fighting games in France, for that, Republic Of Fighters offered us a 64 entrants tournament, same number of entrants than any tournament in this event, and has even offered to ENLARGE NUMBER OF ENTRANTS if there's A LOT of people willing to attend.

You know what you have to do!

Now for practical information :

When ?

September 14th-15th, 2013

The venue is going to open on Saturday morning, aroud 9am and will close on Sunday evening around 8pm. You can stay during Saturday night.

Where ?

Le Kremlin-Bicètre, France. This city is directly south from Paris and easy to reach with Paris subway.

The venue

L'Under (Epitech)
24 Rue Pasteur
Le Kremlin-Bicêtre

See it on a map !

The venue is the basement of Epitech, one of the largest engineering schools in France. Once a year, it's also the venu of one of the oldest and most famous japan conventions in France, with 6000-8000 visitors.

Who ?

Republic Of Fighters is an event where ALL tournaments get an EQUAL AMOUNT of entrants !
This time, the tournament is limited to 64 players. Teams tournament are limited to 16 teams.
As said before it is possible to rise the number of entrants if there's a STRONG demand.

The hosts

Republic Of Fighters is born with the meeting of two french fighting associations : Soul Arena and Alpha Arena.
The goal is to create offline events in order to maintain and expand the competitive fighting game community. Today, Republic Of Fighters is a melting pot of all the big fighting games communities in France, including LeFrenchMelee.
A bunch of associations with the same goal : provide fun, share our passion with others... All of this with the competition we love everything about !
Helped by all the others members of Republic Of Fighters, LeFrenchMelee will be the main TO regarding Melee.

As members of the fighting game community, we believe our games are worth way more than what they appear now.
Now, it's up to you to help us make Republic Of Fighters one of the biggest events in Europe and make Paris one the greatest cities in term of European e-sport !

And last, but not least, it's up to you to show everyone the hype our game brings, and the love we have for it !


The tournament will feature singles and teams.

Singles: 64 players: EVO format.
Doubles: 16 teams: TBD


Registration is open on Republic Of Fighters' website
  1. First, you'll have to create an account on the website. If you're having trouble with French, there's three fields to fill in : Nickname, E-mail, and a captcha about something video games related, whose answer should be "rouge".
  2. Then you'll receive an e-mail, you have to click on the link to validate.
  3. Once you're done with this, you have to register for the tournament. Just go here for singles and here for teams.
For singles, you'll have to choose the number of tournaments you want to enter, your nickname, the game(s) you want to play.
For teams, the name of your team and the game you want to play. The entry fee for teams is 10€/teams, this means when you subscribe, you pay for the whole team. Your mate does not need to subscribe.

Entry fees and prizes*
*All fees and prizes are subject to change

Entry fees

Singles tournament : 10€*
Doubles tournament : 10€ per team*


Pot sizes haven't been determined yet. The only thing we're sure about for now is that the pot will grow with the number of entrants. We'll update this as soon as we decided!


The venue opens on saturday morning around 9 am, and closes on sunday evening.
Detailed schedule is TBD, but singles should be played on Saturday, and doubles on Sunday.


You can download the ruleset here (english version : page 3)

Food, housing, and travel information


There will be a shop set up at the venue with food and drinks. You're in Paris anyways, you'll find fast-food joints and other places to buy food in the neighbourhood.


On saturday evening, the venue will be open and you will be able to stay there. However, we will not have a sleeping room, and therefore, you're likely not to have a great night because of the noise or the light. However, there are a lot of hotels located less than 5 minutes away from the venue : it will cost at least 50€ for 3. It is strongly advised to book a bit before the tournament.
If you need housing before or after the tournament, Parisian smashers may be able to help you. Please contact me or BSeeD if you need help for finding housing (see Contact section).

Travel information

The venue is located 500 m away from the subway station on the line number 7 (the pink one). It's 10-15 mn away from the center of Paris and the trip costs about €1.70 on way. Please contact me or BSeeD if you need information regarding transportation : I'll help you choose the most convenient route.

Other games

As said before, 8 tournaments will be held this week end, including Melee and :
- SFIV AE 2012
- DOA 5
- TTT 2
- SC 5
- UMVC 3
If you wish so, you can play up to 2 singles tournament and 1 teams tournament.

Smash-unrelated interests

The tournament will not take place in Paris, but so close it is pretty much the same. Paris is a beautiful and very lively city, and sightseeing can be great there.

If you plan to attend the tournament and want some information about great places to visit, make sure to contact me.


We will stream the tournament on LeFrenchMelee's Twitch account.
We will also make Twitter updates on LeFrenchMelee, the french community's Twitter account.


Skype : slhoka_kureria
Facebook : pierre.slhoka.leroy
e-mail : lefrenchmelee@gmail.com
facebook : Jonathan Bseed Montenez
e-mail : bseed06@gmail.com

Make sure to contact us if you have any question.

Hopefully, see you in Paris !


Smash Journeyman
Mar 10, 2007

Adam, Zgetto, Faab, Salepate and Tekk are confirmed !

Ice is almost sure to come.

Get hyped guyz :p


Smash Lord
Dec 21, 2005
Kourou, French Guiana
Here's an update on the registered players so far (updated to the 20th of august)
  1. C.Love
  2. porc
  3. grit
  4. Gorn
  5. Lukahn
  6. Varg Foad
  7. Tekk
  8. weedhollow
  9. Salepate
  10. *Zen
  11. StorMyu
  12. Droopy
  13. Shloub
  14. Zgetto
  15. Jimmy
  16. DarkS
  17. MetalFox
  18. JiM
  19. Datto
  20. Flash
  21. Faab
  22. KevKaichi
  23. Adam
  24. David Fortes
  25. Cyr
  26. MonoPenisGuy
  27. LGuy
  28. shrek
  29. Maxattack
  30. Willy
  31. Macson
With 31 players, Melee is the game with the most entrants so far. It should rise obviously, because smashers always register at the last minute ;)

A fair amount of good players, and apparently, Ice should be there as well. We're also reaching to Over and other great players. Baxon should register soon as well.

The other interesting thing here is that 7 of those people never entered a tournament before, and 4 others started playing in 2012. The new generation is here!

Jolteon : any updates on you brits attending ?
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