Request Removing Freefall from Kirby's Hats


Smash Rookie
Nov 29, 2015
I am currently making a "fixed" version of Melee by fixing anything that clearly doesn't work as intended (DK's F-air Auto Cancel, all of G&W, etc), and have hit a roadblock.
I have currently removed the Special Fall from some moves (Zelda's Side-B, Ness's Neutral-B, DK's Neutral-B) by changing their landing lag to 0 in Crazy Hand. I want to remove the Special Fall from Kirby's hats of Ness and DK as well, but I'm unable to edit Kirby's hats with Crazy Hand.

I have looked around the forum to see if anyone else has come across this problem, and found that Ripple has given some offsets for the hats here. I changed the given offsets to 00 in the PlKbNs (Ness hat) and PlKbDk (DK hat) files, but that did not have the intended result.

Are the offsets for a different file, or is there an easier way to change the landing lag for Kirby's hats?
Also, I'm using v1.02 if that helps.

Offsets given by Ripple:
Ness hat:
30 -> 0

DK hat:
20 -> 0