Redesigning/Rebalancing Dr. Mario

Aug 9, 2015
Like Pichu, this will be another really big rework on my part. That means this vision of Dr. Mario isn't going to be playing at all like not just Mario, but also his previous Smash 4 and Melee selves. If you like weird and stupid ideas, then I welcome you to this thread. :D


Like with all of my "rebalancing" exercises, I will showcase what I believe the character's purposes should be overall, as well as the strengths and weaknesses they should have.


Dr. Mario :ultdoc:

Purpose: Combo based debuffer/Adaptable/Combo reliant/Sluggish

Strengths should be:

High kill power
High combo potential
Great shield pressure
Good disadvantage

Weaknesses should be:

Powerful strengths require set up
Low attack speed
Awful recovery
Low movement


These stats, while based around the Doc, generally give more of a picture of universal statistics and how he fairs.


General Statistics: :ultdoc:

  • Middleweight
  • Low walk speed
  • Low run speed
    • (Walk speed and run speed would be more compacted for the slowest and fastest characters)
  • Average horizontal air speed
  • Average fall speed
  • Above average fast fall speed
  • Standardized first jump
    • (All first jumps for all characters will be the same height: around 80% the height of the top platform in Battlefield)
  • Very high double jump height
    • (Baseline for double jump will be lower than it is now, but varied between characters: Dr. Mario's new jump height would be about 125% his current double jump height in Smash 4)
  • Wall Jump (All characters will be able to wall jump, but not all can wall cling)
  • Below average roll distance
    • (All characters will have the same frame data on rolls, with the only real variance between them being distance)
  • Very high shield health
    • (Shield health would now differ between characters, with the baseline being 100 shield health. Dr. Mario's would have 150)
  • Can crawl

So some things may pop out that seem counter to what I wanted Dr. Mario's strengths and weaknesses to be. The first is the high jump height and the buff in horizontal air speed. The idea is that his bad recovery is less about distance overall and that he sometimes will not have a full recovery. You'll see what I mean. These are to compensate.

The second is the below average roll distance, counter to the better disadvantage state that I generally put in. Well... let's get to his other stuff.


:ultdoc: Special trait: Controlled Infection

  • Dr. Mario will stack one of three viruses onto the opponent whenever he hits them with certain attacks. These viruses will fill up a queue. If three of the same virus show up in the queue right next to each other, Dr. Mario will get a special buff to all of his attacks, his shield, his dodges, and his general stats. These buffs will end when another virus of a different color is in the queue three times in a row, or when the queue is emptied
    • Cannot get viruses by hitting shields
    • Three viruses: Fever (red), Chill (blue), Weird (yellow)
      • Attacks that inflict Fever: FTilt, FSmash, FAir, BAir, FThrow, BThrow
      • Attacks that inflict Chill: UTilt, USmash, UAir, UThrow
      • Attacks that inflict Weird: DTilt, DSmash, DAir, DThrow
      • Attacks that remove viruses: Jab, Dash Attack, NAir, Pummel
      • Attacks that empty the queue: Side-B, Up-B, Down-B
    • Fever chain buff
      • All attacks gain a damage over time debuff of 0.4% per 0.5 seconds for up to 6 seconds and a 20% knockback increase
      • All dodges create sickly red mist that slightly knocks away enemies and deals 3.0% per tick. Lasts for 3 seconds
      • Perfect shielding will cause an explosion with set knockback at the enemy's location that deals 8.0% damage
    • Chill chain buff
      • All attacks gain a 15% hitstun increase and stale opponent's dodges
      • All dodges will cause the next attack to deal 25% extra shield damage and 25% extra shieldstun
      • Perfect shielding will cause the opponent to freeze, taking 50% knockback for 2 seconds
    • Weird chain buff
      • All attacks cause the opponent to lose 50% damage and hitstun for 2 seconds on all attacks
      • All dodges will gain 20% distance and will stale at half the speed
      • Perfect shielding will cause the opponent to trip

Alright, this is the main gimmick I will try to sell you today. So to more closely work with how the Dr. Mario series works, Doc will create a queue of viruses that will fill up whenever he hits opponents with certain moves. Side moves give the red Fever, Up moves give the blue Chill, and Down moves give the yellow Weird viruses. And just like in Dr. Mario, should you chain these in groups of threes, you will gain a corresponding buff to all of Dr. Mario's attacks, his dodges, and even an extra effect to his perfect shielding. The idea at this point is to not combo into the same virus should you want to keep that buff, making Dr. Mario's combo game a lot more strategic than other combo based fighters.

There is a motif with each of the three colors. First up is Fever, which is based around neutral play overall. This not only gives all of the Doc's attacks more knockback and extra damage, but whenever he dodges, he will create a miasma of red fever, which can slightly knock back opponents similar to being in a jab, which can prompt them in a direction you want. Lastly, if you perfect shield, you will make an explosion at the opponent's location, knocking them away, dealing more damage, and basically resetting to the neutral state once again at the expense of maybe killing them outright or starting a combo.

Speaking of combos, Chill is based around the advantage state overall. General attacks will gain more hitstun to play with comboing with impunity, but have an added bonus of staling the enemy's dodges. For every one attack, you make it so the stale queue adds a dodge. Eventually, they won't be able to escape your combo without good DI or until you finally deal enough damage to not combo anymore. But an added bonus to your advantage is shield pressure. When you dodge, your next attack will deal extra shieldstun and shield damage, not only threatening a shield break, but making even the most hard hitting attacks potentially safe on shield. Lastly, if you perfect shield with Chill, you will freeze the enemy a la Freezie, making them take only 50% knockback; perfect for comboing.

Lastly, Weird is based around the disadvantage state overall. If you happen to attack an opponent with this buff, you will cause them to lose a lot of kill power and combo potential, making get-off-me tools very potent at forcing back the neutral quickly, even if they still technically are in advantage. If that wasn't enough, your dodges don't get fancy effects, but will actually be a respectable distance and stale at half the speed, basically allowing you to dodge at double the amount pretty safely. Lastly, perfect shielding will cause the opponent to trip, again another way to force neutral again. Of course, you can still lose it if you don't capitalize on the trip correctly.

One thing to note about all of these perfect shield effects is that they are all at the opponent's location, not Dr. Mario's, making these buffs fantastic against zoners that the slow doctor would usually have some trouble against. The big weakness of all of this is that you cannot get the viruses from hitting shields, making the time before getting a buff a bit tricky since Dr. Mario is rather slow.


:GCB: Neutral-B:

  • New sequence: Megavitamins: Dr. Mario throws a giant pill in one of eight different directions, dealing slight damage. If the opponent is hit, certain changes to the virus queue will happen
    • Virus queue effect:
      • If queue is empty, Megavitamin will fill in two of a random color in a row
      • If queue is not empty, Megavitamin will fill in two of the color that is last in the queue
    • Max distance is about half of Battlefield
    • Throwing it at the stage causes it to bounce
    • Max duration is 2.5 seconds
  • Average startup
  • Above average endlag
  • No shield damage
  • Approximate damage numbers:
    • No bounce: 9.4%
    • Bounce: 6.0%


So the synergy with the virus queue is shown in Dr. Mario's special moves. Megavitamins get a couple of good changes here. Not only is the damage consistent throughout the throw, but the throw works like Mega Man's Metal Blade where you can throw it in eight different directions. It also travels in a much straighter line unless you throw it downwards at the stage to create a long lasting bounce that can stuff out approaches. However, it still is affected by gravity, so throwing it sideways will cause it to bounce only once. Overall, very useful in many situations.

The special part is the interaction with the new virus queue mechanic; hitting the enemy with this causes it to fill in two viruses for the price of one. This is what you would use to very quickly change between virus buffs should you find yourself not privy to your current one. However, it is not exact easy to hit, so treat it as a sort of bonus tool.


:GCL::GCB::GCR: Side-B:

  • New move: Vector: Dr. Mario swipes a giant medical sheet upwards, creating a quickly dissipating miasma of viral infection in front of him. Will empty the virus queue when used. This miasma will infect any opponent hit by it with a debuff depending on whichever virus was the majority in the queue before use. When the queue is empty, no miasma will be created, but sheet itself still deals minor damage
    • Cannot block miasma effect if hit by the miasma cloud
      • Can block the damage
    • Miasma effects last 8 seconds
    • Miasma effects:
    • Fever:
      • 10% lower knockback on attacks and attacks will cause a healing over time effect on any enemy hit for 0.2% per 0.5 seconds for 6 seconds
      • Dodging will create miasma throughout the dodge that will heal Dr. Mario for 1.5% per tick
      • Perfect shielding will cause Dr. Mario to get healed for 4.0%
    • Chill:
      • Attacks cause enemies hit to unstale their dodges
      • Dodging will cause the next attack to deal 15% less shieldstun and shield damage
      • Perfect shielding will give the enemy a temporary 20% speed boost for 2 seconds
    • Weird:
      • Attacks give enemies hit +25% damage and hitstun for 2 seconds
      • All rolls lose 10% distance and all dodges stale at double the speed
      • Perfect shielding will cause tripping, though with full invincibility throughout
    • Mix:
      • Will do a random miasma cloud effect
  • Average startup
  • Above average endlag
  • High priority
  • Knockback is sideways at 30 degrees
  • Unsafe on shield
  • No shield damage
  • Approximate damage numbers:
    • Sheet: 6.0%
    • Miasma: 6.0%
  • Approximate kill times:
    • Sheet: 195%


You thought I was done with using the viruses? Nope. In replacement for the Super Sheet's turnaround and reflection capabilities, as well as quite a bit of safety, you can now put on what is basically a reverse buff on the enemy. Best part? This cannot be blocked, making this a very potent debuffing move. Unfortunately, it empties the queue and you will not debuff if the queue is empty, but when you remember that "majority of one virus" can mean one, Doc is able to continuously cleanse his buffs in order to debuff the enemy should you hit them once beforehand.

As for the debuffs themselves, they basically are reversed Fever, Chill, and Weird buffs. With Fever, the enemy gets worse at killing and dealing damage, and can even create a minor healing area for Doc whenever they dodge. If that wasn't enough, they will heal Doc should they perfect shield his attack. This debuff is all around pacifying the enemy's damage and kill power and is very powerful.

Chill debuff will actually make your dodges unstale every time the enemy hits you, making you a slippery son of a gun, even without the Weird buff on yourself. In addition, their one attack after a dodge will be worse at shield pressure. And if they perfect shield, the offender gains a speed boost for a tiny bit of time, allowing them to potentially play with the enemy should the perfect shield go through and no retaliation is successful. This debuff is a very general debuff to have, but is mostly to make disadvantage state better by making their advantage state much worse.

Weird debuff will actually give Doc better attacks should he be attacked, making turnaround moves like NAir and the new UAir (wait a moment) much worse for the enemy if they don't read Doc's movements. And opposite of Doc, their rolls will not only get slightly shorter, but they will stale twice as fast, giving you a much easier time reacting. And a special case is that a successful perfect shield from the enemy will cause THEM to trip. While super powerful, it is noteworthy that they are fully invincible throughout the entire trip, so their perfect shield will technically still do its job of protection, but just remove the ability to follow up properly. This buff is, unsurprisingly, for making your advantage state even better, though through mistakes your opponent makes. So it is less like Chill's combo centric nature, and more about tech chases and reads being more in your favor.

Lastly, if you have one of every virus in the queue, you will get a random miasma effect. Still not bad.

Overall, this makes Doc dangerous in a more constant way than continuously buffing himself, but you might notice that these effects are very temporary and very weak comparatively. In addition, this move is hilariously unsafe on shield despite going through them partially, so choose a good time to actually use it.


:GCU::GCB: Up-B:

  • New move: Pill Fall: Dr. Mario will spawn a massive megavitamin as a temporary platform that will promptly fall after being summoned. When used, this move will empty the virus queue completely, and the effect of the pill will be based on whichever virus is the majority in the queue. Cannot be used if no viruses are in the queue
    • Dr. Mario will spawn right on top of the pill when summoned, even on the ground
    • Can control which angle the pill will fall when summoning by a factor of 30 degrees
    • Cannot be reflected or pocketed
    • Pill effects
      • Fever: Pill will always be sideways throughout its descent and will cause a large explosion on contact with any ground
      • Chill: Pill will always be straight up and drag enemies with it while it descends
      • Weird: Pill will alternate between sideways and straight, causing appropriate knockback angles when turning
      • Mix: All three effects will be present, with the alternating turns always causing it to drag enemies and ending with an explosion
  • Extremely low startup
  • Extremely low endlag
  • Knockback on Fever explosion is at the Sakurai angle
  • Below average shield damage
  • Very low shieldstun
  • Approximate damage numbers:
    • Fever explosion: 16.0%
    • Chill: 1.0%
  • Approximate kill times:
    • Fever explosion: 120%


This was that conditional recovery I was talking about. This basically gives Doc a buildable platform to take advantage of his high natural jumps. The reason it's a poor recovery is not only because it's a falling platform, but it clears off all viruses, meaning your virus buff, should you have it, is gone, and you can't create another one without viruses, so if your opponent gimps you a second time, you have no recovery. Luckily, you only need to hit them once with a virus filling move to get it again, but it's tricky all the same.

However, the pill platforms themselves not only give Doc a great landing option since he can just stand on them as they fall and protect him, but they will do extra things depending on the virus used to transmute them. Firstly, Fever, again favoring killing, does a good explosion that can kill fairly well. Chill, meanwhile, will drag enemies with the pill, allowing for some good setup potential. Weird is the weird one, big shock. It will continuously turn back and forth, creating a strange Bumper like effect, without any hitstun or damage, but weird knockback angles. This particular one is great for edgeguarding and dropping on a sharking opponent. Or just dropping in general. And then the mix of one of each virus gives you a turning pill that drags enemies downwards, and then explodes on the ground, creating a perfect kill move that your enemy cannot do much about should they get caught.

The other great part about this move is that it is a fast one, meaning on the ground, you can suddenly cause a pretty big effect around yourself. Fever and Weird are best for this, while Chill requires some setup due to its shape not allowing for good lateral range.

This idea was to emulate how the pills work in the Dr. Mario games, with each virus giving a different configuration within those games, and Weird being the player switching between the two of course. I think this works both in theme and in function, though like everything involving the viruses, it's a bit complicated.


:GCD::GCB: Down-B:

  • New move: Miracle Cure: Dr. Mario will take out the iconic vial from all Dr. Mario games and quickly fill it with the three viruses from the virus queue, emptying it. Doc will then hold this vial like an item and can use it as such. When the vial is thrown and comes in contact with an enemy or projectile, a quick explosion of viral miasma will burst out, doing a specific effect based on the virus color that is at the top of the vial and losing one virus. This vial can be picked up by enemies and used in the same way. When the vial has lost all viruses, it can be thrown one more time before despawning. Using this when the queue is empty only spawns an empty vial that can be thrown once
    • So long as the vial has viruses inside it, it cannot be destroyed
    • The virus effects will be based on the order of the viruses in the virus queue.
      • (e.g. Fever, Weird, Fever in the queue will cause the first vial throw to cause Fever effect, then Weird effect on the second throw, then Fever again on the last throw)
    • Miasma effects:
      • Fever: Causes a damaging explosion with set knockback that does 8.0 damage
      • Chill: Cause the enemy to freeze, taking 50% knockback for 2 seconds
      • Weird: Causes the enemy to trip
  • High startup
  • No shield damage on vial
  • No shieldstun
  • Approximate damage numbers:
    • Vial: 2.4%

It hit me that the Dr. Mario games start and end with a big vial looking container. Why not have Doc use that? :p

This move, like all special moves, empties the virus queue, which will end any virus buff you happen to get. However, unlike all of the other new specials, this one can actually end up being used in conjunction with a virus buff if you hold the vial long enough. This vial, even when no viruses are put in it, gives Dr. Mario a second projectile to use whenever he wishes.

But if he does have viruses, he can basically emulate the virus buffs' respective perfect shield effect whenever he wants. Fever causes the set knockback explosion for general damage, Chill freezes opponents to allow for combos, and Weird trips, and we all know how good that is.

Unfortunately, the enemy can use this to their advantage, especially considering throwing this at a shielded opponent does absolutely nothing to them but uses up one virus charge. This makes this a bit of high risk, high reward, but considering you have plenty of ways to debuff the enemy and buff yourself, you should still get the upper hand with this out.


:GCA::GCA: Jab:

  • New sequence: Does a quick back hand fist punch, followed by a full hand pressure point strike. Each hit will empty a slot on the virus queue
  • Extremely low startup
  • Extremely high DI deviation on Jab 2
  • Low endlag
  • High hitstun
  • Extremely high priority
  • Base knockback on both hits is very low to allow for combos
  • Knockback is at the Sakurai angle for both hits
  • Safe on shield for Jab 2
    • Barely safe on shield for Jab 1
  • Average shield damage
  • Approximate damage numbers:
    • Jab 1: 1.9%
    • Jab 2: 10.0%
  • Approximate kill times:
    • Jab 2: 400%


So there's more than one way to get your queue empty. All of the "neutral" attacks that don't involve a direction will remove one virus from the queue. This furthers the motif of a much more strategically based combo/neutral play for Dr. Mario compared to other similar characters. In return, these moves will mostly be much more powerful than not just Dr. Mario's other moves, but also other characters' counterparts. Starting with Jab, the first hit would not only be frame 1, but would have super high priority, making it one of the best get off me tools not just for Doc, but for any character I've reworked thus far.

Not only that, but Jab 2 has a crap ton of damage output and not much knockback, allowing for not only high damage conversions, but also a combo starter. Again, the downside to all of these very useful tools is that you will be emptying the queue quickly, which is not good when you don't have a buff or have used up the queue from one of your special moves.

However, when you think about what this attack gets if you do have a buff, it makes it far more powerful. Fever gives extra damage on top of the already high damage and more knockback for tech chasing and full neutral conversion, Chill gives more combo ability and stales TWO dodges, and Weird is admittedly less useful with the lowered damage and hitstun for the opponent, but can be more useful at higher percents when comboing is not an option, yet you want to be very safe in pressing an advantage.

Lastly, the attack is visually based on pressure point seeking, which I would assume Mario would know about, considering his doctorate lol.


:GCR::GCA: FTilt:

  • New move: A quick punch with stethoscope in hand. Has a sweetspot on the stethoscope and sourspot on the rest of the arm and body. Adds one Fever virus to the queue if enemy is successfully hit
    • Can be tilted up and down at about 35 degrees in either direction
  • Average startup
  • Above average endlag
  • High priority on the sweetspot
  • Average priority on sourspot
  • Very safe on shield for sweetspot
  • Barely safe on shield for sourspot
  • Average shield damage
  • Knockback is sideways at 35 degrees
  • Approximate damage numbers:
    • Sweetspot: 13.8%
    • Sourspot: 9.0%
  • Approximate kill times:
    • Sweetspot: 125%
    • Sourspot: 170%


This rather slow overall tilt has a sweetspot on the stethoscope that acts not only as a kill move but has immense shieldstun, allowing you to do some good shield pressure even without the Chill buff from dodging. This move overall works best with Fever though, since it amplifies the killing potential of the move by quite a bit. However, it isn't the best move in neutral due to its above average endlag and short range, so use it sparingly.


:GCU::GCA: UTilt:

  • New move: Quickly uppercuts in front of and above him. Adds one Chill virus to the queue if the enemy is successfully hit
  • Very low startup
  • Above average endlag
  • Above average priority
  • Base knockback is low to allow for early combos
  • Knockback is upwards at 85 degrees
  • Barely unsafe on shield
  • Low shield damage
  • Approximate damage numbers: 8.2%
  • Approximate kill time: 240%


Compared to the old UTilt, this one is pretty darn slow, but has more damage to back it up. It also is slightly alright against shields, and has priority, making it a good oos option despite it's low startup. However, it can still combo quite alright at early percents.

The real fun is buffing this thing with viruses. Fever is the least synergistic, but can still allow for good damage racking combos early on. Chill and Weird are better candidates. Chill allows for combos at later percents and Weird makes the OOS threat of this move far stronger. Plus, it has abnormally high priority for a combo starter move, which is already a good thing in its favor.


:GCD::GCA: DTilt:

  • New move: A low kick. Adds one Weird virus to the queue if the enemy is successfully hit
  • Extremely low startup
  • Average endlag
  • Above average priority
  • Barely unsafe on shield
  • Low shield damage
  • Knockback is upwards at 70 degrees
  • Approximate damage numbers: 5.4%
  • Approximate kill time: 350%


Probably the easiest move to get a Weird virus on without a doubt. This move is great for out of shield combo ability, which works to the Weird buff's strength anyway. However, the best buff for this move is probably Chill, since the angle is conducive to comboing, though it can still combo at low percents if you need. The downside to this move is that for its range and power, the endlag is a bit long, so it's only alright in neutral.


:GCR::GCR::GCA: Dash Attack:

  • Slides along the ground in a low sweep motion. Will remove one virus from the queue if the enemy is successfully hit. Has an early and late hitbox. Destroys projectiles throughout the move
    • (Projectile destruction is a universal aspect of all dash attacks)
  • High priority
  • Low startup
  • Above average endlag
  • Knockback is sideways at 40 degrees on early hit
  • Knockback is upwards at 85 degrees on late hit
  • Barely unsafe on shield for both hitboxes
  • Average shield damage
  • Approximate damage numbers:
    • Early: 8.2%
    • Late: 6.8%
  • Approximate kill times:
    • Early: 150%
    • Late: 300%


Following the trend of attacks that take away viruses being very strong, here we have the dash attack. The usual projectile destruction is present, allowing for slow Dr. Mario to approach without even taking away a virus at all. But when you do hit, this move can kill very early, especially with Fever. It is also good for OOS with Weird due to the high priority and low startup, and works as a killing OOS option which is terrifying for aggressors. And as for working with the Chill virus...

The late hit has insane combo potential with the much lower knockback and higher angle to lead into many vertical combos, and Chill exemplifies this quite well. If that wasn't enough, this move is pretty darn safe on shield if you simply retreat afterwards. This is probably Doc's go to move on the ground quite honestly.


:GCCR: FSmash:

  • New move: Does two very quick pressure point strikes followed by a palm thrust imbued with purple electricity. Adds one Fever virus to the queue if the enemy is successfully hit
    • Has a higher charge multiplier of +80% (normally +40%)
  • Above average startup
  • High endlag
  • Extremely high priority
  • Knockback is at the Sakurai angle
  • Extremely high shield damage
  • Barely safe on shield
  • Pushes back shielded opponents
  • Approximate damage numbers:
    • Hit 1: 4.0%-7.2%
    • Hit 2: 5.0%-9.0%
    • Hit 3: 7.0%-12.6%
    • Total: 16.0%-28.8%
  • Approximate kill times:
    • Final hit: 165%-135%


This is basically a heavyweight style FSmash on a middleweight. It is slow, it has poor startup and endlag, but it is a killer shield breaker and damage dealer. And it kills respectably uncharged too. However, overall, it's pretty weak. Where this shines is when paired up with Chill and Fever.

Firstly, it gains more damage when charged than other smash attacks, meaning it's very good when your opponent doesn't move. Now how could we manage that? How about with Chill virus? And to top it off, using this after a dodge can guarantee a shield break almost with that buff. As for Fever, obviously more damage and kill power is fantastic. Weird barely works with this one, but is good for reading a getup option from trips, something Weird gives the Doc plenty of. Lastly, due to the extremely high priority this move has, it is potentially fantastic at ledge guarding and stuffing approaches.

However, overall, this is a pretty weak move that needs buffs and virus synergy to augment it into something greater.


:GCCU: USmash:




:GCCD: DSmash:




:GCX::GCA: NAir:

  • Remapped move: The Dr. Tornado is moved to NAir
  • Does a quick cyclonic motion that traps enemies, and then thrusts outwards, knocking them away. Will remove one virus from the queue if enemy is successfully hit. This will drag enemies with Dr. Mario's trajectory. Holding down the button will cause it to not cancel when hitting the ground, but will cause it to continue to the end
    • Lasts up to 1.25 seconds
    • Can move freely throughout the move
  • Below average startup
  • High endlag
  • Low landing lag
  • Extremely low priority
  • Knockback is sideways at 30 degrees
  • Knockback when hitting the ground is upwards at 60 degrees
  • Low shield damage on multihit
  • Average shield damage on final hit
  • Unsafe on shield if not cancelled
  • Safe on shield if cancelled
  • Approximate damage numbers:
    • Multihit: 1.1% * 4
    • Final hit: 8.6%
    • Total: 13.0%
  • Approximate kill times:
    • Final hit: 190%


So Miracle Cure replaced Dr. Tornado, and while I was sad to see it go, I thought to myself that the moves that take away viruses are meant to be his more powerful and versatile moves, so why not pull a Brawl Mario and remap the tornado to an aerial? And so I did.

This move is pretty much Dr. Tornado exactly, barring needing to initiate it in the air and having no lift. And unlike other aerials, you can continue using it even when landing. It's great at stage control with its final hit's sideways knockback, it has a fast startup, and you can cancel it in the air to make it a potent combo starter instead. The main drawbacks with this move are the endlag on the full final hit, and the extremely low priority, meaning almost everyone will be hitting you out of it should you not plan ahead.

As for synergy with viruses, Fever is obvious due to its kill potential and high damage, but also due to its low damage when cancelled causing it to actually deal respectable damage overall with the Fever damage over time. Chill is also obvious with the cancelled version comboing. Unfortunately due to the low priority of this move, it won't be used much in disadvantage, making Weird the buff that gets left out.



  • An overhead swing sideways. Adds one Fever virus to the queue if an enemy is successfully hit. Has an early, clean, and late hitbox
  • High startup
  • Average endlag
  • Average landing lag
  • Above average priority
  • Pushes shielding enemies back slightly
  • Barely safe on shield on all hitboxes
  • High shield damage on clean hit
    • Average shield damage on early and late hits
  • Knockback is at the Sakurai angle for all hitboxes
  • Approximate damage numbers:
    • Early: 11.0%
    • Clean: 15.5%
    • Late: 8.8%
  • Approximate kill times:
    • Early: 175%
    • Clean: 120%
    • Late: 180%


The old forward aerial that Alpharad hypes up. XD

In all seriousness, this move doesn't get changed much here. It's about what I would want. However, it does now have higher shield damage and pushes shielded enemies back, making it better at landing despite its landing lag. And it kinda works with all viruses in some way. Chill by increasing shield damage, Weird by being a good tech chase option to land with if you time it, and Fever by the obvious buff of making a kill move kill far earlier.



  • A quick dropkick. Has an early and late hitbox. Adds one Fever virus to the queue if an enemy is successfully hit
  • Extremely low startup
  • Low endlag
  • Extremely low landing lag
  • Below average priority
  • Unsafe on shield for both hitboxes
  • Average shield damage for both hitboxes
  • Knockback is at the Sakurai angle
  • Approximate damage numbers:
    • Early: 10.4%
    • Late: 7.0%
  • Approximate kill time:
    • Early: 175%
    • Late: 215%


Not much changed about this move other than a general damage nerf to make it more reliant on Fever virus. As for the other two viruses, Chill is potentially good early on for some quick confirms on grounded opponents and Weird virus is less useful with it, but considering how safe this is to use as a spacing tool, it can potentially have some use in lowering incoming damage your way with a trade.

The spammability comes at a cost of being unsafe on shield, so don't use this for poking shields much. It also has lower priority than most spacing tools and is basically thrives off of being ridiculously fast and long lasting to have a good use in Doc's arsenal.



  • New move: Outstretches a kick downwards before front flipping, forcefully kicking the entire way. Adds one Chill virus to the queue if an enemy is successfully hit. Has an early, clean, and late hitbox
  • Average priority
  • Low startup
  • Average endlag
  • Very low landing lag
  • Knockback on early hit is at the Sakurai angle
  • Knockback on clean hit is upwards at 75 degrees
  • Knockback on late hit is behind Dr. Mario at 180 degrees
  • Barely unsafe on shield for all hitboxes
  • Average shield damage
  • Approximate damage numbers:
    • Early: 5.5%
    • Clean: 6.0%
    • Late: 8.6%
  • Approximate kill times:
    • Early: 450%
    • Clean: 300%
    • Late: 175%


After seeing Doc's Smash Ultimate UAir doing some weird things with backwards knockback, I had to find a way to gel that with the multipurpose facet of these moves to work with the viruses, and I think I got it.

Functionally, this move is similar to a NAir in that it is an attack that covers all sides of Doc. The difference is that it is pretty slow, at least in endlag, and the kick itself has very different properties depending on the place you hit.

Firstly, the downward kick works as an anti-sharking tool with how quick it is and the fact it is a Sakurai angle means it can also pop people off the ground at higher percents and work as a sort of hit confirm at lower percents thanks to the low landing lag. This one works best with Weird virus because if you stop the sharking attempt, your enemy and you will be active at about the same point in time, meaning it comes down to a 50/50 which you can definitely win to get out of disadvantage.

In front of and on top of Doc is the clean hitbox which is the main combo move due to the high angle and quicker action from Doc before the enemy. This works very well with Chill, allowing for better combos potentially.

On top of and behind Doc is the late hitbox, which is the stage control based one that goes sideways. This one is very good for platform pressure, especially since this one has the most damage and kill potential. This makes it work very well with Fever, upping that kill potential and damage by a wide margin, making the Doc formidable at applying pressure from below.

So that's one move that works with all three viruses very well. Very versatile.



  • A full stomp downwards. Causes a meteor smash. Adds one Weird virus to the queue if enemy is successfully hit
  • Average priority
  • Average startup
  • Above average endlag
  • Below average landing lag
  • Knockback is downwards at 270 degrees
  • Average shield damage
  • Safe on shield
  • Approximate damage numbers: 12.0%
  • Approximate kill time: 130%


The new stomp move from Ultimate. Firstly, it gives a Weird virus, like all downward normals do. However, it is not like other meteor smashes in this case because it actually is rather weak in terms of knockback, at least at low percents. It is rather fast coming out, and while the shield damage isn't great, it is safe on shield.

It also works pretty well with all three virus buffs. Fever will turn it into a killing move more akin to the traditional meteor smash with the knockback increase, Chill will increase the hitstun, making it more likely to cause a gimp, especially with a staler dodge to add to it, both off stage and on stage, and the Weird buff works well because it is a great tech chasing option due to the pretty low landing lag and can work off of the perfect shield trip. Granted it is less synergistic with the buff it leads into, but hey.


:GCZ: Grab and Pummel:

  • Very low range melee grab
  • Fast standardized grab frame data
    • (There would be three standardized frame data "rankings" for melee grabs)
      • (Fast: 6 frame standing grab, 8 frame dash grab, 9 frame pivot grab)
      • (Average: 9 frame standing grab, 11 frame dash grab, 12 frame pivot grab)
      • (Slow: 12 frame standing grab, 14 frame dash grab, 15 frame pivot grab)
  • Pummel will empty one virus out of the virus queue
  • Approximate pummel damage: 3.2%
  • Approximate pummel interval: 1 second


Remember how Dr. Mario can't get viruses off of shields? Well how about we compensate for that by giving him the standardized fast grab, giving him an edge in pressuring shields, even without the Chill buff? Sounds great to me. Unfortunately, his pummel takes away viruses from the queue, but it is far stronger considering it again can give damage over time, stale dodges, or lowered damage/hitstun depending on the virus buff you have. It also deals a lot of damage.


:GCZ::GCR: FThrow:

  • Twirls the opponent once, grabbing them by the legs, then throwing them forward. Adds one Fever virus to the queue
  • Low endlag
  • Base knockback is low to allow for very early combos
  • Knockback is sideways at 40 degrees
  • Approximate damage numbers: 7.5%
  • Approximate kill time: 220%


A pretty versatile throw that can be used to make combos at super low percents, exacerbate that trait with Chill, and with a Fever buff, potentially kill. It also has the most damage of all of Doc's throws. As always, it can give stage control too, but otherwise, a pretty unremarkable move.


:GCZ::GCL: BThrow:

  • Forcefully heaves the opponent behind him. Adds one Fever virus to the queue
  • High endlag
  • Knockback is behind Dr. Mario at 135 degrees
  • Approximate damage numbers: 5.4%
  • Approximate kill time: 185%


This throw is basically solely for killing at later percents. The endlag is too high for even Chill to follow up well, though it can work with a Weird buff to followup with a read safely. Otherwise, not meant for much other than kill power.


:GCZ::GCU: UThrow:

  • New move: Forcefully throws the opponent up in the air with both hands. Adds one Chill virus to the queue
  • Average endlag
  • Base knockback is low to allow for combos
  • Knockback is upwards behind Dr. Mario at 105 degrees
  • Approximate damage numbers: 4.7%
  • Approximate kill time: 170%


Your main combo throw besides DThrow. This one is only guaranteed at lower percents however due to the hitstun and endlag lining up very closely. However, you can power up its combo ability later on with the Chill buff, although it also is good with Fever due to it actually being okay at killing later on. As for the Weird buff, it can make following up on the opponent way less risky, allowing for some riskier plays to happen.



  • Slams the opponent down into the ground, knocking them upwards. Adds one Weird virus to the queue
  • Low endlag
  • High DI deviation
  • Knockback is upwards at 70 degrees
  • Base knockback is extremely low to allow for combos
  • Approximate damage numbers: 5.2%
  • Approximate kill time: 430%


The easiest way to get Weird virus besides DTilt, and like DTilt, it is a combo move, and thus works well with Chill. However, the high DI deviation might necessitate Chill at later percents, and makes the other two buffs still very strong with it; Fever for potentially creating 50/50 scenarios with the increased knockback, and Weird buff allowing you to take riskier followup options due to the enemy being weakened heavily.


I may have gone off the deep end on this one. Hopefully I don't seem too insane... :scared:
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Aug 20, 2018
New U-tilt idea: hits opponents with is doctor hat thing.
New Side-tilit: hits opponents with a clip board.


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Oct 29, 2013
Since Dr. Mario tosses pills upwards in his actual games I figured the Doc could toss them similar to Simon's Axe throw.

It would also be fun if he hit people with his stethoscope for his forward Smash. Like he thrusts the hearing part into them like: