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Redesign Smash 4's Roster

Champion of Hyrule

Smash Master
Sep 15, 2018
*doxxes myself*
A while back I made a thread about redesigning the roster for Brawl, because not many people were doing it. Now, I'll do the same with Smash 4! The rules are that:

1. You have to have the same amount of characters. That's 51 in the base game plus 7 DLC character

2. No characters introduced after 2014 for the base game and nothing after 2015 for DLC

Here's my picks:

Mario Series:
Veterans: 1. :4mario: 2. :4luigi: 3. :4peach: 4. :4bowser:
Newcomers: 5. :ultdaisy: 6. Toad

Mario Spin-offs:
Veterans: 7. :4yoshi: 8. :4wario2:
Newcomers: 9. Waluigi 10. Paper Mario

Donkey Kong Series:
Veterans: 11. :4dk: 12. :4diddy:
Newcomers: 13. :ultkrool:

The Legend of Zelda Series:
Veterans: 14. :4link: (SS Design) 15. :4zelda: (TP Design) 16. :4ganondorf: (OOT Design)
Newcomers: 17. Ganon 18. Tingle

Metroid Series
Veterans: 19. :4samus:
Newcomers: NA

Kirby Series:
Veterans: 20. :4kirby: 21. :4dedede:
Newcomers: NA

Starfox Series:
Veterans: 22. :4fox:
Newcomers: 23. :ultwolf:

Pokemon Series:
Veterans: 24. :4pikachu: 25. :4jigglypuff: 26. :4mewtwo: 27. :4lucario:
Newcomers: 28. Sableye 29. Snivy

F-Zero Series:
Veterans: 30. :4falcon:
Newcomers: NA

Mother Series:
Veterans: 31. :4ness:
Newcomers: NA

Fire Emblem Series:
Veterans: 32. :4marth: 33. :4myfriends: 34. :4robinm:/:4robinf:
Newcomers: NA

Game and Watch Series:
Veterans: 35. :4gaw:
Newcomers: NA

Kid Icarus Series:
Veterans: 36. :4pit:
Newcomers: NA

Veterans: 37. :4sonic:
Newcomers: 38. Tails

Veterans: NA
Newcomers: 39. :ultsimon: 40. :ultsnake:

Other Nintendo Series:
Veterans: 41. :4olimar: 42. :4shulk: 43. :4littlemac:44. :4villager:
Newcomers: 45. :4alph: 46. Mii (The Mii Fighters all rolled into one) 47. Balloon Fighter

Other Third Parties:
Veterans: 47. :4megaman: 48. :4pacman:49. :4ryu:
Newcomers: 50. :ultken: 51. :4bayonetta:


1. :4greninja:
2. :4corrin:
3. Inkling
4. Crash Bandicoot
5. :4cloud:
6. Ryu Hayabusa
7. Bomberman


Smash Legend
Sep 3, 2018
Houston, Texas

Mario series: :4mario:, :4luigi:, :4peach:, :4bowser:

Zelda series: :4link:, :4zelda:, :4ganondorf:, :4sheik:

Pokemon series: :4pikachu:, :4mewtwo:, :4jigglypuff:, :4charizard:

DK series: :4dk:, :4diddy:

Metroid series: :4samus:, :4zss:

Star Fox series: :4fox:, :4falco:, Wolf

Kirby series: :4kirby:, :4metaknight:, :4dedede:

Yoshi series: :4yoshi:

Mother series: :4ness:, :4lucas:

F-Zero series: :4falcon:

Fire Emblem series: :4marth:, :4feroy:, :4myfriends:

Retro category: Ice Climbers, :4gaw:, :4rob:

Wario series: :4wario2:

Kid Icarus series: :4pit:

Pikmin series: :4olimar:

Sonic series: :4sonic:

Metal Gear series: Snake

Base game newcomers:


DLC newcomers:

:4lucina: with a completely original moveset
King K. Rool
Bandana Dee
Banjo & Kazooie


Smash Lord
Mar 30, 2020
My most current ones

Isaac:4feroy::wolf::4ryu::4cloud::4bayonetta:Karate Joe:4mii:
Lucas ends up staying because I don’t see myself adding three separate Mii Fighters, and Wolf is the lowest priority of the Brawl fighters.
I‘d probably try to bring back Mewtwo in the base game as it was the character with the most work done on it before being scrapped in Brawl.
Unfortunately, I don’t see myself being able to come up with Wii Fit Trainer or a moveset for the Duck Hunt character.
Ridley was requested, so he joins.
I’d probably still try to bring in Chrom as Lucas was similar to Ness despite being an earlier addition in Brawl.
In terms of clones, I’m unsure how this would be handled, but at least Daisy, Lucina, Dark Pit, Alph, and Dark Link would be alts for Peach, Marth, Pit, Olimar, and Link respectively.
Isaac takes the pre-order DLC so that there is another character from a distinct series.
With Lucas in, I’d probably just have Wolf take that spot.
While I’m not against Corrin, Rhythm Heaven did receive a new game in 2015, Chorus Kids were planned, and there wouldn’t be a Rhythm Heaven based costume, so I could see myself add a Rhythm Heaven character as the ad.
The only other characters that I should probably note are K. Rool and Impa/Ghirahim. K. Rool was left out as he lost his relevancy after Sluggers, and I just had other priorities over a side LoZ character.
Unlockable: :rosalina::4gaw::4rob::4tlink::4robinm::4mewtwo::4jigglypuff::4falco::4lucas::4drmario:
I decided to have Rosalina and Robin as unlockable for being surprising additions. Mewtwo seems like a very fitting choice for an unlockable, and Lucas and Toon Link are lower priority, so making them unlockable seems reasonable.
I’ll say that Ridley gets revealed in E3 2013 with Villager and Mega Man.
Bowser Jr. gets revealed when Rosalina was.
Only Chrom is revealed in the Robin/Lucina trailer.
Mewtwo and Robin gets trailers on release.
For fun I’ll do stage changes and Smash Tour changes

blue-violet=3DS, cyan= wii U, blue= both
SSB: FD, Battlefield, Big Battlefield
Mario: Bowser’s Castle, 3D Land, Rainbow Road, Paper Mario, Luigi’s Mansion, Mario Galaxy, Mario Circuit, Delfino Plaza, Mushroom Kingdom 64
DK: Kongo Falls, Bramble Blast, Kongo Jungle
Yoshi: Yoshi’s Island Brawl, Wooly World
Wario: Wario Ware, Wario Castle
LoZ: Lorule, Spirit Train, Skyloft, Temple, Pirate Ship, Great Bay
Metroid: Brinstar, Crateria
Kirby: Dream Land (GB), White Wafers, Halberd
Star Fox: Corneria, Krazoa Palace
Pokemon: Unova Pokemon League, Prism Tower, Khalos Pokemon League, Pokemon Stadium 2
Mother: Magnificant, Onett
F Zero: Mute City (3DS), Big Blue
Retros: Summit, Flatzone 2, Duck Hunt
FE: Arena Ferox, Archanea, Castle Siege
KI: Bomb Reset Forest, Palutena’s Temple, Skyworld
Pikmin: Distant Planet, Garden of Hope
Sonic: Green Hill Zone, Egg Carrier
AC: Tortimer Island, Smashville
MM: Willy Castle
Wii/Mii: Find Mii, Tomadochi Life, Wii Fit Studio, Wuhu Island
Punch Out: Boxing Ring
Pacman: Pac Maze
Xenoblade: Gaur Plain
Other: Balloon Fight, Pictochat (Brawl), Living Room, Wrecking Crew

DLC: Peach’s Castle, Hyrule Castle, Fountain of Dreams, Mario Maker, Miiverse, Suzaku Castle, Midgar, Umbra Clock Tower
For the Mario series, I feel that Bowser’s Castle is a glaring omission, and it takes place of Mushroom Kingdom U and Golden Plains. Mushroom Kingdom 64 takes the place of figure 8 circuit.
For the DK series: Kongo Falls takes Jungle Japes’s spot in the 3DS version and 75m in the Wii U version since I prefer it more. Bramble Blast was added to give variety for the DK series.
Yoshi: Yoshi’s Island Brawl is the only retro Yoshi map now since I prefer it over the Melee one.
Wario: I like Gamer, but I wanted a Wario Land map.
LoZ: As replacements for Gerudo Valley and Bridge of Eldin, I decided to add Lorule and Great Bay instead since the first one promotes ALbW and the later is preferred by me.
Metroid: Crateria isn‘t lava themed.
Kirby: I wanted something from more recent games the new WiiU maps instead of CGO.
Star Fox: Corneria becomes the only retro map, and I wanted something not on top of a ship.
F Zero: I chose Big Blue for the retro map since it was in two games.
Retro: I wanted to keep an Ice Climber map.
FE: I wanted something from Shadow Dragon
KI: Palutenas temple is MUCH SMALLER this time.
AC: I left out Town and City since it felt kind of redundant to have.
Sonic: I like Sonic Adventure.
Pac-Man: No Pac-Land since Pac-Maze just screams Pac-Man
DLC: I like Fountain of Dreams more than Dreamland 64.
I would approach Smash Tour by making it very similar Mario Party with everyone choosing their own default fighter who moves around the board.
On the board, players can either lose or gain stats depending on the space that they land on. At the end of each round, a fight occurs (ffa, 1v3, or 2v2), and the winner(s) get a gain in stats, and this continues until the last turn ends.
On the final turn, an ffa battle occurs with the stat changes (3 stock FD), and the winner of the match is the winner of Smash Tour.
The six cuts are still left out of base game.
Mewtwo and Ridley are added base game, pushing Duck Hunt and Bowser Jr. to DLC.
Chrom is added but at the expense of Toon Link’s appearance in the base game, and Toon Link pushes Lucas out.
Lucina is an alt, and Daisy joins as a Peach clone.
Corrin is removed, and Bowser Jr. joins instead, we’ll just say it’s to promote Mario Maker.
Unlockable: :rosalina::4gaw::4rob::4wiifit::4robinm::4mewtwo::4jigglypuff::4falco::4drmario::ultdaisy::4darkpit:
Effectively, Daisy and Dark Pit take Toon Link and Lucas’s spots as low priority fighters, and Wii Fit Trainer is one of the surprising newcomers.
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The Smash Nerd II.0.

Smash Journeyman
Jul 3, 2016
Evans, Georgia
My take:
Mario Series: :4mario:(:4drmario:As Alt):4luigi::4peach::4bowser::rosalina::4bowserjr:

Mario Spin-offs: :4yoshi::4wario:

Donkey Kong Series: :4dk::4diddy:Dixie Kong

The Legend of Zelda Series: :4link::4zelda::4ganondorf::4tlink:

Metroid series: :4samus::4zss:

Kid Icarus Series: :4pit::4darkpit::4palutena:

Fire Emblem Series: :4marth::4lucina::4myfriends::4robinm:

Kirby Series: :4kirby::4metaknight::4dedede:

Starfox Series: :fox::falco::wolf:

Pokemon Series: :4pikachu::4charizard::4mewtwo::4lucario::4jigglypuff::4greninja:

Retro category: :popo::4gaw::4rob::4littlemac::4duckhunt:

Mother Series: :4ness::4lucas:

F-Zero Series: :4falcon:

Other Nintendo Series: :4olimar:(:4alph:As Alt) :4villager::4wiifit::4shulk:Isaac(Golden Sun)

Third Parties: :4sonic::4bayonetta::4megaman::4pacman:

DLC: :ultinkling::4feroy::4ryu::4corrinf::ultkrool:
Wii U Roster (Alt).png

Also Smash for 3DS is Canned.
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Geno Boost

Smash Master
Jul 25, 2014
Star Hill. Why do you ask?
I tried
:4yoshi:, Stork & Poochy (as duo)
:4wario:, Captian Syrup
:4pikachu::4jigglypuff::4lucario:, Grovyle (PMD)
:4ness::4lucas:, Ninten
:4falcon:, Black Shadow
:4olimar::4alph:(not alt)
:4sonic::4megaman::4pacman:, Bomberman
DLC: :4mewtwo::4feroy::snake::ultkrool:, Geno, Alex Kidd, Isaac, Rayman
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Crazy Hand 2001

Banned via Warnings
Aug 30, 2016
The Great Maze
Lucina, Dark Pit and Dr. Mario are alternate costumes as originally intended, Mario’s down special is the tornado. Replacing them are Wolf, Squirtle and Ivysaur (as standalone characters). No other changes.

Edit: Apparently 58 counts the Mii fighters. Scrap them and bring back Mewtwo, Roy and Lucas in the base roster. DLC instead brings back either Ice Climbers (Wii U) or Young Link (3DS), Snake and newcomer Waluigi.
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Oracle Link

Smash Champion
Oct 9, 2020

Regular roster redesign
Mario: :4mario::4luigi::4bowser::4bowserjr::4peach: Toad, paper Mario
Zelda: :4tlink::linkmelee::4zelda::4ganondorf: Impa, Skull Kid
Kirby::4kirby::4dedede::4metaknight:Waddle dee
Pokemon::4pikachu::4mewtwo::4jigglypuff:(there is no way my mothers favourite Pokemon wouldnt be in smash):4lucario::pt:
Star fox: :fox::falco::wolf:
Metroid: :4samus::ultridley:
Kid Icarus: :4pit:, Medusa
Fire emblem: :4marth::4myfriends:
Other: :4falcon::4duckhunt::4villager::4olimar::4littlemac::4shulk::4gaw:
Third Parties::4pacman::4sonic:
Miis: :4miibrawl::4miigun::4miisword:
Dlc: :4cloud::4ryu:Porky:4megaman::ultchrom::4feroy::popo:

Now for a more biased perspective:

:4tlink:> Chibi link (i mean hes a weird case)
Kirby: + Dark matter
Pokemon: :155::050: instead of PT
Other: - Duck hunt
Miis: - Shoot + Magic
Dlc: - chrom and plus Octorock

Butters Stotch

Smash Ace
Sep 17, 2021
South Park, Colorado
Like my redesigned Brawl roster, I'll just make changes to the pre-existing roster instead of redoing it from the ground up. Doing this with hindsight too, as it is a revision/redesign of the original roster.
:4link::4zelda:Impa (uses the same moveset as :4sheik:) :4ganondorf::4tlink:
:4pikachu::4mewtwo::ultpichu::4lucario: Zoroark (or just keep :4greninja:)
:4falcon:Jody Summer (same deal with Impa, but with :4zss:)
Dixie Kong :4darkpit::4alph:
:4megaman: (my bias would go with X or Zero, but oh well)
DLC::4feroy::popo: (solo):4lucas::4ryu::4cloud:Bandana Dee Travis Touchdown

Pichu returns over Jiggs after the success of the Gen 2 remakes. Impa and Jody serve a similar purpose to Plusle & Minun (before they were scrapped) and Toon Link in Brawl, acting as replacements for Sheik and ZZS. I'd rather have Dixie be unique, but whatever, I'd rather have her on the roster as a clone than not have her in at all. I'd keep Bayonetta, but I didn't want to overfill the roster with third parties, as I have seven others on the roster and one of them is Travis, added for Suda51's friendship with Sakurai and his request to have him in, so rather than keeping her, I added Bandana Dee.

Honorable mention to :4wiifit:, who was close to making it in, but ultimately ended up on the chopping block, as I wanted to prioritise Toad and the two big villains and having her as DLC would be difficult, as most characters reused assets and models.
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Smash Cadet
Oct 1, 2021
Base Roster

All 64, Melee (Some clones are now alts except for Roy who would use his Smash 4 moveset combined with his Brawl Minus and Project M moveset and Young Link who is more towards Majora's Mask and half decloned and Falco who uses his Brawl moveset), and some Brawl veterans return.

(Smash 3DS is canned, and Wii U gets all the new stages from both versions plus Smash Run)


Dr. Luigi (Luigi Semi Clone) - Mario Series
Robin - Fire Emblem Series
Little Mac - Punch Out
Wii Fit Trainer - Wii Fit
Duck Hunt - Duck Hunt
Bowser Jr. - Mario Series
The Mii Fighters (Brawler, Swordfighter, and Gunner. But also including a new Lancer and Archer) - Super Smash Bros.
Dante - Devil May Cry
Shulk - Xenoblade Chronicles
Zael - The Last Story
Palutena - Kid Icarus
Villager - Animal Crossing
Mega Man
Pac Man
Ridley - Metroid Series
King K. Rool - Donkey Kong Series
Hilda - Zelda Series
Waluigi (With a original WarioWare style and clothing) - WarioWare
Zoroark - Pokemon Series
Eirika (Marth Semi Clone + Almost Fully Original moveset) - Fire Emblem Series
Leif (Roy Semi Clone + Almost Fully Original moveset) - Fire Emblem Series
Terra Branford (Esper Form as the Final Smash) - Final Fantasy VI
Ninten (Original moveset) - Earthbound Beginnings/Mother 1
Blood Falcon (Cpt. Falcon Semi Clone) - F-Zero
Rosalina & Luma - Super Mario Galaxy
Raiden - Metal Gear Solid
Krystal - Star Fox Adventures
Silver The Hedgehog - Sonic Series
Lili De Rochefort - Tekken Series
Nakoruru - Samurai Showdown
Sophitia - Soul Calibur Series
Cassandra - Soul Calibur Series
Yuri - Tales Of Vesperia
Morrigan Aensland - Darkstalkers
Lillith Aensland (Morrigan Semi Clone) - Darkstalkers
Leon (Similar to Wolf, but is based more on Falco rather than Fox) - Star Fox


(First Wave: 7)
(Final Wave: 7)
  1. Dixie Kong - Donkey Kong Series
  2. Gardevoir - Pokemon Series
  3. Fiorra - Xenoblade Chronicles
  4. Soma Cruz - Castlevania: Aria Of Sorrow
  5. Cloud - Final Fantasy VII
  6. Matthew - Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
  7. Sakura/Elise - Fire Emblem Fates (Replacement of Corrin)
(First Wave Ends)
  1. Bayonetta
  2. Ryu - Street Fighter
  3. Rallen - Spectrobes
  4. Laharl - Disgaea
  5. Neptune/Nepgear - Hyperdimension Neptunia
  6. Calista - The Last Story
  7. Ayumi Tachibana - Famicom Detective Club
(Final Wave Ends)
Brawl Characters that were cut

  1. Lucas (Sorry)
  2. Ike (Sorry)
  3. Lucario (Sorry)
  4. Toon Link
  5. Pokemon Trainer (Charizard doesn't stay this time)
(Reality) Smash 4 characters that were cut

  1. Lucina
  2. Dark Pit
  3. Alph
  4. Greninja
  5. Corrin

So, what do you all think? :D
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Smash Lord
Apr 4, 2013
Location Machine Broke
Going to make two seperate rosters for this:

Base Game: :4bowser::4bowserjr::4falcon::4dedede::4darkpit::4diddy::4dk::4duckhunt::4fox::4ganondorf::4myfriends::4jigglypuff::4kirby::4littlemac::4link::4lucario::4lucas::4lucina::4luigi::4mario::4marth::4megaman::4metaknight::4mewtwo::4gaw::4ness::4olimar::4pacman::4palutena::4peach::4pikachu::4pit::4rob::rosalina::4samus::4sheik::4shulk::4sonic::4tlink::4villager::4wario::4wiifit::4yoshi::4zelda::4zss::ulticeclimbers::ultwolf::4miibrawl::4miigun::4miisword:[Mii Magician]
DLC: :ultsnake::4ryu::4cloud::ultinkling::4bayonetta:[Elma].
As for the 7th DLC character, ONE of any of the following (i ain't picky): :ultbanjokazooie: :ultkazuya::ultsimon::ultsteve::ult_terry:. :ultsora: if we goin' full pipe-dream mode.

Base Game: :4bowser::4bowserjr::4falcon::4dedede::4darkpit::4diddy::4dk::4duckhunt::4fox::4ganondorf::4myfriends::4jigglypuff::4kirby::4link::4lucario::4lucas::4luigi::4mario::4marth::4megaman::4metaknight::4mewtwo::4gaw::4ness::4olimar::4pacman::4peach::4pikachu::4pit::4rob::rosalina::4samus::4sheik::4sonic::4tlink::4villager::4wario::4wiifit::4yoshi::4zelda::4zss::ulticeclimbers::ultisabelle::ultpiranha::ultridley:[Impa][Marx][Waluigi]:4miibrawl::4miigun::4miisword:[Mii Magician]
DLC: :ultsnake::4ryu::4cloud::ultinkling:[Elma]
For the 6th & 7th DLC character, TWO of any of the following (whoever's the most reasonable): :ultbanjokazooie::ultkazuya::ultsimon::ultsteve::ult_terry:

tl;dr Down-B Counters GTFO
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Aug 14, 2021
-1/basement floor of "Pizza Tower"
My roster:
1. Mario
2. Luigi
3. Peach
4. Bowser
5. Waluigi
6. Link
7. Zelda
8. Ganondorf
9. Samus
10. Ridley
11. Kirby
12. King Dedede
13. Meta Knight
14. Fox
15. Falco
16. Wolf
17. Pikachu
18. Jigglypuff
19. Mewtwo
20. Lucario
21. Greninja
22. Marth
23. Chrom
24. Roy
25. Robin
26. Ike
27. Corrin
28. Wario
29. Pit
30. Palutena
31. Olimar
32. Shulk
33. WFT
34. ROB
35. Ice Climbers (One Climber on 3ds Version)
36. Little Mac
37. Duck Hunt Dog
38. Ness
39. Captain Falcon
40. Yoshi
41. Mr. Game and Watch
42. Sonic
43. Dr. Eggman
44. Pacman
45. Megaman
46. Ryu
47. Arle Nadja
48. Cloud Strife

Butters Stotch

Smash Ace
Sep 17, 2021
South Park, Colorado
Also, my version of Smash 4 has all bonus modes from previous games (Including board the platforms), and a proper sequel to Subspace
I really wish this happened. I get that they had to make the game for two systems, but seeing previous modes and a new Adventure Mode would've been amazing. Would've been way better than Smash Tour and Target Blast IMO.


Smash Cadet
Oct 1, 2021
I really wish this happened. I get that they had to make the game for two systems, but seeing previous modes and a new Adventure Mode would've been amazing. Would've been way better than Smash Tour and Target Blast IMO.
My version also has Smash Tour (as only a Extra because Smash Run took it's spot) and Target Blast (alongside BTT & BTP in the Stadium)

By the way, how did you like my version of the Roster? :D
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Smash Cadet
Oct 1, 2021
I think it's really good, what with the unique character choices and the way you handled alts.
Yeah. I will eventually post a analysis on how they play too. :D

Although, I deeply apologize for the Brawl Characters that I cut.

I thought it would reference a similar vain to how five characters from Melee were cut from Brawl, I actually wanted to put Ike, Lucas. and Lucario back in as DLC but I unfortunately just kept them cut. :(

Butters Stotch

Smash Ace
Sep 17, 2021
South Park, Colorado
Yeah. I will eventually post a analysis on how they play too. :D

Although, I deeply apologize for the Brawl Characters that I cut.

I thought it would reference a similar vain to how five characters from Melee were cut from Brawl, I actually wanted to put Ike, Lucas. and Lucario back in as DLC but I unfortunately just kept them cut. :(
Don't worry about the Brawl cuts. Smash 4 did cut a few characters.


Smash Cadet
Oct 1, 2021
Don't worry about the Brawl cuts. Smash 4 did cut a few characters.
Like Wolf, Ice Climbers, and Solid Snake.

Thankfully they are playable in my version (Because my version is a scenario where the 3DS version never happens and Wii U version gets all of the features present on 3DS). sorry Lucas and Pokemon Trainer (And Charizard).
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Smash Cadet
Oct 1, 2021
[Stage Selection]

(I said before that Smash Wii U had the 3DS stages included with the formers stages, but there will also be more new stages as well)


[Reality Stages]

[Minus a load of Returning Stages] All of them are present (Including DLC)


[New Stages for my version]
(Mario Series)

Rainbow Road - (Mario Kart 8)
Super Mario Land
(Zelda Series)

Ghost Ship - (Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass)
Lorule Castle - (Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds)
(Pokemon Series)

Sprout Tower - (Pokemon: Gold & Silver)
Lilycove City - (Pokemon: Ruby & Sapphire)
(Star Fox Series)

CloudRunner Fortress - (Star Fox Adventures)
(The Last Story)

Lazulis City
(Sonic Series)

Crisis City - (Sonic The Hedgehog 2006)
Emerald Coast - (Sonic Adventure)
(Devil May Cry)

Residential Area - (Devil May Cry 3)
(Metal Gear)

Big Shell - (Metal Gear Solid 2)
(Final Fantasy)

World Of Ruin - (Final Fantasy VI)
(Mega Man)

Sky Lagoon - (Mega Man X4)
(Fire Emblem Series)

Shrine Of Seals - (Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade)
Renais Castle - (Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones)
Munster Castle - (Fire Emblem: Thracia 776)

Nintendo Land
Nintendo Floats (Similar to Poke Floats, but instead has Nintendo Consoles & Handhelds instead)
Flipnote Studio
Nintendo Zone
3DS Menu
Wara Wara Plaza

[Past Stages] (My Version) [Stage Selection list 2]

Meta Crystal
Sector Z
Planet Zebes


Mushroom Kingdom
Mute City
Icicle Mountain
Poke Floats
Flat Zone 1


Frigate Orpheon
WarioWare Inc.
Shadow Moses Island
Bridge Of Eldin
Pictochat 1
Flat Zone 2
Spear Pillar
Rumble Falls

[Reality] DLC Stages (Stage Selection list 3)

All of them are in the game (Except for the past stages that were DLC)

[My Version] DLC Stages (For some of the DLC characters in my version)

Chapel - (Castlevania: Aria Of Sorrow)
Goma Plateau - (Golden Sun: Dark Dawn)
Kollin Area 2 - (Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals)
Overlord's Castle - (Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness)
Gamindustri Graveyard - (Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2)

Hope you all liked the stage selection! :D
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Smash Cadet
Oct 1, 2021
I will also slightly alter the Menu too (Work in Progress) [I might Edit this post numerous times until I finish it]

Smash - (Smash, Custom Smash, 8 Player Smash, Name Entry, Offline Tournament Mode, Rules)
Solo - (Classic Mode, All Star Mode, Story Mode, Stadium, Event Match, Custom Fighters, Mii Fighters, Training Mode)
Config - (Sound Options, Graphics Setting, Controller Configuration, Online Profile Editor, My Music, Internet Connection Test, Search For Latest Update)
Online - (Free For All, One On One, Conquest, Online Tournament Mode, Online Record Book, Coin Smash, Sharing, Spectate Smash)
Vault - (Trophy Gallery, Replays, Photos, Movies, Stickers, Record Book, Extras, Milestones, Chronicle)
Challenge Board

Smash - [Your standard VS Mode. Pick a fighter and any stage to go right at it up to Four Players.]
Custom Smash - [VS Mode, but with a twist. Select any Custom Effect for a twisted Battle up to Four Players.]
8 Player Smash - [VS Mode, except you can Smash up to Eight Players this time around.]
Name Entry - [Enter a name.]
Offline Tournament Mode - [Duel up to many players in a Tournament to see who is king.]
Rules - [Change the rules so that matches could work to your favor.]

Classic Mode - [Go for a ride up against Master Hand in a Chess Board Style. Up to Two Players can do Classic Mode.]
All Star Mode - [Go up against every Fighter in the game in Chronological Order. Unlock all the Fighters to use this mode.]
Story Mode - [Experience the sequel to the previous installments "The Subspace Emissary" and go through Five Whole Chapters]
Stadium - [Go and Play the Bonus Modes that are bundled in this Mode]
Event Match - [Play up to 100 Event Matches. Note: Some Characters are required to unlock some Events.]
Custom Fighters - [Customize your Fighters Moves to make a Ultimate Combo Machine.]
Mii Fighters - [Create a Mii Fighter using any Mii stored on your Wii U.]
Training Mode - [Start Training your skill and Combo up to any number you want.]

Sound Options
Gameplay Setting
Controller Configuration
Online Profile Editor
My Music
Internet Connection Test
Search For Latest Update


Trophy Gallery - [Look at the amount of Trophies you acquired.]
Replays - [View Replays that you have saved.]
Photos - [View Photos that you took during your gameplay.]
Movies - [View Movies that you unlocked.]
Stickers - [Look at the amount of Stickers you acquired Note: The Stickers grant effects in Story Mode.]
Record Book - [View your VS Mode record for both Offline and Online matches.]
Extras - [Vault Continued.]
Milestones - [View the achievements you earned in the game.]
Chronicle - [View every game release prior to the release of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.]

Trophy Shop
Masterpieces - (Insert Classic Nintendo Games Here)
Minigames - (Smash Run, Smash Tour, Trophy Rush, Coin Smash, Coin Launcher)
Stage Builder

Break The Targets
Board The Platforms
Catch Nabbit
Target Blast - (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5)
Master Orders
Crazy Orders
Home Run Contest
Multi Man Smash - (10 Man Smash, 100 Man Smash, 3 Minute Smash, 15 Minute Smash, Endless Smash, Cruel Smash, Rival Smash, One Hit Wonder Smash)
Boss Rush [Beat Story Mode First]
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Oct 1, 2021
[Roster] (Bold: Means that the Character is unlockable)

Donkey Kong
Captain Falcon

Dr. Mario

Ice Climbers
Young Link

Mr. Game & Watch

Zero Suit Samus
Diddy Kong

Meta Knight
King DeDeDe



Rosalina & Luma
Bowser Jr.
Duck Hunt
Wii Fit Trainer
Pac Man
Mega Man
Dr. Luigi
King K. Rool

Terra Branford
Blood Falcon

Lili De Rochefort
Athena Asamiya
Shermie Asamiya
Morrigan Aensland
Lillith Aensland
Leon Powalski

Characters Total: 73 [34 Unlockable]
(4) [DLC]

DLC is automatically unlocked when purchasing the Fighter (Few of them come with their own stage)

Characters Total [DLC Included]: 87

Hope you like it! :D

I think I already trampled the real Smash 4 with my version of it. XD
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Oct 1, 2021
How to unlock the characters (Note: You can select your character when a challenger approaches)
Dr. Mario - (Beat Classic Mode on any Intensity with Mario)

Gannondorf - (Beat Classic Mode with all of the Zelda characters on Intensity 3.0 or higher without losing a stock)

Falco - (Clear 100 Man Smash with Fox)

Young Link - (Beat Classic Mode with Link in less than 15 Minutes)

Pichu - (Get 5 KO's in Cruel Smash with Pikachu)

Mr. Game & Watch - (Finish Board The Platforms with the Original 12 fighters)

Sheik - (Finish Break The Targets with Link and Zelda)

Zero Suit Samus - (Catch Nabbit in 5 Minutes as Samus)

Diddy Kong - (Use Donkey Kong in 10 Smash matches)

Meta Knight - (Last 2 Minutes long in Cruel Smash as Kirby)

Snake - (Play the game for more than an hour)

King Dedede - (Get 5 or more KO's in One Hit Wonder Smash as Kirby)

Wolf - (Obtain the Masterpiece "Star Fox 64")

R.O.B - (Beat Classic Mode with all characters on Intensity 3.0 or higher)

Olimar - (Obtain the Pikmin trophy)

Bowser Jr. - (Beat Master Hand and Crazy Hand in Story Mode as Bowser)

Robin - (Beat Classic Mode on Intensity 3.0 with Marth and Roy)

Dr. Luigi - (Beat Classic Mode with Luigi)

Ridley - (Defeat Shadow Ridley in Story Mode)

King K. Rool - (Clear the Event "Donkey Kong Country" in 10 Minutes)

Hilda - (Clear a Master Orders Ticket on Normal or higher with Zelda)

Waluigi - (Play on the WarioWare Inc. stage 10 times with Wario)

Zoroark - (Clear 3 Minute Smash with Mewtwo)

Eirika - (Get 2 or more KO's in Cruel Smash with Marth)

Leif - (Go for 10 or more rounds in Crazy Orders as Roy)

Ninten - (Clear the event "Earthbound Beginnings" in less than 20 Minutes)

Blood Falcon - (Clear 3 Minute Smash with Captain Falcon)

Raiden - (Clear the event "Sons Of Liberty" and unlock the Big Shell stage)

Krystal - (Beat Classic Mode with Wolf without taking damage)

Silver - (Unlock the Crisis City stage and play 100 Matches on it with Sonic)

Cassandra - (Beat Classic Mode and clear 3 Minute Smash with Sophitia)

Lillith Aensland - (Finish Break The Targets and Board The Platforms with Morrigan)

Leon - (Unlock Wolf and Krystal)

[Note: You can acquire them in Story Mode, they however won't be permanently unlocked outside of Story Mode unless you unlock them first. In other words, unlocking them in Story Mode doesn't count.]
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Oct 1, 2021
My first 2022 post on here. It will be the bosses for my version of Smash 4 and it's Story Mode
(Story Mode Bosses) [Bold means that is a Secret Boss]

Petey Piranha

Metal Gear Ray
Groudon & Kyogre
Soul Edge
Squeak Squad
Master Hand & Crazy Hand
Master Core (And it's many forms.)
Mii Fighter Swarm
Dark Nebula
Crux (Original Character and Final Boss)
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Alright, gonna present mine differently:
Base game (excluding Mii Fighters)
Bowser Jr.​
& Luma​
Mario (3DS only)​
Toon Link​
Zero Suit Samus​
King Dedede​
Meta Knight​
Waddle Dee (Wii U only)​
Dark Pit​
Mr. Game
& Watch​
Duck Hunt​
Wii Fit
Little Mac​
Mega Man​

Extra Fighters (DLC)
Azura (3DS only)​
Bayonetta (Wii U only)​
Banjo & Kazooie​
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Oct 1, 2021
Here we are, my version of Smash 4's assist trophies.

Assist Trophies [Reality]

All of them are present.


Assist Trophies [My Version]

All of Brawls assist trophies return (Including the ones that didn't return originally) except for Little Mac (Because of him being a fighter in this game).

  • Andros (64 Version) [Star Fox]
  • Diskun [Other]
  • Bubbles [Clu Clu Land]
  • Wii U [Other]
  • Toppi [Ice Climber]
  • Polar Bear [Ice Climber]
  • Liquid Ocelot [Metal Gear]
  • Solidus Snake [Metal Gear]
  • Hector [Fire Emblem]
  • Nero [Devil May Cry]
  • Demise [Legend Of Zelda]
  • Masked Man [Mother 3]
  • Squall Lionheart [Final Fantasy VIII]
  • Decoy Assist Trophy (Does nothing) [Super Smash Bros.]

Assist Trophies [My Version] (DLC)

  • Adell [Disgaea]
  • Mao [Disgaea]
  • Valvatorez [Disgaea]
  • Killia [Disgaea]
  • Sephiroth [Final Fantasy]
  • Ultimecia [Final Fantasy]
  • Kefka [Final Fantasy]
  • Vamp [Metal Gear]
  • Virgil [Devil May Cry]
  • Ryoma & Xander [Fire Emblem]
  • IF [Hyperdimension Neptunia]
  • Compa [Hyperdimension Neptunia]
  • Jeena [Spectrobes]
  • Karis [Golden Sun]
  • Nintendcat [Nintendogs + Cats]

That's all, hope you enjoy this list. ^^
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Oct 29, 2018
the building from smash mouth's astro lounge
I may as well toss my hat into the ring here. Note: as stated in the opening message, I'm not going to include any more characters than originally were. I'm also, however, going to give myself a restriction - everything also has to work on the 3DS, so characters like the Ice Climbers aren't elegible. (Sorry about that.)

:4mario:- Mario sticks around. Obviously. He overall stays the same or at least similar - F.L.U.D.D. might be weird now but at this time (2014ish) it wasn't such a bad inclusion. Honestly, Mario's a solid overall pick here. It's best not to overcomplicate him.
:4dk:- As you can imagine, Donkey Kong also stays here. I actually think he's going to also stay mostly the same, with my only real suggestion being to give him his Ultimate Final Smash if possible. He's a solid pick here.
:4link:- Link is a cool inclusion here, given that he's more of a composite design based on different games - I think this is great, and makes a lot of sense to be handled this way. One thing I'll mention is that I'm removing his Gale Boomerang and replacing it with a normal Boomerang. (sorry.)
:4samus:- Samus is... difficult. The problem is that I know I can't change her too much, mostly because if I did, she'd essentially become a whole new character - to the point where she might take a slot away from the newcomers. As such, I'm mostly just going to give her quality-of-life improvements similar to that we've seen in Ultimate - things like her ability to charge Neutral Special in the air and the like. She's also not going to be able to change into ZSS.
:4yoshi:- Yoshi sticks around. I have very little to say on Yoshi, if I'm honest. Yoshi is cool.
:4kirby:- Kirby's mostly the same too, with the only real changes being that I'd give him his fire attack as seen in Melee (which would get people excited, hopefully!) and maybe giving him one or two more bonus Down Special models?
:4fox:- Fox, again, remains mostly similar - his design isn't perfection by any means but he's good enough not to warrant any real changes.
:4pikachu:- Pikachu obviously sticks around. As does his party hat! It's cool.
:4luigi:- Luigi also stays here, with my only real suggestions being that it could be cool to see him use the Poltergust as a grab (similarly to in Ultimate) but I'm still okay with him not, well, doing that.
:4ness:- Ness is still here. PK Fire is (slightly) less spammable. You're welcome.
:4falcon:- Captain Falcon obviously sticks around, and I'm glad he got buffed a little moving into Sm4sh. Doesn't need too much.
:4jigglypuff:- I'm going to only change one thing about Jigglypuff - they get buffed at least once during the entire span of Super Smash Bros. 4 for Wii U and 3DS.
:4peach:- Peach is still here. If possible, I'm actually going to pull an Alph and have Daisy feature as four of Peach's alts, with some unique voicelines and a unique model. The model does exist, as do the voicelines, and they don't really need to differ too much - plus, her promotion into an Echo Fighter in Ultimate could potentially come with more changes.
:4bowser:- Bowser's here, and he keeps Tough Guy. That's... actually about it.
:4sheik:- Similarly to how they were handled in Sm4sh, Sheik and Zelda lose their transformations and gain a down special each. Otherwise, they're pretty much unchanged.
:4zelda:- See above.
:4drmario:- I'm going to say something perhaps pretty controversial here - Dr. Mario actually sticks around. My decision here is actually because I think he's a cool inclusion, and whilst I did consider making him a costume for Mario, he'd instead be a clone. Ideally, if possible, he'd be able to get a few more unique things overall - and perhaps a little more life in his taunts and the like - with development time being taken from a future pick. (I'll get there.)
:4falco:- Falco sticks around, and honestly, they're pretty much unchanged.
:4marth:- Marth also sticks around, but...
:4lucina:- Lucina is in an interesting position where, on the one hand, I would genuinely like to represent them - notable character from FE, representative of Awakening, etc - but their role as a clone is... pretty uninteresting, and it wouldn't make much in the way of sense to actually include them as a Marth costume. Lucina's my first cut from the roster, which I do genuinely think is a bit of a shame, but I'll get back to this roster spot later - it might become important.
:4ganondorf:- Ganondorf... is actually pretty much the same. No, like, genuinely - I think he's fine. Low-tier, sure, but fine.
:4gaw:- Mr. Game and Watch? He's staying too. Funky lil fella.
:4metaknight:- Meta Knight, similar to how he was handled in Sm4sh properly, gets somewhat nerfed from his Brawl interpretation - though still remains an effective, if not overpowered, character.
:4pit:- Pit's changes coming into Sm4sh make sense and are generally logical in nature, plus the decision to allow him to represent Uprising more specifically helps him in some ways.
:4darkpit:- Dark Pit, on the other hand, gets the Alph treatment. I did consider giving him a unique moveset of his own - given his render includes him wielding a staff, I considered having him represent that playstyle - but all in all he just... makes more sense in the role of a costume. Again, he gets unique voicelines and such.
:4zss:- Zero Suit Samus does stick around, even if I'm still not 100% convinced her representation of Metroid is all that great. At the end of the day, she is a fun inclusion, and it'd be a shame to cut her.
:4wario2:- Wario... okay, I may get crucified for this but my only real change is to have his plumber costume by default and his biker costumes afterward.
:4myfriends:- Ike sticks around. I know Lucina is a logical pick to be included here, but I think Ike's unique moveset, personality and overall feel help his case a lot.
:4charizard:- Charizard makes sense to keep around. Sure, Pokemon Trainer is cool, but Charizard was always the most iconic of the three. Plus, it makes his Ultimate return more exciting!
:4diddy:- Diddy also sticks around, but gets nerfed into the ground because he makes me irrationally angry doesn't get much change from his actual self.
:4sonic:- Sonic's an interesting case. There's a lot of ways I could take the character, but what I'm instead going to do is have a few of his moves and animations feel a little more... Sonicy, using some of the (limited) development time we scrounged from Lucina and Dark Pit. It's not much, but it's a step in the right direction.
:4dedede:- King Dedede remains pretty much the same overall. I would consider including a Masked Dedede alt, but it feels... maybe a little pointless as a whole model change just for that.
:4olimar:- Olimar's mostly the same too, and retains his Alph costumes - because they're very cool and I like them.
:4lucario:- Lucario is... interesting. Bear in mind, his central mechanic - Aura - has already been given to everyone what with Rage being introduced. He's a Gen IV rep, so a fairly interesting pick - and a Pokemon rep - but... it's difficult, because nowadays, he's a really prominent character in the Pokemon franchise. However, I'm going to go for a really difficult decision here - and I'm actually cutting Lucario, with the stipulation that he has to be replaced with a Pokemon rep.
:4rob:- R.O.B. also sticks around, for a few reasons - but mostly because he's generally just... cool.
:4tlink:- Toon Link is decloned somewhat from Link, though when I say this, I only really mean with specials. His normal moves remain pretty similar and his animations should really capture the Toon vibe, but I'm going to replace his Final Smash with a cutscene where he uses the Wind Waker to summon a tsunami, hopping atop the King of Red Lions to ride it. Maybe replace his up special with the Hurricane Spin?

:4villager:- Villager is an obvious inclusion into something like this, and honestly, I don't think he needs any changes.
:4megaman:- I do have a lot of bias for Mega Man, but I'm going to say he sticks around - whilst I briefly considered replacing him with a different third-party NES character like Simon, Mega Man makes a lot of sense to be included. However, I'm going to suggest that instead of being based exclusively on his NES games, he takes animations, design aspects and other hints from other media, such as the Marvel vs. Capcom series. Also, it'd be cool to have a victory screen where Rush jumps up and starts licking him.
:4wiifit:- Wii Fit Trainer is such a bizarre, but genius, inclusion, that I think they have to stick around.
:rosalina:- Rosalina and Luma are interesting, because whilst a lot of people would probably replace them with a certain purple-clad tennis star, I'm going to keep them around. Their puppet fighter archetype is unique amongst the cast, and representation for the Galaxy series is a really good thing to see.
:4littlemac:- Little Mac also makes it into the game, but I'd say his laughable aerial performance... stays! He just gets a little buff on the ground to counter it.
:4greninja:- Greninja is interesting, to be honest. I considered changing this one out, but given the circumstances of his creation, he's the best pick Sakurai could have gone with - and honestly, I think he's not so bad.
:4miibrawl::4miigun::4miisword:- The Miis stay, but with a couple of changes. Firstly, their UI (or maybe their starting screen) gives an indication as to their specific moveset. Secondly, they have set variables for hitbox size, weight, and so forth (as in Ultimate.) Ideally, this would make them tournament-viable. I'm keeping all three moveset types, too.
:4palutena:- Palutena is... interesting. I'm actually going to keep her around, but whilst her moveset would also be a great representation of the custom moves system present in the game, her base moveset should be changed a little to keep her at pace with the rest of the cast.
:4pacman:- Yes. Need I say more.
:4robinf:- Robin actually sticks around, given they represent a unique element of the Fire Emblem series as well as acting as a great representative for Awakening - even more so now that I've removed Lucina.
:4shulk:- Shulk... actually sticks around too. Xenoblade is a cool series, and seeing it rise in popularity, it made sense to include it here. My only suggestion is to perhaps make his face slightly less similar to that of Mac's?
:4bowserjr::4larry::4roy::4wendy::4iggy::4morton::4lemmy::4ludwig:- Keeping this little gremlin here as is too! The Koopalings concept was awesome, by the way.
:4duckhunt:- Last pick from base-roster, and honestly, Duck Hunt is such a fun inclusion and makes so much sense that they're sticking around.

Notable Base Roster Changes
:4peach:- Gains costumes of Daisy, with unique voicelines and one or two unique animations. (similarly to Alph with Olimar.)
:4lucina:- Cut, though represented with trophies and the like. (And maybe an assist trophy?...) I would like to suggest another clone character in her place, but given the additional development on various different characters and her own last-minute inclusion, it wouldn't be fair for me to do that.
:4darkpit:- Made into a series of costumes of Pit, similarly to how Alph is made into costumes of Olimar.
:4lucario:- Cut, and replaced with... Deoxys. This was actually a pretty difficult decision for me to make, but Deoxys felt like a natural choice - another important Gen IV Pokemon, but with a significantly more unique moveset and the capacity to do unique things that Lucario wouldn't be able to. One thing is that I'm not going to include a full Attack/Defence/Speed Forme moveset (that could come in Ultimate, perhaps) but Deoxys would be more like (of all people) Ben 10 over in Punch Time Explosion - where their Forme will change from move to move. For example, when dashing, Deoxys switches into Speed Forme, when shielding, they switch into Defence Forme, and so forth.

:4mewtwo:- Mewtwo makes sense to bring back, and honestly feels like a natural inclusion. I'd like to stress that Mewtwo should be more significantly differentiated from Deoxys in various ways, though this likely wouldn't be an issue.
:4lucas:- Lucas is... interesting. I feel like he's a little too similar to Ness at this point, which would be fine, but I'm actually going to cut him - replacing him with (perhaps ironically), Wolf. Wolf would be decloned from Fox quite significantly, being heavier overall and having more bestial animations (and generally getting more development time) whilst still being close enough to reasonably have mechanical similarities, making him easier to development.
:4feroy:- Roy... actually sticks around here. Bear in mind, this is a roster where Lucina has been cut - so given the other FE characters present here are Marth, Ike, and Robin, Roy isn't so bad as a semi-clone with plenty of differences from Marth overall. He makes a lot of sense, and would probably sting less. My only change here is that Roy is announced and released before Wolf, simply for the sake of hype.
:4ryu:- Ryu... actually also sticks around! I briefly considered replacing him with a different third-party character, but Ryu (at this time, at least) is unique enough of an inclusion to actually make sense - with his whole fighting game inputs thing being a pretty solid way to represent him. I briefly considered "Smashifying" him a little more and removing them, but they're a cool gimmick at this point in time.
:4corrin:- Corrin is pretty weird. I think cutting them is a good pick here - Fates wasn't really well-recieved, after all, and people might start to show concern about Fire Emblem by this point. However, Corrin seems to have had a lot of development - so it's reasonable to suggest a first-party pick with a unique moveset, that acts as a (somewhat) promotional pick for the time. So... what other notable Nintendo releases came out in 2015 and involve characters that can transform? Yeah, Corrin gets replaced with Inkling, albeit based almost completely on the first Splatoon. It's a new Nintendo IP, but given the promotion surrounding it (and its success, in hindsight), Inkling is a logical inclusion.
:4cloud:- So, given Cloud apparently got high enough in the Ballot, he's pretty much a lock-in. Nonetheless, I did briefly consider replacing him with a different Square character (like maybe Erdrick) but Cloud makes a lot of sense to see here. He's cool. Oh, and he's nerfed slightly.
:4bayonetta:- Bayonetta actually sticks around, because in spite of the controversy surrounding the Ballot results, it's a fairly reasonable point to say that she's a lock-in. Nonetheless, she is going to be nerfed a bit - still enough to be high-tier, but not enough to be broken.

Notable DLC Roster Changes
:4lucas:- Lucas is cut and replaced with Wolf, who maintains some baseline mechanical similarities with Fox and Falco but is significantly decloned compared to his Brawl appearance.
:4corrin:- Corrin is cut and replaced with Inkling, who has a moveset and general design similar to that of Ultimate (albeit purely being based on the original Splatoon at launch.) Unlike Corrin, Inkling actually also gets a unique stage, though I'm not exactly sure which one - I'm going to suggest Urchin Underpass.

So, here's my final roster:


So... yeah. Two roster slots get completely cut, but the development time goes to plenty of other things throughout the game giving the roster a more well-rounded vibe. It's a shame to see Lucina and Lucario go, though. Hope this interests y'all!


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Decided to take a crack at other aspects.
New stages
Both versions
  • Battlefield
  • Final Destination
  • Boxing Ring
  • Gaur Plains
  • Miiverse
  • Wily Castle
3DS only
  1. 3D Land
  2. Golden Plains
  3. Rainbow Road
  4. Paper Mario
  5. Golden Temple
  6. Gerudo Valley
  7. Spirit Train
  8. Yoshi's New Island
  9. Fine Fields
  10. Unova Pokémon League
  11. Magicant
  12. Mute City SNES
  13. Arena Ferox
  14. Reset Bomb Forest
  15. Gamer
  16. Tortimer Island
  17. Gyromite
  18. Duck Hunt
  19. Living Room
  20. Find Mii
  21. Tomodachi Life
  22. Pilotwings
  23. Game Boy
  24. Brain Age
  25. Mushroomy Kingdom (Brawl)
  26. Kongo Jungle (64)
  27. Brinstar (Melee)
  28. Corneria (Melee)
  29. Distant Planet (Brawl)
  30. Flat Zone (Melee)
  31. WarioWare, Inc. (Brawl)
  32. Pictochat (Brawl)
  33. Green Hill Zone (Brawl)
Wii U Only
  1. Big Battlefield
  2. Mario Galaxy
  3. Mushroom Kingdom U
  4. Super Bell Hill
  5. Coconut Mall
  6. Grassland Groove
  7. Skyloft
  8. Pyrosphere
  9. Quilty Square
  10. Orbital Gate Assault
  11. Kalos Pokémon League
  12. Saturn Valley
  13. Coliseum
  14. Palutena's Temple
  15. Golden Pyramid
  16. Windy Hill
  17. Garden of Hope
  18. Town and City
  19. Wii Fit Studio
  20. Wrecking Crew
  21. Wuhu Island
  22. Delfino Plaza (Brawl)
  23. Mario Circuit (Brawl)
  24. Luigi's Mansion (Brawl)
  25. 75m (Brawl)
  26. Temple (Melee)
  27. Bridge of Eldin (Brawl)
  28. Pirate Ship (Brawl)
  29. Planet Zebes (64)
  30. Yoshi's Island (Melee)
  31. Halberd (Brawl)
  32. Sector Z (64)
  33. Lylat Cruise (Brawl)
  34. Pokémon Stadium 2 (Brawl)
  35. Onett (Melee)
  36. Port Town Aero Dive (Brawl)
  37. Castle Siege (Brawl)
  38. Flat Zone 2 (Brawl)
  39. Skyworld (Brawl)
  40. Smashville (Brawl)

  1. Peach's Caslte (64)
  2. Hyrule Castle (64)
  3. Dream Land (64)
  4. Prism Tower (3DS only)
  5. Snoring Tree
  6. Suzaku Castle
  7. New Pork City (Wii U only)
  8. Midgar
  9. Opera House (3DS only)
  10. Umbra Clock Tower
  • Group
    • Smash
    • Special Smash
    • 8-player Smash (Wii U only)
    • Tourney
  • Smash Run
  • Solo
    • Classic Mode
    • All-Star Mode
    • Stadium
      • Multi-Man Smash
      • Break the Targets
      • Home-Run Contest
    • Training
    • Events (Wii U only)
    • Special Orders (Wii U only)
      • Master Orders
      • Crazy Orders
  • Online
    • With Anyone
      • For Fun
      • For Glory
    • With Friends
    • Online Tourney (Wii U only)
    • Conquest (3DS only)
    • Spectate
    • Share
  • Vault
    • Customization
      • Fighters
      • Mii
    • Stage Builder (Wii U only)
    • Trophies
    • Trophy Rush (3DS only)
    • Challenges
    • Album
    • Replays
    • Movies
    • Sounds
    • Records
    • Tips
    • Masterpieces
  • Options
    • Controls
    • Sound
    • Character Outline (3DS only)
    • Damage Display (3DS only)
    • My Music (Wii U only)
    • Internet Options
  • amiibo
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Redo roster:
Mario Series: :4mario:(:4drmario:As Alt):4luigi::4peach::4bowser::rosalina::4bowserjr:

Mario Spin-offs: :4yoshi::4wario:

Donkey Kong Series: :4dk::4diddy:Dixie Kong

The Legend of Zelda Series: :4link::4zelda::4ganondorf::4tlink: Tetra

Metroid series: :4samus::ultdarksamus:

Kid Icarus Series: :4pit::4palutena::4darkpit:

Fire Emblem Series: :4marth::4myfriends::4robinm:/:4robinf:

Kirby Series: :4kirby::4dedede::4metaknight:

Starfox Series: :4fox::4falco::wolf:

Pokemon Series: :4pikachu::4charizard::4mewtwo::4lucario::4jigglypuff::4greninja:

Retro category: :ulticeclimbers::4gaw::4rob::4littlemac::4duckhunt:

Mother Series: :4ness:

Other Nintendo Series::4falcon: :4olimar:(:4alph:As Alt) :4villager:/:4villagerf::4wiifit:/:4wiifitm::4shulk:Isaac(Golden Sun)

Third Parties: :4megaman::4sonic::4pacman:

DLC: :ultinkling:/:ultinklingboy: Ninten :4feroy::4ryu::4bayonetta: Rayman :4cloud::ultkrool:

Wii U Roster (Alt 2).png
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Hm, what should I change now?

Oh yeah, in my version of Smash 4, Master Core is only seen in Story Mode and not in Classic Mode.

Also, there is two Classic Modes.

[Classic] Classic Mode is like the Classic Mode of the previous games and it's basically Smash 4 3DS's version of the mode.

[Modern] Classic Mode is... well, the same as reality Smash 4 (Wii U)...

EDIT: There will be differences though! The main one being Bonus Stages being thrown in there!
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Oct 1, 2021
[Classic Mode Bonus Stages]

Break The Targets 1 - (Activates after beating half of the first batch of fighters.) [NOTE: Your Rival does NOT count]

Board The Platforms - (Activates after beating the rest of the first batch of fighters.)

Break The Targets 2 - (Activates after beating the first half of the second batch of fighters.)

Race To The Finish - (Activates before fighting the Mii Fighting Team and after beating the rest of the second batch of fighters.)

Bonus Mode 1: Trophy Snag - (Activates after beating the first Intruder in the first batch of fighters.)

Bonus Mode 2: Trophy Rush - (Activates after beating the second Intruder in the second batch of fighters.) [NOTE: This version of the Bonus Mode does not require you to spend coins this time]
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