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Sep 15, 2018
I've seen some threads about redesigning the roster for Smash 64 or Melee using only characters that were made at the time, and I really think it should be done with other Smash games, like Brawl. So the rules are that you can only use characters from 2008 or before. Have fun! Try to have a limit of 40 characters plus five echoes. Here's my roster:

Veterans: 1. :ultmario: 2. :ultluigi: 3. :ultdk: 4. :ultyoshi: 5. :ultlink: 6. :ultsamus: 7. :ultkirby: 8. :ultpikachu: 9. :ultjigglypuff: 10. :ultfox: 11. :ultness: 12. :ultfalcon: 13. :ultpeach: 14. :ultbowser: 16. :ultdiddy: 17. :ultkrool: 18. :ultzelda: 19. :ultganondorf: 20. :ultridley: 21. :ultmetaknight: 22. :ultkingdedede: 23. :ultmewtwo: 24. :ultwolf: 25. :ultmarth: 26. :ultike: 27. :ultgnw: 28. :ultpit: 29. :ultwario: 30. :ultsnake: 31. :ultsonic: 32. :ultlittlemac: 33. :ultmegaman: 34. :ultpacman: 36. :ultryu:

Newcomers: 37. Toad 38. Ganon 39. Gardevoir 40. Tails

Echoes: :ultdaisy: :ultroy::ultken:, Shadow


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Mar 30, 2020
If I was able to design Brawls roster: this is what it would look like:

Tbh, the Brawl roster was really good outside of the absence of :mewtwopm:.
I have to keep the Original 12 since it would look weird without them.
I’d keep all of the unique Melee vets, (:mewtwopm: was cut in the game, but it represents legendary Pokemon)
Returning clones would be :ganondorf::falco:and sort of:toonlink:
Most of the newcomers will be the same since they’re important (:metaknight::warioc::diddy::dedede::pt:), characters from newer games during 2008 (:ike::lucas::olimar::lucario:), 3rd parties (:snake::sonic:), or retros (:pit::rob:). In :zerosuitsamus:‘s case, she has a fun gimmick and I like her moveset more than :samus2:‘s. :wolf: will not be in the game since I think 2 Star Fox reps is fine.

If I have to do a less conservative apporoach, this is what it would look like:
39 Fighters:
:peach:Dixie Midna:fox::metaknight::charizard::marth::sonic:
:bowser2::yoshi2::zelda::falco: :olimar::mewtwopm::ike::4megaman:
35 Fighters (original size of Brawl‘s Roster):
:peach:Dixie :zelda::metaknight::charizard::pit:
Toad :4villager::samus2: :falco::lucario::4megaman:
:warioc: :olimar::ultdarksamus::falcon::marth:
I’ll first roughly decide how many characters should be in each franchise and the characters I’d prioritize.
Mario: 4 or 5 (:mario2::luigi2::peach::bowser2:, maybe Toad)
DK: 2 or 3 (:dk2::diddy:, maybe Dixie)
LoZ: 4 or 5 (:link2::ganondorf: and some combination of :zelda::sheik:/Tetra :toonlink:Skull Kid Midna)
Metroid: 2 (:samus2:, :ultdarksamus:/:ultridley:)
Yoshi: 1 (:yoshi2:)
Kirby: 2 or 3 (:kirby2::dedede:, maybe :metaknight:)
Star Fox: 2 (:fox::falco:)
Pokemon: 4 or 5 (:pikachu2::jigglypuff::lucario::charizard:, maybe :mewtwopm:)
Mother: 1 or 2 (:ness2: and maybe :lucas:)
F-Zero: 1 (:falcon:)
FE: 1 or 2 (:marth: and maybe :ike:)
Third Party: 2 or 3 (:sonic::4megaman: and maybe :snake:)
The rest will be other Nintendo franchises

Outside of LoZ, most of the prioritized Nintendo characters make sense as they represent the most important characters in the series, a recent pick like :lucario:, or they have significance in SSB in the cases of :jigglypuff::ness2::marth:. I was unsure about the Metroid pick since :ultdarksamus: was the main villain of recent Metroid games, but :ultridley: is a popular pick, but went with :ultdarksamus: since the Prime series was very recent.
If I do the minimum picks, I would have 26 fighters. With the gen 1 Pokemon I have, I would have them as a part of :pt:, but you don’t ever have to switch out. I want to add more franchises, and I’ll go with AC, Pikmin, KI, IC, and Wario at least, so I’d add :4villager::olimar::pit::popo::warioc:, giving me 31 fighters. I do want to add more to Pokemon, Mario, Dk, and Kirby, so :mewtwopm:Toad Dixie :metaknight:. For the LoZ series, each of the fighters considered make sense (:zelda: is the most recurring one, :sheik:/Tetra works if transformations are allowed, :toonlink: Could give us another perspective of Link, and the other 2 were well liked deuteragonists/antagonists, and TP was recent, helping Midna). I’ll go against Skull Kid since he is less relevant than the others, and I’ll remove :sheik:/Tetra since I only have :pt:(:pikachu2::jigglypuff::charizard:) for transformations, who would go lose the gimmick due to the 3DS anyway. I’ll add Midna as a promotional pick, and :zelda: for her importance to the series.

For my roster of 39, I feel like Mother and FE can get an extra rep with :lucas::ike:, and for my remaining 2 slots, I’ll go with Isaac for an additional franchise, and a 5th LoZ rep with :toonlink:.

Also curious question: After I give my response, what do you think would have happened if the final roster didn’t have :sonic::jigglypuff::toonlink::wolf: like intended?

I feel like :sonic: would be the most requested for Smash 3DS/WiiU, people would complain a lot about an Original 12 member being cut, so :jigglypuff: would be back in the 3DS/WiiU version, a child Link would sneak in also since Sakurai likes the double links, and I could have seen a 3rd Star Fox rep never come since there would be other characters to prioritize on like :sonic::jigglypuff::mewtwopm:and the 3DS/WiiU newcomers and later the Ultimate ones.
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Jun 19, 2018
Here it is... And... it's pretty a juicy one...
  • I chose Paper Mario to replace Peach, because yeah we do have ANOTHER Mario, but if I had to REALLY replace a fighter from Mario, it would be Peach, because of her current moveset state.
  • I replaced Toon Link with Midna + Wolf Link pair, so not only we could have a pair character that can just play as one character, it's also so we can ACTUALLY have a character from Twilight Princess.
  • Little Mac replaces R.O.B., because honestly, despite R.O.B.'s uniqueness, I'm pretty sure Little Mac would've gotten in, if the Wii reboot was released earlier.
  • Villager was planned for Brawl, but ultimately didn't make it in. If Villager was able to make it in Sm4sh, then he would've gotten in earlier.
  • I cut Falco for being the least needed, as we have a rivalry of Fox vs. Wolf (hero vs. villain), so Falco's out.
  • Mewtwo was notably cut from Brawl, and it was between him or Jigglypuff. As much as it pains me to cut an Original 12 member, realistically, Mewtwo takes the spot. I also kept Lucario to not only keep it to be Gen 1-exclusive, but also he was meant to be a placeholder.
  • Lucas' game never released outside of Japan, and honestly it convinced me to replace him. So I chose Isaac, because come on, why not? I also kept Ike for being a placeholder.
  • Lastly, Snake is replaced with Miis, simply because of Konami, thanks to Konami.


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Oct 29, 2018
The Velvet Room
Well, here's my thoughts.
Most of these are either returning - being Mewtwo and Roy, specifically, or a couple of new ones that make sense - Mii fighters, for example, because the Mii function was incredibly important on the Wii, Dark Samus due to it's appearences in Metroid Prime 2, Bowser Jr from Sunshine, Little Mac in reference to his Wii appearance, and Ryu, but in reference moreso to SFII and SFIII.
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