Recoveries You Can Challenge With Cross Chop (WIP)


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Dec 8, 2018
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Tested on Great Plateau Tower because of its generous horizontal blast zone and at a damage percentage of 65-80%. The initial preparation involved f-tilting at the ledge and using Cross Chop during recoveries. All Cross Chops are done with the intention of being able to recover back to the ledge after performing them (start from a full hop and end with a double jump directional air dodge back to the ledge.)

Trade = Both take damage but both can still recover.
Trade(2) = Only opponent takes damage, and both can still recover.
Trade(3) = Only you take damage, and both can still recover.
Advantage = Appears to gimp the recovery when compared to a Trade situation.

Mario - Trade, focus on hitting Mario's head/back, as hitting his hand during Super Jump Punch will put you at a disadvantage from what I tested, as it beats Cross Chop. Be very careful when attempting to challenge Super Jump Punch as you can get hit by it and face a stage spike situation if you do not tech hitting the side of the stage.
Donkey Kong - Trade, need to hit DK's body and not his arms.
Link - Advantage, and can hit the actual spin attack (the sword.)
Samus/Dark - Putting them together for now. Trade with Screw Attack, and can hit out of tether (wouldn't consider it advantage but it's something you can do.)

Yoshi - Advantage vs Egg Throw, Trade(2) vs double jump (super armor.)
Kirby - Trade(2) vs double jumps, trades during the rising motion of Final Cutter, trade(3) during the falling motion of Final Cutter.

Fox - Trade vs Fire Fox (beware of stage spikes if you are at a high percentage.) WIP on Fox Illusion.

On that note, I'm not entirely sure what affects the knockback power of Cross Chop, as in this video it seems like it does a lot more knockback despite being very close to the bottom blast zone:

Pikachu - Trade vs Quick Attack, WIP on Skull Bash.
Luigi - Similar to Mario regarding Super Jump Punch, WIP on Green Missile (CPU seems to not like using this move as recovery.)
Ness - Trade vs PK Thunder. I would advise to not go for it unless you're really confident in hitting it. Cross Chop seems to not get beat out during the earlier parts of the downwards dive. Otherwise, you're eating 30% and a possible stage spike.
Captain Falcon - Trade(2) vs Falcon Dive, would advise against going for it as Falcon can just Falcon Dive again and possibly stage spike you if you have a high enough percentage.
Jigglypuff - Trade(2) vs double jumps. I would advise just using aerials instead.

Peach/Daisy - Trade(3), Parasol beats out Cross Chop.
Bowser - Trade(2) when hitting Bowser's center body, otherwise can be Trade or Trade(3).
Ice Climbers - Trade(2) vs Squall Hammer, but it appears the AI can just activate another Squall Hammer right after getting hit. Need a little bit more testing to see if training mode's knockback is different.
Sheik - Trade(2) vs Bouncing Fish if you hit outside of the attack range (the trail her legs show during the attack.) Trade(3) otherwise. Advantage(?) vs Vanish, but only during the intial animation of the first half of the recovery. Sheik has invulnerability during the latter half of the animation before the actual Vanish.
Zelda - N/A. The AI refuses to recover close enough with Farore's Wind, although if I were to make a guess, it would be Trade(2) if hitting her body directly and not the wind. There's no invulnerability before the teleport unlike Sheik's Vanish.

Dr. Mario - Same as Mario vs. Super Jump Punch, Advantage(?) vs Dr. Tornado.
Pichu - Same as Pikachu, but it's Trade(2) since Agility does no damage.
Falco - Trade vs Fire Bird
Marth/Lucina - Trade(3), Dolphin Slash beats out Cross Chop.
Young Link - Trade(2), Late Cross Chops vs the final slash of Spin Attack is Trade(3).
Ganondorf - Trade(2) vs the "fist" part of Dark Dive, functions similar to Falcon otherwise.
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